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  • Burning Sun
    87 7 2

    Fate had already planned out his life. For he was destined to follow the well-trodden path like the scores before him. His spirit cried as he played a puppet and danced to the whims of the society, lived up to their expectations of him, killing himself little by little in the process. Chronicles of a boy, on how he b...

  • The Taste of Sin (manxman) [Mature]
    97.5K 1.7K 17

    Sex, murder, lust, lies, and incest. The twin villains Eris and Enyo are into all things sinful! In fact, that's exactly what they feed off of, the misfortune of others. When things get steamy at Super Villain Preparatory School all hell breaks loose much to the twin's pleasure and their parents' disapproval. With the...