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  • The Curse Of the Rose
    1.5K 307 43

    They say it's a gift to see into the past...but I find it tragic...not being able to change it is just torture. But now I can change it...affect it in a way no one else ever could...

  • Wayne
    1.5K 71 17

    Who is the man behind the bat? This story focuses on the personal life of Gotham's most eligible bachelor, Bruce Wayne. Most specifically, his romantic personal life. WARNING! GRAPHIC SEXUAL CONTENT

  • Dalliance
    7.8K 368 65

    The year is 1786. Holly Miller is a sixteen year old bride to the son of the most powerful family in all of Seralake. Imaging her life to be a perfect string of bliss, she is truly mistaken and quickly discovers the secrets of the Auvere family. Stuck in a loveless vow, she turns to her best friend since childhood, Da...

  • Good Books
    11 2 1

    This is about books that I have read or am in the middle of reading and what I think of them. first one ~ FAN FIC (once upon a time)

  • Savages
    113K 4.3K 41

    Margaret "Maggie" has had the last straw with her abusive and domestically violent husband. When the night is at its darkest, she executes a plan of escape with her trusted friend, and maid, Beth. Taking passage upon a ship, an unknown storm ambushes the small vessel and they are tossed onto unknown soil. Margaret f...

  • TEEN Hotline
    134 8 3

    Here's how it works: Each chapter is dedicated to a specific teen problem and begins with a small excerpt and a quote having to do with said problem. Below is where you comment your stories, questions, or comments if you want to relay your story, help others, or need help. Under NO circumstances will any harmful words...

  • Diary of a Sociopath
    1.8K 79 34

    Lincoln Allen appears to be the most gentle person in existence. How people describe him? He wouldn't-couldn't even hurt a fly. But underneath it a man who thrives off the darkness he must fight to keep hidden around those in his life. But one woman in particular changes him-makes his emotions real, makes him...

  • In Blood
    566 62 23

    Violet Skeller returns to her hometown after ten years to settle the affairs of her aunt's estate. But as new murders surface, she is targeted by the killer, and is forced to stay so other lives are not taken... And complications of the heart does nothing but complicate things...

  • Teen Survival Guide 2015
    6.8K 465 41

    Being a teen is one of the most difficult things you will experience your entire life. This is a survival guide on how to deal with things such as relationships (long distance, being official, etc.) to things such as bullies, depression, pretty much anything to do with being a teen and/or young adult. This is written...

  • A Lady's Preference
    79.2K 2.4K 41

    RATED MATURE AngelicProductions 2016

  • Inhale
    5K 188 23

    Escaping from captivity after five years, Mara is desperate for help and knocks anxiously on the door of an unknowing old-classmate. Emo peer, Ace, helps her and she soon finds he becomes a great ally as those who kidnapped her are now after her. As if that was not enough of a problem, everything in her life has chang...

  • Frozen heart (chapter one)- A Once Upon a Time (captain swan fanfiction)
    395K 9.6K 79

    It has been a month since the latest drama unfolded in Storybrooke. This story takes off after the third season finale. Leave reviews and comments to let me know what you want :) please be kind :) vote, comment, and share :)

  • Madeline
    5.9K 385 53

    After her father's sudden death, baby Madeline is collected by the men who raided his ship and raised as their own. As she grows older, she is raised in a rich family with very little worries aside from the fact they give her one rule: "Never go toward the water". They do this so she does not find the dangerous outsid...

  • The Diary of A King's Mistress
    23.5K 760 42

    Graceanna Hathaway is an extremely beautiful and clever young woman that has been traded from her family's safe home to a strange castle hosted by a cruel King. With an intelligent mind and seductive powers, she entices the naive and desiring King. But one night a mysterious and seductive stranger asks for her help an...

  • The Untold Story of Cleopatra
    14.6K 427 64

    (c)2015 You know her as one of the most influential queens of all time. You may know about her suicide along her lover and husband Mark Antony, or for being the Egyptian seductress she was. But there was a life before she became this legend...and you are about to discover the romances, the sacrifices, and the loss of...

  • Down the Hall, To the Right
    2.8K 171 41

    1940s, Germany. Young and beautiful Grace Adler has just become a young adult when the Nazis come after her family due to their religious choice. Separated from her family, she is forced to fend for herself. Enduring their evil and horrid torture methods, forced to listen to the screams of those who were not so fortun...

  • Illicit
    257K 7.1K 53


    Completed   Mature
  • Irresistible(A Jennifer and Colin fan fiction)Once upon a time/captain swan
    92.7K 5.8K 69

    Jennifer Morrison thinks her life is perfect. That is until Colin comes along. The newest member of the cast-the sexy Irish man he is, he sweeps her off her feet. But dangers lurk in the dark shadows. A dangerous man with a gun and an obsession. Will they survive? Or will his jealousy recast the male character in his...

  • Psychotic
    1.1K 101 31

    What if one day you awoke in an asylum with no memory of how you got there or why? This happened to the beautiful yet naive recently-orphaned heiress Olivia Pierra. She begins to discover the darkness that lurks in the corners of the Ichor Asylum in England. And soon finds herself torn in a triangle of a love between...

  • Duplicitous
    4.3K 172 43

    A seemingly innocent from the outside, Nick Robinson always felt isolated. That is until he meets Ashley Benedict. A quiet girl herself, she is taken by the mysterious Nick but is unaware of his dark side and just what it entails.... MATURE for sexual content, language, and adult themes as well as scenes of violence.

  • Kissed by Ashes
    508 91 16

    Cecelia Darcy is the most beautiful girl in all of Italy and married to the ruler of Italy during 79 A.D. During one of her husband's Colosseum fights, she finds a servant of his who is named Brecklin Davis. Very attractive, sweet, but shy, they begin a friendship as she finds he is the only one who does not pressure...

  • Holmes: The Kismet Trail
    259 61 20

    Reeling after the death of his beloved Irene, Sherlock Holmes throws himself into his work and assisting Scotland Yard in anyway he can. As he no longer has Watson to lean on, as he is raising his newborn alongside his wife and taking a vacation from his job for some time, he finds himself alone. That is until he me...

  • In Love With a Serial Killer
    305K 10.2K 62

    Impressionable Savannah "Vannah" has had a rough life. Neglected, forced to grow up young, and distant from her peers aside from two friends who seem more keen on popularity than friendship. But everything starts to change when she meets Nick. He changes her life completely. He makes her see that her life is more than...

  • My Dominant, My Fifty Shades
    257K 7K 30

    I was fresh out of high school when I met him. He was everything a girl could ever dream of; tall and handsome but mysterious which made him even more alluring. He was a good man with a wounded past. Neglected as a child, then adopted by a seemingly perfect family, Vincent Chadwick, was my oxygen. Sine the first momen...

    Completed   Mature
  • Prey
    18.8K 569 32

    Bridgett Thomas was the typical teen girl until the night her entire world changed; the night she was raped. This set her world spiraling out of control as she tries to keep a grip on reality with any escape she can. While she just can't seem to escape the man who changed her life... Angelic Productions 2016

  • Vainglory
    683 120 40

    She was a damned soul in an angelic body with a reputation so vile it is nearly unbelievable. Existing in a castle and brought up from nobility, her legacy was one of great horror. Elizabeth Bathory, the Blood Countess took the lives of at least sixty young girls just so keep her "appearance" young. She believed by ba...