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  • Incarnadine
    68K 5.6K 23

    *COMPLETED* Seventeen-year-old Elena had lost something for the past few years, and she had yet to discover it. It wasn't something that'd just show up because she was determined to find it. And no one could find it for her. She'd lost her memory. When the gray-eyed guy from her dreams moved into town, she knew that h...

  • My English teacher is my mate
    104K 3.1K 13

    He pushed me against the wall and crashed his lips onto mine. I immediately returned his kiss and wrapped my arms around his neck. He pulled away for air and his hot breath gust across my upper body causing my entire body to ignite in flames. He then started trailing kisses along my neck which made me weaker than ev...

  • My Gym Teacher Is My Mate (ON HOLD)
    67.5K 2K 9

    Lauren Jackson is just a plain ordinary girl who does nothing out of the ordinary. But that all changes when she moves halfway across the world and into a completely different pack. What will she do when the alpha happens to be her mate? Oh and did I mention he's her gym teacher as well?

  • My Brother's My Mate?
    5M 170K 38

    "" I asked completely and utterly confused. "I d-d-dont know" Parker said still in shock "But there has to be some sort of mistake...YOU CANT BE MY MATE!" I yelled outraged. Why moon goddess, why?! "Hey, that just rhymed" Parker chuckled and I glared "I think we have bigger problems to deal with"I rolled my...

  • The Abused Mate
    520K 15K 38

    September sparks is 17 and she's been abused for as long as she can remember from the minute her mom died her dad changed he was sweet and loving now he's always angry and abusive. September thinks that he'll never let her leave and she won't escape the abuse that is until she meets shawn and guess what he's her mate.

    Completed   Mature
  • His Abused Mate
    199K 3.9K 29

    WARNING:TRASH WRITING AHEAD Skylar Clark is just a 17 year old girl who lives with her abusive father. When she moves to a new school will she be freed from her father or will she need to be freed from her mate. Warning: Strong Language, some parts may be sensitive for some audiences

  • His abused mate
    5.1M 136K 32

    Since the day she turn five she was forced in a wolf slavery. Melody has been beaten and worst. She gets passed around like a toy. She goes from pack to pack. Alphas trading her off. Bruises and cuts from every new pack. But what happens when she is passed to the Moonlight pack and she finds her mate. Scared of rejec...

  • My History Teacher is my Mate?! (Completed)
    184K 4.9K 13

    Total re-edit done in 2019 Meet Cain, he is a twenty-one year old male, who has yet to find his mate; he is a rich history teacher. And one day he found his mate. Flower is a fifteen year old girl who gets abused by her father. But only when she does something wrong, but that apparently is everything. She doesn't have...

  • my mate is my teacher♥
    61.7K 1.4K 7

    Alondra is a girl who just turned 15. on her 15th birthday she meets her mate. But there's just one problem he's her teacher. With bumps in the road will their love survive ??? or will challenges get in the way of their happy ending.

  • Abused
    52.5K 2.2K 36

    Highest ranking: #1 in hatered **************************************** Abandoned by her father when she was eight, and neglected by her mother ever since, Winter hasn't had the easiest life. Her mother turned to drugs to cope with her husband's disappearence, leaving a young, scared Winter to fend for herself. Win...

  • Broken and Abused (BoyxBoy)
    621K 17.9K 35

    James Keaton is a 16 year old boy that has been forced to grow up too fast. When James was around the age of three, his father came home drunk. His life was never the same after that. His mother left and his dad blamed him. James never got a break from being abused. At school he wasn't liked by any of the other studen...

    Completed   Mature
  • Wish upon a star (BoyxBoy)
    1.3M 41.2K 36

    We were in the middle of class when the hottest guys barged into the class. "Why are you late to class?" Mrs. Yake yelled. "I am sorry miss, but we are new here and didn't know where to go." the tallest and most attractive one said. "Ok then, I guess I can excuse you. But make sure this doesn't happen again. Take a se...

  • Forced To Date A Gangleader (FDG) {Editing}
    2.4M 63.5K 51

    "My love, its really not up to you is it?" The dork that forced me to live with him says with a smile on his perfectly made face. "Don't you ever and I mean ever call me that! I will never love a monster like you!" I yell at him. The smile on his face disappeared and was replaced with anger. He got up and walked to me...

  • Kidnapped By 5 Sexy Greek Gods
    759K 23.1K 21

    What would you do if you got kidnapped by 5 Sexy Greek Gods? Freak out right? Wrong. You run. But that didn't turn out so great now did it? Because I'm still here, aren't I? My names Amelia Tate and I've been kidnapped by 5 Sexy Greek Gods.

  • Cry-Baby
    2M 64.5K 30

    I wiped my eyes once again to see deep piercing green ones looking down at me. More tears came as I saw the root of my anger, and I stood up pushing past him. I tried to run but got pulled back by a hand grabbing my wrist. "What happened?" Clyde demanded angrily. "Get off of me!" I growled and pried his fingers off...

  • The Seven Deadly Sins (Yandere Boys X Reader)
    1M 32.7K 36

    Pride Gluttony Wrath Lust Greed Envy Sloth When each of the Seven Deadly Sins seem to have taken human form in the personalities of seven different boys it would be an inevitable difficulty to work for them. However, it would be deemed even harder to distance oneself once they grow an unyielding attachment and strong...

  • Infatuation (Yandere Boys x Reader)
    6.7M 225K 92

    After six new boys meet (Y/n), they begin an unhealthy obsession over the female and soon take it too far. There's not much chance of her escaping their thoughts or hands but she's definitely going to try when she's had enough.

  • Simple Servant
    407K 17.5K 36

    Highest Rank: #2 Historical Fiction- Noah has been a Servant for as long a he could remember. His Mistress Cathliene Manchester just recently remarried to the Lord Louis Montego. This means that her and her twin sons are now members of Society. When the Montego family receives invitations for a Masked Ball celebrati...

  • Silence Breaking
    29.5M 1.8M 50

    Family - the most important thing in the world, right? If it's your own, maybe. But if it's the family of the incredibly powerful, incredibly alluring businessman with whom you've been conducting a secret office affair, and they don't yet know about the affair, things are a little bit different. Life is about to get r...

  • kidnapped by the demon king ( blue exorcist ) Amaimon x oc
    28.6K 1K 50

    (Under rewriting) { Book 1 in the Gehenna's Prince and Angel Blood series } Korosuakuma is a teal-haired-green-eyed outcast. she wasn't always like this, but after her mother's death on her birthday 5 years ago, she crumbled. she stopped smiling, stopped saying I love you, stopped wearing color, but in the deep hole s...

    Completed   Mature
  • Stupid Alpha Kidnapped Me, And Now I Can't Leave Because I'm His Soulmate
    184K 1.9K 14

    What happens when a gorgeous werewolf kidnapps you and says "hey. you can't leave because your my soulmate." yeah, thats my dilema.

  • My Alpha Twin Mates
    509K 10.3K 26

    All Claire Roberts has wanted to do was find her mate after she turned 16. She never had a boyfriend because she wanted to save it for her mate and also because her older brothers and twin brother won't allow boys near her. What happens when she finds her mate(s)? Will two be too much to handle?

  • Kidnapped By My Mate
    6.6M 250K 126

    "Please, I don't deserve this. I didn't ask for any of it!" "Well he asked for you." Blindfolded, gagged, tied up and thrown in the back of a car and ready to be delivered to the guy that desired her, Blake Collins, Nora's day did not go like she planned. A normal girl would cry and beg to be sent home but Nora fin...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Masked Academy
    207K 899 6

    I'm at the last year of college. I'm a hybrid. A werewolf-witch-vampire hybrid. I am a monster, a fearful monster. I have grew up forced to be alone, for the greater of the world but I just want to be normal, to grow up normal.

  • Sweet Bastard
    60.7M 2.7M 83

    Lisa and her boss, Alessandro, agree to spite their exes by pretending to date, but things begin to backfire when fake feelings become real along the way. ***** For two years, Lisa Brooks worked as a secretary to the powerful self-made billionaire...

  • To Love a Demon (Rin x Reader)
    26.1K 717 26

    *I DO NOT OWN BLUE EXORCIST!!!* Ever since I was very young, I have always had to take care of myself. My parents were exorcists that died on that night... The Blue Night. I want to avenge my parents' deaths. Soon, I would go to True Cross Academy's very own cram school where I would find a certain peculiar boy...

  • Rin Okumura X Reader (DISCONTINUED)
    10.3K 382 11

    Ya should know what it is. You get into True cross academy and you have this "personal problem" (you are a half brerd between a demon and an angel. You have angle wings and a demon tail. You are the daughter of one of Satan's close freinds) so you live in a big building with only 2 other boys. Will you become really c...

  • Abused, Rejected, Raped And Pregnant
    80.3K 2.2K 15

    Phoenix has been abused all her life and doesn't even know why. To top it off her mate rejected her and she ran. Just like any other cliche books the guy wants her back, even with the secret she is carrying. Phoenix was raped by a complete stranger with no clue on who he is seeing as he is the father of her child. Co...

  • my alpha mate forced me to...
    99.7K 2.1K 13

    Nickolas James Wood is your typical hottie; fun to be around, sexy as hell, a WEREWOLF, and of corce what hottie dosent have a reputation for being an ASSHOLE. but this alpha to be is horrible, ruthless, and powerful. He has been waiting for a mate his whole life just to beat the shit out of her for not being there f...

  • Demon to Demon, Heart to Heart (rin okumura x reader)
    112K 2.3K 25

    You were the daughter of a demon. You didn't know who your dad was, but you knew your mom. She was addictive to drugs. She always yelling at you how you and your dad were a mistake. One day she didn't pay the drug dealer and he was gonna kill her. Being as selfish as she, she sold you to him as a boy toy. No matter wh...