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  • My Brother's Roommate
    13.2M 206K 21

    ***** MATURE CONTENT**** WARNING!! RATED R 18+ only This is a short, to the point book. I didn't want a lot of background and details. Just a satisfying quick read He is the definition of sex. Dark features, gauged ears, tattoos, and attitude. He makes my body come alive with just his eyes. I wonder what he could do...

    Completed   Mature
  • Resist; Vampire Knight (COMPLETED)
    140K 5.2K 42

    Enter: Misa Hideyoki. Pureblood? Check. Well acquainted with Kaname? Check. One of the most beautiful Purebloods that ever set foot into this world. Misa and Kaname go way back. You could say, they were basically close childhood friends but in reality they were more than that. Unfortunately, they had to part ways. Now...

  • Bittersweet Rejection (Werewolf Novel)
    480K 2.8K 4

    Bond is a connection Fates made them for a reason Even despite the rejection Alyssa Carlton Alyssa was recognized Omega the first time she failed to shift at the age of 10 years old while her younger twin, Isabella shifted at the same age in this strong yellow gold wolf. Coming from an average family but of no Omega b...

  • Forever Dark | A VK Fanfic
    97.1K 2.4K 31

    16-year old Pureblood Vampire Mitsuki Kobayashi is still traumatized by the events that happened 2 years ago. Her younger brother Kaito Kobayashi being murdered by Rido Kuran right in front of her eyes. After that day, the Kobayashi family went into hiding for two years. They stayed in their residence for 2 years. Fo...

  • The Vampire's Love
    42K 1.8K 21

    A Vampire Knight fanfiction, but don't worry, I don't think you need to have watched it to read this. You can just enjoy a good vampire book. A year ago Rosaline's life changed forever. Her parents were murdered by a vampire. Now, she lives at Cross Academy, where the Day Class is full of humans and the Night Class is...

  • Pure Blood Princess Alexis Vampire Knight
    325K 11.3K 50

    Book 1 Alexis is Kaname kuran best friend who is a pure blood like him comes to cross academy from France. No one knows she is coming except Kaname and the headmaster. What will the others do when they see her? (I only own Alexis and the rest belong to the maker of Vampire Knight) Copy rights

  • New Girl, New Love (Kaname Kuran x Reader)
    111K 3.1K 14

    (H/C) hair flowing in the wind, (E/C) eyes that could stare into his soul, she was the only person who could actually open him up. Yes, he loved her. With all of his heart.

  • We were Forced to marry
    9.4K 243 14

    Athena Kuran was forced to marry Kaname when they were twelve. It was unfair to both of them. Even though she was forced to marry him she does her best to keep him happy. What happens when Yuki awakens and Kaname gose with her.what will happen when he finds out Athena is Pregnant with his child. Everything is turned u...

    Completed   Mature
  • Our Bloodbond| Kaname Kuran x reader
    1.2M 38.9K 84

    (Y/n) Kuran is the youngest of the Kuran's and also the most hated and powerful. What happens if one day she has enough of it and decides to run away. (First story I have ever made so please go easy on me)

  • Do you really love me? (kaname/zero x reader)
    7.3K 307 21

    This story is great btw gimme some requests for assasination classroom lemon one shots

    Completed   Mature
  • Evan Peters x Reader Lemon
    20.7K 217 1

    Requested by Maddie sorry it took so long hope you enjoy

  • Brothers Conflict Imagines
    4.1K 52 2

    Have you ever dreamed of becoming the new step-sister/lover of Asahina brothers and replace Chi-chan? If yes, this is the best sh*t for you. Ahem. I mean, the best book for you. This is dedicated to my fellow die hard BroCon fans also to those who just wants some smut and dirtiness *winks* This one-shots may or may no...

  • Kaname Kuran x Reader {LEMON}
    10.9K 128 1

    You are new to the Night class and Kaname calls you to his room.

    Completed   Mature
  • ️Benjamin Bruce Short Imagines
    9.8K 261 10

    Each chapter is a different scenario about you and Ben. Some contain smut, however the majority of them don't. I hope you all enjoy them!

  • Beautiful Creature (a Chris motionless fan fiction)
    240K 11.2K 154

    Paris is a 17 year old girl who is being transferred to a college also known as Blair Performing Arts School. One of the only performing arts schools In Pennysalvania. She is forced to go to college by her so called father and mother who kicked her out of the house for looking the ways she does, they say she is a emba...

    Completed   Mature
  • Exorcismo
    9K 400 4

    An exorcism was performed to a teenager in the 1960's but it failed. Only one person survived after the raging and powerful demons reduced the church to ashes. Fifty years later, a school was built in that place... But demons never left the site and the rite must be finished to expel them away. Story created after Th...

  • sassy zodiac
    5.5M 284K 185

    a collection of the most useless astrological shit ever [ highest ranking - #1 YAS B ]

  • Chasing Crow (Andy Biersack Love Story) [COMPLETED] {1}
    1.7M 55.7K 62

    FIRST BOOK IN THE "Chasing Crow" SERIES Niki finds a strange cat outside of her apartment one rainy night. She takes the cat in and takes care of it, not realizing it belongs to a certain celebrity. What will happen when she goes to return the cat?