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  • Solving For X (BoyxBoy) [✓]
    218K 13.7K 13

    Price Bigg + Jeremy Smalle = Best Friends. If Price Bigg x Googly Eyes at his best friend = ALWAYS and Jeremy Smalle + Basic Comprehension Skills = Syntax Error, solve the following problem: Price Bigg can't quite solve his goofy best friend, Jeremy Smalle, amateur high school swimmer and professional alien conspiracy...

  • The Sound of Ice
    2.3M 120K 47

    Cameron Beckett, a talented hockey player in the CHL, has to deal with the pressures of making it into the NHL, passing his classes, and accepting his sexuality and identity. ***** Cameron Beckett is the ace and co-captain of his hockey team, but h...

  • The Jock Stole my Shirt Pocket ✔️
    30.4K 2K 1

    "No homo." His hot breath fanned my face as he pushed me against my locker. I blushed. Then, he kissed me and I didn't report him for sexual harassment because he's hot. Cover by @Lena-Presents

  • Blúznenie
    1.7K 417 18

    Druhá zbierka poézie. Po desiatej časti sa prudko mení jej štýl, nenechajte sa odradiť začiatkom. Ďalšie zbierky: 27 výkrikov do hmly #4 v poézii

  • Fighting Fire With Fire
    1.8M 88.5K 54

    Wrestling team captains Max Desera and Axel Cortés must settle their long-standing rivalry - but a different kind of fire may ignite between them. ***** The school decides it will only keep one of its two male wrestling teams, adding fire to the cut...

  • Here Comes The Sun [wattys 2016]
    107K 6.6K 15

    After a lot of rock music, many skating accidents and a considerable amount of arguing, Alex finds out that there are things in the world worth living for. Skateboarding, as it turned out was not the only thing Alex and Jem bonded over. [copyright afterwords two thousand & fifteen] short story #24

  • 8:00 PM
    146K 10.1K 21

    The story of a boy named Daniel who meets a boy named Shawn at 8:00 PM.

  • One Tap for 'A'
    70.5K 4.4K 10

    two boys, Red Bull, and subtle confessions (Boyxboy)

  • love letters in braille ✔️
    5.8K 411 2

    Oscar is blind. Jason is not. One hot summer day, when their paths cross by chance, Jason takes a leap of faith and Oscar helps him see the world in a whole new light. FEATURED IN THE LGBTQ SUN-KISSED ANTHOLOGY #1 WINNER OF THE PURPLE APPLE AWARDS JULY 2017: SHORT STORY 1ST PLACE: BEST LGBT CHARACTER 1ST PLACE: BEST...

  • Cherry & Benny & The Meddling Universe ✓
    571 41 1

    Fate is a funny thing. Entry for @Avylinn 's treacherous one shot competition. (Basically my take on if the lovely reunion between Chris and Dante had more than one love story happening).

  • Moonlight
    1.1K 122 1

    Masks are meant for hiding, for concealing that which shouldn't be seen in daylight. But, they can also be for revelation, for flying in the dark. For the L'Etrange Masquerade Contesr

  • Love Potion
    89.7K 6.5K 19

    he had a crush on this boy and it excited him. he was going to make him to fall in l o v e with him. even if it killed him. he didn't mean it literally, but the world has a funny way of mixing things up.

  • Avery
    16.2K 920 1

    Jamal is a playboy, accustomed to getting his way with whomever he wishes, whenever he wishes. He's set his sights on the soft spoken boy he met at a bus stop. Avery Michaels is a quiet English major with a hidden wild side. He's okay with having a no strings attached relationship with Jamal, but falling in love isn't...

  • Fill In The Blank
    84.4K 5.8K 12

    This is a life-long love story between two boys told in snippets. *** "What are you doing?" "Everything. Being. Belonging with you. Just like I always have." Highest Ranking: #358 in Romance

  • Blue (boyxboy)
    161K 9.7K 25

    *WATTPAD FEATURED STORY* Kevin is desperately in love with his best friend, Damon. He knows that it's hopeless, but he perseveres anyway. Abel is in love with the color periwinkle, and the taste of cookie dough ice cream. Kevin seems to embody both, which piques his interest. *** Highest Ranking: #276 in Romance WARNI...

  • Live A Little
    29.1K 1.7K 10

    Beckett is alone on Valentine's Day, having been stood up by his date. He sulks over his beer, thoroughly scorned, until Oren appears. A romance is born. ⚠️Content warning: Alcohol use. Take care xx

  • Whisper
    9.5K 661 1

    A snippet about Tristan, who's loved Chris for a long time, and about Chris, who already knows it.

  • Kissing Will
    34.8K 1.8K 4

    Jay is no longer a competing ice skater. He was at some point, so long ago that it seems like a forgotten memory. Now, though, he lives in a smaller town, with smaller minds, and less room for people like him. He sneaks to skate on the frozen lake in the wintertime. Will is new, which is rare in and of itself. But the...

  • Leap Before You Look (Sample - PUBLISHED ON AMAZON AND TAPAS) ✔️
    614K 3.6K 4

    [Sample. Full story is published on Amazon and] Jaime Lane definitely wasn't gay. But, he wasn't exactly straight either. In an attempt to satisfy his growing bi-curiosity, Jaime accepts a hookup with a male stranger online. It was going to be his one time wild moment, an experiment to scratch the itc...

  • až vyjde slnko
    5.5K 628 8

    Načo čakáš? Niekto by ťa mohol milovať viac. /// onlyelves, december 2016

  • Fragments
    372 97 12

    ❝At that moment she just felt like falling apart, into fragments that only he could put together again.❞ Louisina Deering is a quiet girl with a loud mind. It seems like her for puzzles and riddles went out of control, when she found her personal riddle named Mason Dickenson. They are childhood friends, they lived o...

  • The Deal With Byrd and O'Neill ✔️
    316K 19.5K 12

    It's tough, being best friends with the person you love. Especially if the feeling is... mutual? Wait, what? Truly, neither Mason Byrd nor Cody O'Neill wanted to be just friends. It's just that Cody was fast in the swimming pool but not so much when it came to realising feelings, and Mason was terrified of losing...

  • Better Sorry than Safe ✔️
    4.9M 222K 36

    Every Tuesday during football practice, sixteen year old Sem Bolton finds himself stealing glances at the gorgeous college boy jogging down the path next to the fields. He was his dirty little secret. His guilty pleasure. His unobtainable fantasy: safe and distant on the other side of the chainlink fence. Then, throu...

  • Feel Me
    13.5K 1.9K 22

    Drž mě, dýchej mě, pociť mě.

  • you worry too much
    242K 21.9K 26

    read when you need a little picker-upper.

  • #AskAmy ✔
    4.6M 405K 65

    BLACK MIRROR meets PRETTY LITTLE LIARS in this multimedia thriller where an anonymous advice website gets hacked and the dark origins of the site start to come to light. (shortlisted for the 2017 wattys, #1 in mystery/thriller)

  • The bird song
    1.2K 348 11

    'Jeden vták mi raz pošepol, čo hovoria jesenné listy, keď bezútešne padajú dole a stromy za nimi celú zimu smútia. Druhý sa pri mne pristavil a rozprával mi o motýľoch, ktorých tak veľmi láka levanduľa, až sa ňou nechajú omámiť. Možno by som mala byť ten tretí a povedať vám všetky tie príbehy, ktoré mi už nestihli pov...

  • Dvadsaťsedem výkrikov do hmly
    7K 1.5K 27

    Dvadsaťsedem výkrikov, príliš krátkych, aby niečo znamenali, príliš dlhých, aby ostali len myšlienkou. Najlepšie miesto: 1. V poézii (dokončené 10.5.2017)

  • Storm
    367 51 1

    nebola ako búrka - ona bola búrkou. búrka plná farieb, zvukov a emócií //sk jednodielovka pre špeciálneho človeka

  • Yesterday (Jednodielovka)
    115 30 1

    We found the end of world yesteday.