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  • Time Shift (Camren)
    297K 13.2K 27

    What would you do to fix the past? Meet Cameron Jauregui-Cabello. When a series of unexplained events alters time and threatens all he knows, he'll come from the future to save his family.

  • Cinderella (Camren)
    70.5K 2.1K 15

    With a wicked stepmother and two jealous stepsisters who keep her enslaved and in rags, Camila stands no chance of attending the royal ball. When her fairy godmother appears and magically transforms her reality into a dream come true, Camila enchants the beautiful Princess Lauren at the ball, but must face the wrath o...

  • Division I (camren)
    19.6K 844 5

    Camila Cabello surprised the entire football fan system when she became the University of Florida's starting quarterback- the first girl quarterback to ever play in a college league. Not only is she catching eyes all around the stadium, but also one specific girl: Lauren Jauregui.

  • Suicidal Love (Camren)
    31.6K 956 16

    "It isn't suicide, It's called love." she said as she pulls the trigger. Warning: Suicidal

    Completed   Mature
  • Bruised and Broken (Camren)
    46.4K 1.5K 21

    Camila is bruised. Her past is nothing short of terrifying. At only 17 years old she's been through more hell than anyone could possibly imagine, and her ordeal leaves her fragile and incredibly insecure in herself. Lauren is broken. She slipped into the damaging world of substance abuse and finds herself constantly...

  • Black Converse (Camren AU)
    68.1K 2.8K 5

    Lauren and Camila live in a tiny, lame, one-room apartment, the best they could afford. They shower together, to save water. They share a medium sized bed, using each other's body heat as a solution to cold nights, because they can't afford fixing the heating. But is there anything more between them than simply using...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Sound of An Angel
    30.5K 1.4K 1

    based on: "Is there a one shot where Camren is a canon but like camila is deaf and lauren has learnt sign language but camila gets one of those ear devices that allow her to hear for the first time and the first thing lauren says is "I love you" and it's the first time camila has heard her voice and those words and sh...

  • Test Subjects (Camren)
    4.1M 67.5K 32

    Lauren & Camila, struggling with their sex life in their marriage, offer to be test subjects for a therapist's new book 30 Ways in 30 Days. 5HFanfiction

    Completed   Mature
  • Who Should I Choose? (Camren/You)
    75K 2.1K 44

    ~ A Y/N/Camren Story ~ You've been in an almost perfect relationship for the past two years with a girl named Camila Cabello. You use the word almost because you know very little about her family. All you know is she has a dad, step-mom, and a step-sister whom she doesn't see or speak to. After getting into a heated...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Best Friend and The Badass. || Lauren/You
    285K 10.6K 47

    Camila Cabello, she is the head cheerleader but she isn't a rude person like every cheerleader in the movies, she's actually a really loving person who has a kind heart. She's also very clumsy and really funny. She is Y/N's best friend, they have been best friends since they were three years old, so they basically kno...

    Completed   Mature
  • Not In That Way - Lauren Jauregui/You *in editing*
    257K 6.4K 29

    Feelings are a bitch and you seem to be feeling's worst enemy. lauren/you

  • Animal (OneShot)- Lauren/You
    6.1K 370 1

    I watched her go insane -- Cover: @SLOTHTATO

  • This Isn't Love ➳ Camila/You
    189K 7.5K 26

    "Not everyone who's married is happy." Camila spoke softly with a glint in her eyes, leaving her words with no closure. Yet, she hoped someone would take the time to decipher the meaning behind her words. "You won't believe what happens behind closed doors."

    Completed   Mature
  • We're Too Different [Camila/You]
    160K 5.6K 25

    You are the school's best soccer player, you have a lot of friends and you're the most popular person in school. You are dating Lauren Jauregui a.k.a the cheerleader captain. You were roaming around the halls until you bumped into a small brunette girl who caught your eye. You're intrigued by her and you find yourself...

    Completed   Mature
  • Road to Recovery (camila/you)
    267K 9K 31

    Camila/You story Y/N and Camila has been best friends since Kindergarten and they've been inseparable. When Camila auditions for the X-Factor, their friendship falls apart. Years later, how will Y/N react when an unexpected reunion happens upon each other? Will sparks fly or extinguish? cover creds; @slothtato

    Completed   Mature
  • Ease || Camila/You
    83.8K 2.9K 18

    You are a young writer and when you get an internship at the New York Times, everything in your life is perfect. But when you get invited to an art exhibit by the one and only, Camila Cabello, you bump into an girl. But little did you know, that girl would change your life.

  • Camila/You - Teach Me
    567K 16.4K 20

    Summary : You are a high school student, about to start your last high school year. You are the kind of student that is popular, confident and that every body wants to have or to be. On the first day of school you meet a chocolate brown eyed girl, which you assume is a new student, lost in the school's hallway and you...

  • I See You. (Camren)
    510K 16.2K 49

    I turn my head as I hear a car honking, then I heard a scream and people shouting, and that's when I saw her, the little girl standing in the middle of the road, she could have only have been three years old, her eyes wide open as she stares at the car racing towards her, I glance at the car and see the panic on the d...

    Completed   Mature
  • It's Only Money
    195K 3.5K 30

    What happens when a drunken Camila accidentally stumbles into Lauren's apartment?

  • Ain't That a Kick in the Head (Camren)
    247K 6.3K 21

    On an abrupt, ill-advised vacation from Los Angeles, Camila trips right into Lauren Jauregui, a local shop owner in faded red shorts. It starts with surfboards and a jellyfish sting. Camren AU.

  • Feels Like Heaven (CAMREN)
    109K 4.2K 27

    Camila Cabello, a dedicated doctor in San Francisco, had almost no time for anything. When her sister with two kids set her up on a date, she gets into a tragic car crash and gets in a coma. Meanwhile, a widowed lesbian and landscape architect named Lauren Jauregui moves into San Francisco and coincidentally, into Ca...

  • unheard voicemails ➢ camren
    87.8K 3K 20

    "If you won't answer my calls, will you listen to my voicemails instead?" \\ COVER MADE BY SMOKINGWITHMARLEY © Copyright, All Rights Reserved by softlmj. 2015.

  • The Good Samaritan(Camren gxg)
    546K 17.1K 29

    Camila Cabello is a NYU student that works in a lesbian bar at night. She used to enjoy her part time job, until a men's bar opens up across the street, making leaving work more dangerous than it should be. After being preyed on by a pair of drunk men that have a interest in Fixing her, she is saved by a green eyed go...

    Completed   Mature
  • (i think) there's a flaw in my code | camren
    284K 9.7K 8

    Camila wins a radio contest and gets to spend a week with the world's newest rising popstar: Lauren Jauregui.

  • Twitter DM's - fifth harmony
    3.3M 130K 201

    DinahJ: yo waddup

  • I'm Português (Camren)
    38.1K 1.2K 4

    Camila uses Português to speak to Dinah about the mysterious and hot new girl in class. Will Lauren ever find out what Camila is saying about her? And yeah, I know Dinah's not Português but just go with it :D And I'm so sorry to all the Português readers. It's not my first language so sorry about the mistakes. Publis...

  • Laundry Room (Camren)
    24.1K 510 1

    What happens when Camila walks in on her roommate pleasuring herself using the washing machine? Basically Lauren's sexually frustrated by Camila and Camila whipped af Published: October 2016 Vote/Comment/Share!! -D

    Completed   Mature
  • We Came Dressed As Clexa (Camren)
    9.5K 419 2

    Lauren can't get any hot girls to hook up with her because apparently there's a 'Clarke' at her own party which people think she's with. Who is this girl? And why did she come dressed up as the love interest of the character Lauren's in? I really wanted to do Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy but I could find a good camren...

  • Impaired Judgement [Camila/You/Lauren]
    53.8K 1.9K 21

    "Camila's a damn mortal, she can't do the things I can. She'll break if you touch her the wrong way and she'll cry if you say something wrong but I won't. You and I, we're different from each other in many ways but opposites attract and you know it." "Lauren's a vampire, I can't compete. She's stronger and smarter but...

    Completed   Mature