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  • Just A Girl ( A Jace Norman Fanfic)
    496 24 2

    Krista is just an ordinary girl who loves art and books, but her world changes when she moves to California and meets Jace, soon her world goes upside down from afew twists and turns, sooner or later she'll wish that she never met him at all And when she finds out about the truth of her dead father, could her father s...

  • Girl meets Undercover Danger
    996 24 3

    Riley Mathews parents passed away, then she's adopted by the Cooper, who are a family of secret agent's, she too becomes a spy and makes a new best friend named Maya Hart, but when the family are assigned for a mission in Swellview to see what the other side is planning, Riley ends up going to Swellview junior high as...

  • The Snow princess (Disney Descendants fanfic)
    47K 1K 6

    Ella Frost is new to Auradon Prep, she's the daughter of Queen Elsa and Jack frost, and she's nothing without her cousin's, Ally and Kevin (Son and daughter of Krisstof and Princess Anna) and Riley (Daughter of Rapunzel and Eugene) there are afew things that you need to know about Ella, she has ice powers that are eve...

  • Love or hate (Rucas fanfic)
    828 34 5

    Riley Mathews has been bullied ever since she came to middle school, the only friends who she has been depending on was Maya and Farckle, then one day she has a crush on the new kid named Lucas who became her top bully, yet no matter what, she still loved him, until one day Riley gets sick from an unknown disease, and...

  • Invisible daughter (A Henry danger fanfic)
    5.6K 231 6

    Haley has been an Orphan ever since her parents died in a car accident when she was ten years old. She had no aunts, uncles, or grandparents. She was an orphan for three months until she was adopted by Raymond Manchester, AKA Captain Man. She has lived with him for three years and never stepped foot outside the man-ca...

  • A Frozen love story (A Henry Danger fanfic)
    62.9K 2K 46

    A 13 year old girl named Emma Goodman lives a life of misery because of the loss of her mother, but when she discovers she has the power to control ice and snow, she runs away from home to live with her aunt in Swellview because she was afraid that her father would send her away for experiment's, but after falling in...

    Completed   Mature
  • I Don't Wear Capes (Henry Danger Fanfiction) (COMPLETED)
    223K 6.3K 46

    Sarah made one decision last month, a big one. To work for Captain Man as his secret sidekick. The only thing; he, and Kid Danger don't know who she really is. And she's determined to keep it that way. But when she accidentally finds out the REAL identities of Swellview's favorite superheroes, it becomes even harder...

  • Silent danger (Henry danger fanfic)
    103K 2.5K 19

    Rose was a girl who never thought something so awful could happen to her. Until it did. She lost both of her parents in a car accident and didn't think she had anything to live for until she was adopted by a family named Hart in Swellview. Rose doesn't speak. She meets a boy named Henry who seems pretty cool but stran...

  • ❤My Hart❤
    375 18 1

    Chloe Is just an ordinary girl that goes to Swellview Junior High and is friends with Henry, Charlotte, and Jasper. Little did she know, Henry was a superhero sidekick for Captain Man. Anyways, a new girl named Bianca comes to their school at the wrong time because Chloe started getting feelings for Henry. She tried t...

  • Her Past {A Henry Danger Fanfic}
    8.8K 369 8

    What would you expect from your average eighth grade girl? A loving family? A house to go home every night, and feel safe? Not for Christine Michaels. With being the only living person in her family, Christine had to grow up too soon. With no fixed home, after hours in her school, Swellview Junior High, it becomes he...