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  • Night Shift (Night Shift series #1)
    1.6M 35.4K 52

    At Willard's department store none of the night security guards survive for long and eighteen-year-old Daniel Gale is about to discover why. NOW AVAILABLE AS PAPERBACK AND EBOOK! Amazon (US)

  • The Folveshch
    292K 21.8K 23

    [Formerly Featured/Award-Winning Novella/#2 in Horror] There is something eerie about this village -- this hole of silent, maddened people. In 1922 my Papa told me of a faceless entity that lurks amongst us in our isolated slice of Russia. The locals have kept this horror alive for a century, though the only ones wh...

  • The Cursed Hill (Rick Thane Book 1)
    570K 18.1K 23

    Rick Thane can see the dead. He's not a medium, he's not a ghost hunter, he's not a psychic- he is a Spiritual Therapist and he's here to help. If your house is haunted, please call Rick on 020-SPIRITS

  • Possessed
    431K 14.5K 20

    Devon Barnes and her best friend, Dante Granger, have just finished University and move into the third story flat in a gorgeous, newly renovated town house. The excitement of her first place soon wears off for Devon as she notices some strange things happening in the flat. Dante brushes it off as stress from the move...

  • The Legend - Watty Awards 2012
    231K 6.7K 33

    After being abandoned at the Altar, Jenna and her family move across the country to start afresh.. away from old flames and tainted memories. Everything is wonderful - a lovely home, new friends, a new life. All seems perfect!! Or is it????

  • Haunted Organic (2014 Watty Award Winner)
    210K 5K 20

    Josie Brown has no idea the Organic Food Store next door is haunted. Until he sees the rotting, shrieking ghost baby in the paper towel aisle. Then the nightmares start. The little girl across the street disappears from her bed. And Josie wakes up in her room the night she goes missing. Just about everyone in Sydney...

  • Breach Point (Haunted)
    135K 7.3K 52

    When high school sophomore Clara Tuffney is hired for a summer internship at an engineering firm, she accepts an invitation to live with her Aunt Maureen in the quiet seaside town of Breach Point, New Jersey. Soon after arriving, Clara learns of the infamous Breach Point Castle, a haunted attraction that once stood...

  • The Voice Within
    45.5K 1.6K 25

    A journalist sacked for phone hacking and tired of his decadent life style researches a triple murder that took place in his own ancestral home during the English Civil War. He discovers that events which occurred there nearly four hundred years ago are mirrored by his son's relationship with a Muslim girl whose fathe...