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  • Everything Wrong With /Sonic Ships/
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  • Sailormoon047's Art Book
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    Hi I'm Sailormoon047, or you can just call me Moon for short. This will be my yearly art book. Here I do random drawings for either request from Private Message or Comments, and sometimes when I get bored. I hope you guys enjoy

  • sonic funny pictures/comics and stuff 3
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    hello all awesome people on here !! yes I have made a 3 book of sonic stuff so I hope all of u enjoy it !! :3 I love ya all peace !

  • Ask sonic.exe
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    Sonic.exe:go on my PERTHETIC slaves ask away!!

  • Sonic funny pictures/comics and stuff 2
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    The saga of sonic funny pics and stuff #1 X3 since u guys seemed to like the first one here Chu go! Plz enjoy my random pics I found on the internet

  • My drawings
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  • being a zone cop
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  • My Drawing book!!!!!
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    Just drawings PS. This is all paper an pencil!!!! I also might post slow^^

  • It's Called Life (Sonic x Reader x Shadow x Silver) [ON HOLD]
    81.2K 3K 19

    Leaving your childhood home, you now live in a new city, a new house, and a new school, in Mobius. In this unknown city, you actually find yourself encountering many kind teenagers at your school. But little do you know, there's someone special growing in your heart. To find out, read on! All SEGA characters belong to...

  • My opinions on sonic couples
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    A book about how I feel about sonic couples

  • Shadamy-The sad hedgehog
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    They think I'm always happy They think I never cry Well I'm hopeless I lost him My only love

  • My Opinions on Sonic Couples
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    and yes, I am a copier.

  • Tails of Mogul
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    Abandoned to the elements as a baby because of his gift Tails was always seen as a freak and was shunned by society but what happens if someone else had found him as a baby.

  • My sonic OC'S
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  • Sonnad
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    Sonic is a lazy delinquent who doesn't do much, that is until he finds Amy a shy girl who wants to start up the drama club, but due to her weak self can't do much. Along the way they meet many people who need help with their own problems. Sonic helps them along the way.

  • SoNiC MeMeS
    76.5K 4.2K 83

    just a bunch of sonic memes and funny stuff :3 hope ya like it my army of peeps lol jk :D

  • Sonic Gender: Sonia (A Sonic Fanfiction)
    51.5K 939 18

    Eggman creates a new invention that turns males into the opposite gender. Sonic in attempt to save a person life is hit with the ray gun machine. When Sonic wakes up, he finds himself as a girl. Now our hero must take a mission to turn himself back into a guy, without the help of his friends to save himself embarrassm...

  • Those Three Words (A ShadAmy Story)
    22.4K 924 25

    7 years ago, when everyone was still young, the whole gang split up after Dr. Eggman was finally defeated, everyone went on their own. Now, Amy is 21 and getting a phone call from Rouge saying that something happened to Shadow, so she then takes the earliest plane there. She then arrives to his 2 story mansion, which...

  • All Star High (Sonic in high school Fan fiction)
    40.9K 1K 23

    This is All Star High. Like any other high school it's got it's reputation, it's star students and it's bullies. But it also has a new teacher, young Miss Rose. A pink hedgehog that starts teaching math, and wins the hearts of her students (the good and the bad ones) in more ways than one. Welcome the cast of my sto...

    3.7K 271 97

    This is part II to SILVER'S RANDOMNESS BOOK! Kay Cant stop the random stuff IT MUST STAY FOREVER >:3

  • Dreams of an Absolution
    23.9K 1.1K 24

    After the events of "Sonic '06" The future is now safe at last! But Silver had yet to enjoy his new future when Blaze tells him his very existence is in jeopardy due to changing a very vital part of his own past to bring him in the world. If he never exists then all his hard work would be undone and due to repeat itse...

  • My Opinions on Sonic Couples
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    This is what I think about Sonic Couples

  • Destroy the Absolution
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    The escape of Mephiles brings panic to Möbius, and a heavy strain to Shadow and Amy's already distant growing relationship. Can everyone survive and stick together through Mephiles' comeback and vengeance? Note: the sequel to Dreams of an Absolution. Started it on my iPod spelling and grammar might need 'tweaking' pl...

  • Ask Sonic Shadow Silver and me!!!
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    Ask us anything!!!!

  • Funny and Kawaii Sonic Picture Book #1
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    One of my Wattpad friends were doing this so I thought could too :3 ~ •Ship Pics •Funny Sonic Pics •Kawaii Pics •Awkward Pics •A lot of Pics

  • Lovebirds In Jail (A SonAmy Story)
    83.1K 2.4K 28

    Sonic and Amy don't know each other. Sonic lives a life of popularity and being a modern day hero. Amy, on the other hand, lives a life of solitude. But they do have something in common: a relationship with Eggman. And not good ones, either. Sonic foils Eggman's plans on the daily and Amy, well, she has her own reason...

  • What Did You Think I Meant?(Sonic Boom)
    4.4K 278 4

    I laughed so hard writing this XD This is some jokes that I got and turned it into Sonic Boom version.Its pretty funny to me.Hope you like it!Contains Sonamy,Knouge,and Stails :3 I don't own any Sega characters

  • Sonic TRUTH OR DARE!
    11.6K 399 13

    You comment and we do whatever you want! I recommend torturing Shadow :D But that's you guys decision So please,save me from my boredom. AND COMMENT AND VOTE

  • Top wtf Sonic things
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    This book is about the weirdest things I've encountered in the "Sonic fanbase" there are links, laughs and more laughs

  • Could snow (shadow x reader x sonic)
    4.1K 108 2

    Your a princess and a knight, but when you meet sir Lancelot, you started to fall for him, and so was king author, find out on who will be with you