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  • Bad boy (Kevin Alston)
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  • NlmbQueenB
    48.3K 1.2K 25

    This story is a bout a Girl Named Nyarie(NyNy) and her Nolimit Brothers. As you guys Should know Nlmb (150 dream Team) insists Of Mally, doowop, Kobe ,kyro ,Lil Bibby, And Lil herb, Etc. In this book it concludes of the hard cold life they live .Gangs,shootings, And career wise. This is the story of the hard cold lov...

  • lil durk and nya
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  • I feel in love with the bad guy ( A Lil Durk Story)
    37.3K 996 25

    No description . Read to find out

  • Destined
    4.1K 174 8

    Amberlynn is secretly crushing on her best friend. They've been together since they were in kindergarten. She is now in the 10th grade and wants to tell him. Will she be able to do it without jeopardizing their relationship?

  • The Babysitter (Tbd fanfic)
    18.5K 1K 21

    Omari is just a girl, looking for a job.

  • See You Again
    2K 102 3

    YN & Kevin were the best of friends since diapers. They've grown up together all through middle school. After 3 long school years they graduate. Somehow they just split and never spoke to each other again. Then highschool begins and they're freshmeat

  • Hoping to Understand
    6.1K 272 8

    Have you ever gotten bullied? For no apparent reason? Well I have. By the one and only, Daniel Veda. - As you can see Daniel and Genesis have a strong hatred for each other. And I mean VERY strong. But what happens when Daniel is extremly injured? To the point where he can't come to school. To the point where he can'...

  • The Stalked, The Loved and The Reflection
    10.7K 795 27

    It's a new year and Madison promises to her best friend Vanessa and herself that she'll talk to her four year crush, Devin. When shopping for a gift to go along with her confession, she is given a free hand held mirror. As ordinary as it looks, it contains the power to "watch over" one person you desire's every move...

  • Distress
    28.4K 1.3K 33

    "Baby girl, baby girl." [all rights reserved to flxwerjay]

  • Lost In Love ( Devin Story)
    23.3K 1.2K 26

    She fell in love, but never knew his huge secret.....

  • Desires of The Heart:Devin Gordon
    75.7K 2.4K 37

    My name is Maria Josephine La Rose. I was born in France but raised in the city of New York. One word that describes me... WORKAHOLIC, yeah I'm addicted; But who knew that a little latte incident would change my whole life ? get me hooked on a new drug? What drug? Love. His kisses drive me insane... the feeling of ant...

  • tbd
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  • Daddy's little thug
    479 17 11

    This story is about kokane shyste's daughter. Back round: kokane shyste is a big drug lord in Brooklyn New York. He is one of the most fierceful persons ever. He was in a gang know as g-stone 90's also known as gs9. I don't know if he does have a daughter as I am saying this is a fanfic.

  • The_Bomb_Digz: "Secret"
    8.7K 430 10

    What happens when 3 new boys come to Raquel, Kalyn and Jazmine's school? What will people think? Does anyone know their secret? Find out in The_Bomb_Digz: "Secret"

  • Adopted by the bomb digz?!
    27.7K 891 16

    Cassandra Ramirez is just another teen orphan but not for long. She's madly in love with the new boy band the bomb digz. She's been to multiple orphanages but doesn't seem to fit in. But that all changes when she gets adopted by and unknown person. Continue reading adopted by the bomb digz ❤️ May 22nd 2015 copyright...

    4.2K 214 16

  • Gizzy Imagines
    22.2K 522 12

    Just some small stories about my faves The Bomb Digz

  • Those Boys (The Bomb Digz)
    4.2K 163 10

    This book is about a girl Chelsea From Harlem and 3 special boys who help her overcome obstacles throught everything .

  • TBD
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    1.4K 58 9

  • Unexpected love (a bomb digz story)
    8.6K 287 9

    This is a story about a girl named Alana was never noticed until he happened

  • I saved his life (Tbd Fanfiction)
    51K 2.6K 56

    Omari and her best friend Kianna are true fans of The Bomb Digz. They have supported them, and even wanted to meet them. But they did meet them, and it's in one of the most oddest ways possible.

  • Exorcismo
    9.1K 407 4

    An exorcism was performed to a teenager in the 1960's but it failed. Only one person survived after the raging and powerful demons reduced the church to ashes. Fifty years later, a school was built in that place... But demons never left the site and the rite must be finished to expel them away. Story created after Th...

  • One Wish [Heavy Editing]
    5.6K 362 12

    "Let it go, Lanie. He's gone and there's nothing you can do about it." 'H e ' s . . . g o n e . . . ' "No he's not. I just talked to him." I replied calmly Rae looked at me in complete and utter shock. "See ya!" _ He's alive and perfectly fine. Dead? Devin? n o p e . . . I giggled and went to class, the students s...

    19.9K 776 17

    Deafened by the silence and blinded by the darkness in the trunk of this blue Beatle car. Unknown of its location,scared, alone ,naked and cold as I felt the blood running through my veins."Help" i groaned as I heard murmurs approaching. Caroline a small town country girl rejected by everyone especially her parents wh...

  • Loving w/o limits
    8.9K 436 35

    Interesting story (((:

  • The Bomb Digz: Tour Life Love
    667 19 1

    Kimora Kcorrahs, daughter of New York's best promoter and #1 club owner has always had to play a role that was much greater than someone of her age usually does which caused neglect to her fan girl that yerns to be released after an encore worthy performance at her dad's club "Ruby Kisses", by New York's top selling a...