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  • Number 32 in Kiba's Rulebook for Rachel
    1.1K 65 28

    What happens when a strange girl wakes up in the world of Naruto, befriends Team Eight, and becomes a bit of a problem? Well, her teammate, housemate, and best friend writes her a rulebook, of course! [ A self-indulgent fic where I end up in the Naruto Shippuden universe and cause Kiba some trouble. So basically Kiba...

  • Shining Emerald (Book 1)
    476 44 11

    If you love Fairy Tail or any other anime/manga, then you will definitely love this story. After being chased by a Monster, Iesha and Lucky finally reached their destination, Litherium City to catch a crook for its bounty. A quest to be exact. But apparently someone else have the same quest as them. They stubble upo...

  • trolls asylum
    81 8 4

    the third and final installment in the trolls horror series comment vote follow etc.

  • the serial games
    340 14 8

    let's have a contest ... first person to guess the killer/s along with evidence of why ..... winner gets to pick the theme for the next horror book.... leave it in the comments also ... leave a comment on who's going to die next