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  • Flying High
    817 47 33

    What happens when untold feelings are told when it's too late? What will happen if a person ignores their friend and leaves after they poured their heart out to them? This is the story of Dylan O'Brien and Caroline Abernathy. A story which begins from now and then it goes back it time explaining how they slowly fe...

  • Careless (DoB fanfic)
    272 7 15

    " So what if I'm crazy? all the best people are" That quote became our favourite between me and her. The second she walked inside I knew we would either be best friends or enemies. I never knew her entirely and neither did she but we didn't care. She looked great and she was the only person I talked to...

  • what is love?? (neymar jr fan fiction)
    6.4K 182 39

  • Dream within a dream
    6.2K 257 36

    Eliana is a 22 year old girl who is a worldwide known fashion designer, one year ago she met someone famous(neymar jr) and he showed her what heaven is like, yet he left. what happens when they see each other again? all rights reserved. I don't own any of the pictures.

  • When we were young (neymar jr fan fiction)
    3.2K 195 28

    Neymar and Isabella (Bella)have been good friends over the years until something happens and she forgets. please do not copy, and I don't own anything besides the text

  • in love with the wrong person
    3.6K 156 20

    Hana had a great life, going to trips, having the job of her dreams,until she falls in love with neymar jr. The story has come to an end and I have to thank you for you support All rights reserved I don't own any of the pictures

  • step siblings
    38.1K 1K 54

    Emilly is a high school student who dreams of becoming an athlete, she did not really believe in love until someone comes in her life and changes that statement

  • Dark love (neymar fan fiction)
    2.1K 83 20

    (in another universe were super natural creatures exist) Rebekah a vampire who has lived for centuries finds true love in the eyes of a mortal man

  • Working for a football club
    16.6K 522 61

    Alice is an new member of fc barcelona and she has her life always on the line and determined until she meets neymar jr

    Completed   Mature