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  • The Pirate and the Princess
    26.5K 1.3K 36

    Applejack is a beautiful princess who is unhappy. She wants action in her life but no: She's a princess, she has to behave like a lady. But that's not what she wants. And soon she has to marry someone she doesn't love! But soon Captain Rainbow, a well known bad pirate, is kidnapping her. She meets new friends, new ene...

  • Aladdin (MLP Appledash Shipping)
    3.2K 192 8

    (Thanks to Fantasy_fairies for giving me the idea) Rainbow Dash has grown up in the streets of Acrabah. When the princess, Applejack, escapes her castle, a new found love starts to blossom. Will Rainbow ever impress the love of her live, or live a simple street rat forever?

  • Appledash special anniversary
    1K 29 1

    (Just something that I made one day because i was bored....enjoy! :D )

  • Love Isn't A Easy Thing- AppleDash
    9.4K 377 16

    Applejack and Rainbow Dash knew each other since they we're baby's. But than Dash needed to move, and they never saw each other anymore. Applejack was new at the CHS, and then she found Dash again! Rainbow Dash gets the feeling she likes Aj. But she will keep it a secret. Cause she don't want to lose a friend. Some...

  • One Shot for love
    5.5K 220 11

    Applejack and Rainbow Dash have knew each other for 8 years now and Rainbow has something to confess. But when Rainbow confesses, Sorain wants to go out with Rainbow, Brueburn is out of the mental health hospital and on the hunt for Applejack, And Ruby Rich and her so called friends aren't making it any eaiser for AJ...

  • You're My Applejack (AppleDash)
    2.1K 68 7

    When Applejack finds a new friend she falls in love. But does her new friend like her? Follow Applejack's story in friendship and love <3.

    13.5K 676 26

    ❝loving is a sin❞ - mlp fanfiction ongoing ; fetus writing ! MATURE CONTENT dash + applejack ©princesstwi 2016

  • That One Night...
    2.8K 54 4

  • Appledash the Quadriplet. ~Not a bad thing~
    30.8K 915 17

    Applejack and Rainbow dash have been together for almost seven years now. But, when Dash begins displaying some strange behavior, should Applejack be suspicious of her? AJ suddenly feels Dash's love for her is expiring, and begins to doubt her own feelings as well. Can the couple pull through? What, with a child, and...

  • Forbidden
    4K 174 11

    In this tale of forbidden love applejack soon realises why rainbow dash is quite unlike anypony else.will applejack make a journey of self discovery as one of her closets friends shares one of her biggest secrets.

  • Home
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  • Appledash fanfic
    12K 275 17

    Rainbowdash has been watching applejack over sweet Apple archers for some time now. How will applejack react when rainbowdash admits her feeling to her?

  • Our Story
    12.8K 393 32

    Rainbow Dash and Applejack have been friends for years and year, then one day after a bet they both begin to realize that they have feelings for one another. Will Rainbow Dash be able to tell Applejack that she cares about her? Can Applejack sort through her life and admit to her feelings? Okay so it's been awhile sen...

  • The fight for love. (Appledash Fanfiction)
    119K 3.9K 42

    IF YOU DONT SHIP APPLEDASH, THEN DONT READ. When Soarin - a handsome wonderbolt - flirts with the one and only wonderfully talented Rainbow Dash, Applejack does her best to not let her friend notice her increasing jealousy of Soarin. As Rainbow spends more time with Soarin, she begins to feel conflicted as the inter...

  • Don't Leave Me! - (Rainbow Dash X Applejack) (Requested)
    1.2K 27 1

    Rainbow Dash got great grades in the Wonderbolt Academy and now she has to start training there and live there so she has to move from Ponyville all of Rainbow Dash's friends are upset she is leaving but they understand her but not all of her friends truely understand...

  • Appledash (cloupfic!!)
    1.7K 25 1

    Be warned that this is short and has sex in it like all cloupfics!!! Read: IF U DARE!

  • Equestria Lesbians
    59.3K 1.5K 22

    Rainbow Dash has huge feelings to Applejack than just feeling like a sister. But when Rainbow Dash hears Applejack has a boyfriend she becomes more sadder and EMO to everyone. Love is a powerful bond, but could their friendship end?

  • AppleJack and Rainbow Dash!
    258 4 1

    For all the bronies!

  • Appledash
    466 24 2

    contest entry for @rainbowdash1235

  • Appledash mlp ~Orange to Cyan~
    78.9K 2.1K 19

    Cover art by: @Appledash_ Applejack has liked Rainbow Dash for a while, and Rainbow has liked AJ too, but both were too shy to tell each other their true feelings. Until, one night... Additional tags: mlp fim, my little pony friendship is magic, rainbow dash, applejack, discord, Fluttershy, pinkie pie, cheese sandwich...

  • Equestria Lesbians: Big Step in Life
    34.8K 793 29

    APPLEDASH IS BACK!!! Applejack and Rainbow Dash have graduated and are know married to head to their honeymoon. With their hearts desire each other's, they began loads of big steps in marriage life and being adults. Read if you like continued to love Appledash!

    Completed   Mature
  • Guardian Angel (Appledash Fanfic)
    3.7K 123 6

    When Twilight invites the mane six for a sleepover, Rainbow Dash and AppleJack confess their love for each other. Will they make it work or will it all go downhill?

  • Apples, Rainbows, and a Gem (Appledash/Rarijack Fanfic)
    13.1K 536 21

    ((This story is dedicated to my favorite author and inspiration @Spiderwhick)) They've confessed their feelings so things can only go forward. Rainbow Dash wants love like Fluttershy and Discord have (read my first fanfic Big Mac? or Discord). Applejack just wants to feel accepted. What will they be able to overcome...