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  • Too Animaniacs For Me
    6.2K 182 18

    Clara is a super fan of a lot of show and movies. But with her life being so boring all the time she has nothing to do, so she draws a lot (and I mean A LOT). one normal day(of course it won't turn out to be yet us authors says it was go fig) her life changes I dont own any characters that belongs to someone else . A...

  • Just 2 Crazy 2 Believe
    105 3 3

    Lexxi was just a 16 year old girl living a normal life in New York with her brother. That is, until an accident bring here to Burbank and she meets the Warners. Now Lexxi has to deal with nothing but insanity and with three crazy toons, anvils falling out of the sky, and a bunch of crazy characters, will Lexxi make it...

  • A Zany Animaniac Adventure!! (#Wattys2015)
    3.3K 124 16

    I Am a huge fan of Animaniacs and this is my first ever FanFiction so be nice.

  • Animaniacs ~ Family.
    4.8K 126 20

    The warners set out on an adventure to find out what happened to their real parents and why they were staying at the WB. Studios. Even if that meant finding that darkest of secrets... What will happen? Will they find their parents? Only you can find out... So what you waiting for?! Click on read and get going! It's th...

  • An Epic Looney Tune Tail: Part One
    165 2 15

    Join the Looney Tunes, the Tiny Toons, the Animaniacs, the Taz-Mania characters, the Loonatics and many other Warner Brothers cartoon characters and they help their three biggest fans - Eric Epic the Sorcerer (Matt Smith), Zack O'Marrows the cop (Noel Clarke) and Diamond or 'Dia' the mermaid (Emma Watson) as they ba...

  • Moleman's Epic Rap Battles #30: Eds Vs. Warners
    111 2 1

    VIDEO HERE: After several consecutive battles of dark subject matter and/or great intensity, this relative "breather episode" of Moleman's Epic Rap Battles provides a celebration of old-fashioned cartoony goodness with two of the most iconic 'toon trios ever to hit the small...

  • Animaniac Songbook!!
    5.1K 123 18

    I am a big fan of Animaniacs and here are just some of my favorite songs! If anyone else is a big fan and have some songs for my from either Animaniacs or Wakko's Wish just shoot the names to me and I'll get em in there! Oh and Hellloooo Nurses!!!

  • Test Dummy For Gizmo 13
    190 5 5

    An Animaniacs Fan Fiction. Ralph the security guard comes across one of Wakko's newest gizmo's while the Warner's are out of town. The gizmo is a gold plated disc that can create several deserts at the push of a button. Ralph takes a liking to it and decides he wants to borrow it for a while. But later on he regrets m...

  • TV Series-Theme-Songs
    3.8K 167 20

    Hello Guys, I think that everyone all over the world no matter how old he or she is will agree with me when I say that everyone love watching Cartoons. And this book includes all of YOUR favourite theme-song lyrics. Please message me or write it in the...

  • A warners christmas
    187 7 1

    The Warner's get a Christmas gift they will never forget rated G

  • Dot's Nightmare
    1.1K 29 2

    Dot has a nightmare and goes to Yakko for comfort just a short brother sister love thing. COMPLETED

  • Warner BATIM Skits, Questions and Dares!!!
    4.3K 167 46

    The Warners and the new Warner Kat are at it again in this fun zany animaniacal collection of skits. Join us for it's sure to be a BLAST!! Now our 2 favorite skeleton brothers from Undertale Sans and Papyrus our visiting the Warners. Read it or you'll be sure to have a bad time.

  • Rouge Toons (Tiny Toons + Animaniacs Crossover)
    364 4 22

    In this action comedy spoofing James Bond, Iron Man, Game of Thrones and 'Frozen (2013)', Hamton J. Pig, Rita and Runt team up with a beautiful, yet mysterious pig to save their co-stars and the world from an evil force.

  • A Great Big Smile In Your Heart - Alternate Wakko's Wish Death Scene
    514 18 1

    This takes place in an "alternate" Wakko's Wish universe, where Dot actually dies and Salazar manages to get to the star. The rest of the story is surprise, though. Problem is, I'm not sure if I should make a full fanfic about that.. Guess it's up to you guys.

  • Escaping the Past
    3.2K 81 11

     what happens when the warner siblings meet three of my oc's

  • An Wakko X Yakko story
    7.1K 94 2