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  • Climb
    35 14 2

    15-year-old Winter Moore finds herself in uncharted territory after moving to a new country and being put in the care of her half-Aunt. Despite being the new-girl-in-town, Winter is intent on coasting through her final years of high school in the unremarkable, suburban town of Sharpton, Minnesota. Her intentions begi...

  • Derelict
    57.5K 8.3K 39

    Aliens... they came, they saw, they conquered. Our world was was nothing to them but an asset to be stripped of resources. Even 600 years after the majority of them departed, humanity still struggles to survive in the mess they left behind. Together with their horde of genetically altered life forms and the hostile...

  • Poor Things (Wattys2018 Winner)
    235K 17.8K 63

    || Highest Rank - #1 in Horror || Wattpad Featured || After a tragic accident, football star Joel Harper finds himself rolling his wheelchair into a new school in a strange town. Soon he's making friends of misfits, taking lessons in Iron Maiden, and dodging a ruthless bully with a penchant for switchblades. Little is...

  • Paragon ✓
    17.9K 1.2K 21

    Every Paragon is one of a pair. When one is lost, the other is diminished. Holden lost his second before he could even remember her. Now that he's found her, he'll finally be complete. Katia Yazykova hides her darkest and most dangerous self, fearing the day she loses grip again. Intent on concealing her own violent h...