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  • I Found It On My Lawn
    469 51 5

    I was mowing my lawn with the blade set to toad killer when I noticed it. Thinking nothing, I slipped it into my pocket and forgot about it... Until they showed up looking. It wasn't my fault, it had just appeared, but it became my odd adventure. __________ A light space comedy.

  • The White Room
    290 14 1

    A fun-loving, gambling man ends up getting more than he bargained for when he makes a deal with a mysterious stranger on the streets of Las Vegas.

  • The Little Robot: A Short Story
    4.7K 149 1

    Stranded on a barren planet, a silent but sentient little robot tries to understand his true purpose from the man who built him, the sole survivor from a downed spacecraft.

  • From the Moon: Home
    173 5 1

    A daredevil performs his last jump: a leap into space. Everything has been planned out and prepped, but the universe has a way of waylaying us all.

  • Totaled: A Near-future Sci-fi Short
    32.4K 754 3

    Neuroscientist Margaret Hauri has two children to raise, and she's on the cusp of a scientific breakthrough. There's just one problem. She's dead. Length: 5,000 words, a short story Genre: near future hard SF, drama Market: written for adults (no sex, no violence, mild/moderate profanity) TOTALED originally appeared...

  • A Little Known Fact About Ducks
    2.9K 176 9

    A collection of shorts, some to make you think, some to make you smile. Hopefully I will be adding to this from time to time.

  • Short Stories by Hugh Howey
    133K 1.7K 9

    A collection of short stories by Hugh Howey

  • Burning Alexandria
    1.3K 48 1

    Irwin Gilbert is a hoarder, a bookworm, and after a cosmic event leaves the earth void of all electricity, the owner of what might be the world's largest remaining cache of novels. Irwin has a dilemma, however, the world has turned cold and he has no idea how long it will last. When faced with freezing to death, can h...

  • Greener Grass
    50.7K 478 2

    HE WANTED TO ESCAPE HIS PROBLEMS. HE WANTED TO SEE THE FUTURE. HE NEVER CONSIDERED WHAT THE FUTURE WANTED. Confronted with suffering a painful death from cancer, Dan Sturges, a retired Ford’s engineer, foregoes treatments to try an idea of his own. After reading a theoretical article in Scientific American on time di...

  • The Ones Who Went Left
    2.9K 103 1

    When an alien race makes first contact with humans, they kill the adults and take the children hostage. But why? And what ever happened to those unfortunate children who went left?

  • Sunflowers
    2.3K 65 1

    After a cataclysmic disaster, the leader of a group of survivors decides to reveal a secret that could change the course of their very existence.

  • Printcrime
    425K 661 1

  • The Book Reader
    7.6K 211 1

    An elderly collector of second-hand books wrestles with his unusual ability to "read" the lives of his books' previous owners... and with one unique book he can't seem to read.

  • ...
    28.1K 735 1

  • Future Developments
    2.8K 97 1

    A boy buys a mysterious camera which takes strange photographs of another time. [Written in 2008].

  • An Infinity of Stars - SF Smackdown
    7K 289 6

    Science Fiction / Short Story : Evolution never stops, the races of man have changed, have fought bitter wars and built cities on the moon. But where can they go next? The only limit is your own imagination... This short compilation of stories was done for a Science Fiction Smackdown in the Pub - I won =] Each story...

  • TGIF
    174K 3.7K 2

    Sophie is the love of Damien's life, she's kind, funny, caring and beautiful. One Friday, during their weekly trip to the pier to ride the ferris wheel, Damien saves Sophie's life - grabbing hold of her seconds before she plummets to her death. To Damien's horror, he wakes up the next day and it's still Friday. Then t...

  • ~ Blink ~
    153K 2.8K 1

    [NOVEL COMING SOON!] Dot is a young boy with a very unique outlook on the world. Note: some people will find this hard to read, but please stick with it because it pays off in the end. [#1 Science Fiction - 10/01/12].

  • Remember
    94.3K 2K 1

    What if we were all connected in some way? Across time? Across space?

  • Like Clockwork
    1.2K 29 1

    Always hoping for something outlandish to happen just to break the monotony of his uneventful existence, Josh has begun to suspect that his boss is not quite human.