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  • Torn Between Two Halves Of Myself (Fairy Tail fanfic)
    18K 728 15

    Sasha was only 14 when Natsu had found her, rescued her and brought her back to Fairy Tail where before she knew it, she became a member of the family. However, everything changed when Sasha's best friends left to take the S class exam, not returning until 7 years later. But 7 years is a long time, and during that tim...

  • From Dusk...To Dawn - Sequel to 'Into the Sweet Darkness'
    30.3K 1.4K 17

    Sequel to "Into the Sweet Darkness - Aizen Sousuke Love Story" ***SPOILER!!!!!**** This sequel is based on the Bleach Manga after the Anime has ended. Those who haven't read the Manga have been warned!!! It somewhat follows the plot so I don't want to ruin the suspense of anyone who hasn't read the Manga! Read at your...

  • Don't Lose Hope. Sequel II. Sting x OC. [ON HOLD!]
    42.5K 1.1K 30

    The Sequel and the Second Book of "Don't Forget Me. Sting x OC" is finally here! After two good weeks and the completion of the finale of the last book... we will now know of what happened to Sting and the rest of Fairy Tail, after the fatal accident of their loved one. Will they ever find her?! Will something happen...

  • Shackles to Silver (Hakuryuu x OC)
    22.2K 988 18

    Layali Asyah's past is littered with violence, pain, and terror from the time she was taken from her Kingdom to her many years as a slave. And finally, she has been freed. Along with her dear friend, Morgiana, she transforms her tarnished shackles into shining silver bracelets as she journeys along with the Magi, Al...

  • Attracted to Your Darkness. Ayato Kirishima x OC. [On HOLD]
    1.3K 31 5

    Miyako Akagi. A double agent of both the CCG Ghoul Investigator and part of the Anteiku cafe in Ward 20, where her heart belongs and remains in. After coming back for a visit from her work, she comes back home to see her friends and a couple of new faces that she has yet to meet. Until one day an accident happened...

  • He Makes The Stars Shine Brighter [Sting x Reader] || First Book
    471K 14.4K 76

    //BEFOREHAND: 》i don't own fairy tail, all i own is this book and its plot. i created the cover but the picture i used does not belong to me!! i'll give credit where credit is due; all credits go to their respectful owner. 》warning! the use of foul language is very frequent in this book and it also contains scenes ina...

  • The Fires of Blood [A Fairy Tail Fan Fiction]
    4.9K 136 23

    Seika Dragneel is the fraternal twin sister of Natsu Dragneel. They were both raised by Igneel to become dragon slayers; But, the day when Igneel disappeared they journeyed to Fairy Tail. Everything was looking up until the day Seika and her best friend, Lisanna, died. Or did they? ~~I do not own Fairy Tail, only my...

  • Don't Forget Me. Sting x OC. ♡ [Completed]
    338K 8.4K 61

    3 months have passed ever since the S-Mage Trial Exam at Tenrou Island and since Natsu, Erza, Gray, Lucy, Wendy, Happy, Carla and everyone else who have vanished into thin air. The guild of Fairy Tail back in Magnolia, were trying to suppress their sadness of their lost comrades, hoping that they would come back and a...

  • The Red Queen {K Project} Discontinued
    51.1K 1.7K 14

    "So you're this Red Queen we've heard about? You're a beauty, that damn Red King has been hogging you all to himself. Or he was.. where did you go?'' The leader questioned Akari with a smirk. "Well I think we may have to have fun with the little girl that's not listening." He snickered along with the rest of his gang...

  • Mystogan X OC
    31.8K 770 48

    Just a story of our lovely Myst. Obvi, based on title, it's no longer being worked on. It sucks.

  • I Dream for the Pain I Live for - A Pain/ Pein Love story-
    72.1K 2.5K 29

    As a child Mika always dreamed in becoming a powerful ninja. But what happens when she falls in love with the wrong person? Will she leave her brother, and friends? (Book II Pain's Dreamer)

  • Into the Sweet Darkness - Aizen Sousuke Love Story
    257K 8.9K 57

    Power. That was what Aizen Sousuke wanted. The one word which was enough to make people swarm to it like delicate butterflies to a tempting burning flame. Aizen Sousuke. The one name that brought both fear and anger to many that walked the endless boundary of the human and spirit world. Spiritual Pressure. The one th...

  • White Devil
    10.3K 437 15

    Shougo Makishima had a reason for all what he did. His childhood. You were the one. His love for you was his reason. His love for you alone. He didn't mind what they did to him, but he didn't tolerate what they did to you, even if it was just the same. His intentions weren't of evil, and you knew that. You knew his r...

  • Jessie Celestia (A Sting Eucliffe x OC FanFic)
    78K 2K 14

    Jessie Celestia, a rare 19-year old multi-magic user, returns to Fairy Tail after hearing Fairy Tail won the Grand Magic Games against SaberTooth. Jessie hasn't been home for 8 years, so everyone, especially Team Natsu, is ecstatic, but they're not the only one. Sting Eucliffe, the new SaberTooth Master, decides to...

  • A New Universe
    48.2K 1.9K 20

    Reader-chan ends up in the world of Fairy Tail. With only a guitar on her back, she must learn to survive in the new world....two years before Natsu and the others return from Tenrou Island. Eventual Sting x Reader. 36,000 words.

  • Babysitting Dragon Slayers (A NaLu GaLe MirAxus RoWen RoYu Sting Eucliffe x OC FanFic)
    160K 5.2K 30

    One day, the Dragon Slayers decide to drink their sorrow away as the anniversary of their dragons leaving passes. Even Wendy and Laxus decide to join in! The next day, something terrible, yet cute, happens to them. Can they reverse it? Or will they stay as kids forever? Until then, it's time to babysit! *Inspired...