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  • bad boy || m.c
    78 7 2

    she said she liked bad boys and she definitely got one ... has some messaging in it so if you don't like reading text messages in fanfiction don't read.

  • Blind Attraction [one]
    4.7M 160K 34

    A car accident leaves Marley Lebeau with temporary blindness. For four weeks, she's stuck in hospital trying to learn how to eat, walk, and move without her eyes. Making the decision to stay, she's given a roommate as a clear distraction. Behold Blair Evans; a bubbly, over-eater who sprains an ankle from a little fal...

  • Aesthetics ➳ z.m. au
    8M 236K 49

    Blank [blangk] adj., having no marks Zayn [z\ain\] n., the boy with coffee colored irises In which he adds words to his vocabulary, and she adds ink to her skin. ✖ all rights reserved 2013 © cathartics completed 04 04 17

  • aisle five » hemmings a.u.
    8.7M 287K 64

    in which a girl with an unhealthy love for starbursts and a boy whose hair has been accidentally dyed purple meet at a pharmacy and end up trapped

    Completed   Mature
  • when we collide ✰ l.h.
    19.9M 361K 55

    "Why is green your favorite color?" "Because it's the color of your eyes." Long time best friends, Luke and Autumn, spend their first year of college living together. They would say unexpected love is the best type of love. Copyright © fluffycashton 2018. All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not...

  • 69 Day Warranty // h.s
    160K 5.2K 21

    "Out of all numbers, you choose that one?" One year after a fatal accident had occurred, causing Harry Styles to feel vulnerable beyond repair, his bandmates came up with a plan. That being, to propose to Harry a deal that could rebuild or tear apart his life. Over the course of 69 days, Harry Styles would have to put...

  • Lights (2013)
    7.8M 234K 67

    PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS HOLY READ THE REVISED VERSION OF THIS BOOK! Blair Price struggles with a lot of things in her life, such as her mother's death, her father's new 'perfect' family, and secretly loving her best friend. Blair and Harry have known each other for almost fifteen years. He's her rock, her li...

  • Fall.
    27.1M 507K 53

    "You have a problem with falling, don't you?" "You have no idea." Cover by LilacLucas

    Completed   Mature
  • The Lost Boy (One Direction // Harry Styles Story)
    150K 4.8K 18

    She had to grow up while he wanted to be forever young. What do you get when these two cross paths? A story about youth, love and a lost boy.