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  • Ricky or Ben
    21.8K 1.6K 34

    Amy goes off to New York thinking she was going to live her dream. Then one day comes back to unexpectedly have a faithful night with Ricky. Can she keep it from her year long boyfriend Ben? Will Amy and Ricky find their way back together??

  • Is This Love?
    8.2K 449 13

    When Ricky comes to visit Amy in New York what if him and Amy connected and found out that they had feeling for each other that had been buried deep down inside their heart for a long time. Will they come together or fall apart? *my new story*

  • Life goes on
    19.6K 763 20

    What if Ricky didn't leave after Adrian cheated on him with Ben? What if he went to Amy for comfort instead? Amy didn't go to see Jimmy and her and Ricky connect that night. What will happen? A story about learning to love and moving on. *COMPLETE*

  • Neko [manxboy]
    40.8K 1.9K 4

    The world is coming to an end and nothing matters anymore. People will do whatever they need to do in order to survive. Midas is a well armed man. He can handle himself when needed to survive. With dark hair and golden eyes, he's dangerous. Don't mess with him. One night he's off to his hidden apartment when he hear...

  • The secret life of the American teenager{end}
    68.3K 1.3K 60

    As Amy goes off to New York she still can't make her own decisions. As life throws bumps and happiness at her she may be able to find herself, but possiblly lose herself on the way..