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  • Remembrance
    14.7K 2.2K 40

    Sometimes home is a place you've never seen, a place you've never been, or even a place you never dreamed existed. Nothing in Gwelle's seventeen years prepares her for what awaits the inhabitants of the Deliverance on the surface of their new home world. A world which took them ninety years to reach, countless hardshi...

  • Finding Faith
    47.3K 1.2K 11

    "Faith was everywhere it seemed, as if I couldn't get away from her. Every corner I turned she was there waiting for me.That's when the realization hit, I could run from her as much as I wanted but I could never hide. The funny thing was, it didn't bother me at all." {Book One} ________________________________________...

  • Just a Click Away
    25.6K 2.3K 43

    ***Highest Ranking #2 in Clean Romance*** Surrounded by married friends and ready for a love story of her own, Leslie Martin takes a chance and joins and online dating website. Will she discover the man of her dreams or will this become her worst nightmare? Only time will tell.

  • 11 Ways to Wattpad like a Pro!
    144K 8.8K 18

    11 Top tips and tricks to get the most out of Wattpad! From a Watty Award winning author with over 30 million reads online.

  • The Unconquered Vale ~ Book 3
    168K 16K 49

    Book 3 of The Vale Series... A fierce elven warrior running from her past... An arrogant, handsome prince seeking revenge... Two enemies sworn to complete one common mission... Sylara Thren grew up with a sword in her hand and her life committed to serving her kingdom. Then something changes... something she could not...

  • Brittle
    13.6K 465 8

    {Part Graphic Novel} Snowboarders Corbin and Griffin take refuge one night in a mountainside cave, one of them badly injured. The cave is not just a dark and damp hole, however, but a once-sealed bridge between our world and an unseen powerful dominion. Here four supernatural kingdoms exist, appointed since creation...

  • The Siren and the Scholar
    1.4K 63 27

    Highest Ranking--#178 in Fantasy When Kamoana the siren is transformed into human shape, she knows that her mother, the powerful sahira Queen Pukai, laid the spell on her, but she can't remember why. It has to be some kind of test, most likely related to romance and undoubtedly involving a three-day deadline, but Kamo...

  • Emily Rose: A Pregnancy Story
    42.5K 861 7

    In letters to "Emily Rose," an expectant mother chronicles the nine months leading up to her daughter's birth. The journey begins with the word "pregnant" in late autumn and continues through three more seasons, two small towns, and many unforeseeable challenges. Through it all, those little kicks and flutters give he...

  • The Shadowed Vale~ Book 1
    750K 45.3K 57

    Book 1 of The Vale Series... An ancient world, a dark brooding warrior king, a beautiful princess with a mysterious past... Killian struggles to be a better king than his father. He is feared by his enemies and loved by his subjects. He uncovers a secret which threatens not only his kingdom but the world as he knows i...

  • Pixie
    1K 120 20

    Most people call Peter a dreamer, strange, or crazy, but Pixie calls him her best friend. Peter had always had an active imagination that often got him bullied in school and driven others away. But Pixie knew he saw more. He could see what no one else could, he saw what everyone overlooked. He saw beauty in pain, and...

  • A Friendships Love - Settler series book 1 (Wattpad version, first draft)
    80.9K 1.7K 24

    Paytons Life was set, simple and she had so much to look forward to, until her childhood friend is abruptly betrayed and sent away. Life afterwards, proves never to be the same. See how Payton manages the love she has for her closest friends, deals with loss, and becomes her own women. Can she survive unscathed from...

  • The Treasured Vale ~ Book 2
    245K 20.4K 46

    Book 2 of The Vale Series... A beautiful, runaway princess... a reluctant king... a twist of fate that brought them together... Riven has spent the majority of her life trying to overcome a very traumatic experience from her youth. Just as she thought it was behind her, another blow is dealt leaving her no option but...

  • Lord Vane
    15.5K 950 10

    •Completed• In a small medieval kingdom, superstition and fireside stories are a way of life, making it hard to tell truth from tale. When young and innocent Charis weds the recently appointed earl, Lord Gavriel Vane, mysteries and doubts emerge. A romance story told through a blend of words and art: a struggle betwe...

  • Bumble
    18K 1.4K 10

    When Penny Hale's not-so-imaginary friend shows up in her bedroom, he pulls her into a whirlwind summer adventure of magic and bees and romance. This short story first appeared in @RebeccaSky's Sunkissed Summer Fantasy Anthology.

  • Ellie and the Prince
    3.8K 145 2

    Highest Ranking--#170 in Fantasy, Winner of Phoenix Wars Awards: Best Fantasy, Best Cover (Fantasy), and Golden Phoenix Award, 12/31/2017 This book will be published on in late March 2018, so only the first chapter is still available to sample here. Thanks for your interest! Faraway Castle is the most illus...

  • We The Forlorn (Book #2) (Completed)
    51.4K 5.9K 48

    ~~Sequel to Bo & The Beast: this story features an array of favorite villains from classic tales, as well as continuing the tale of a beauty and her beast.~~ In her search for Adam, Bo stumbles upon a group of renegades called The Forlorn. Their ranks are made up of villains and bad-guys, and they are seen as scum...