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  • Biography of a Terrible Man - Watty's 2018 Shortlist
    4.7K 798 64

    Watty's 2018 Shortlist! The people below, down there in the real world, treasured life. They believed it was a precious thing, one to be guarded at all costs, while death was the ultimate misfortune. It took many years for Kildar to make sense of it. Raised by the priests of Dur, the god of Death, he'd learned that d...

  • Adrift: A Little Mermaid Retelling
    2.8K 560 45

    Agnes Allore's passions are simple: music, first and foremost, rules her heart. Second comes her best friend Daniel, a servant boy. As a girl, Agnes can do as she wishes; her beloved father indulges her willful spirit, and her troubled mother hardly pays her any mind at all. But as Agnes leaves her girlhood behind an...

    Completed   Mature
  • Tales from Virdinia
    673 69 10

    COMPLETED: A collection of short stories set in the fantasy world of Virdinia. Travel its rainforests, climb its peaks and sail its seas, for here you will find life, darkness, death and beauty. Fear the darkness, for it does not fear you.

  • A Singular Witness
    1.1K 125 40

    Quinn wants to escape her claustrophobic hometown after her father dies unexpectedly from a rare parasitic infection, and an internship filming feed in cities around the world for a software company developing a virtual running game seems like her ticket to run. When it turns out the company is owned by the father o...

  • Project Eden
    1.7K 108 44

    Death isn't permanent. Not for Eden. The moment she dies, her consciousness downloads to the nearest clone waiting for her at Save Points across the globe. The ability to overcome death is helpful when you work as an international courier relaying top-secret information that everyone wants to get their hands on-inclu...