SriramVenkatraman's Reading List

  • The Horror Poetry Collection© {NicolletteNikki}
    22.2K 557

    These are my dark, twisted and violent poems. They're a combination of both my long and short piece's of poetry. Please do enjoy if you read them! Thank you!

  • Sick, Twisted, Dark And Demented Poems
    71.6K 1K

    This book is full of Sick, Twisted,ark and Demented poems. It lso contains normal and sweet, crazy poems but mostly Demented poems

  • Love Doesn't Exist
    13.3K 247

    Formerly known as "Depressing Poetry," and after that known as "My Poems." I'm just going to say that these are from my dark era.

  • Poems about LOVE :)
    50.1K 521

    Poems/proses about love/romance stuffs :) hope you'll like them. NEW ones are at the top :) ~So please don't forget to read, comment, vote and even fan ^^~

  • Poems about life :)
    65.4K 726

    Random poems about Friendship, Family, Nature and etc. Poems are what i'm best at :) ~So please don't forget to read, comment, vote and even fan ^^~ I PUT MY N...

  • A is for Accident - D is for Death
    472 26

    A new way to learn your A, B, C's...

  • Eyes of the infected
    48.7K 1.5K

    In the space of a few hours, Harley Sawyer's world is turned upside down. Ripped from everything she knows, her and the majority of the UK are forced to fight...

  • Poetry in my head
    • SkyeJC
    • 67 Parts
    • Updated 3 years ago
    12.1K 151

    Just expressing my mind.

  • The Zombie Prophecies
    • sigrist
    • 14 Parts
    • Updated 6 days ago
    2.2M 6.7K

    Zombies, monsters, secrets and lies. All of these things hurt, and kill, indiscriminately; they find you no matter where you are and won't hesitate to make you...