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  • Roomies
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    "Why'd you stop?" I asked him. He didn't answer, just walked us over to my bed and set me down. "Jace..?" He kissed me hard and walked out, closing the door behind him. My name is Alexis Williams, but I like to go by Lexi. I recently signed up for a summer program with my best friend, Hayley Jacobson, where we get to...

  • Thugs Little Sister
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    KaJani is Smokes little sister . She's 19 & has never fell in love . Will Montae , Smokes right hand man, change that or will she stay the way she is ? Find out by reading Thugs Little Sister!

  • Loving the Bad Boy
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    When Brooklyn's father passes away she's forced to live with her mom and older brother. Brooklyn's family fell apart once my grandfather had a couple of things to say. Moving from Navada to Mississippi was hard for Brooklyn, leaving everything she knew for so long behind. On Brooklyn's first week at school she met...