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  • Silently fearful
    3.1K 161 20

    Connie the strong independent clinical lead. Who shuts everyone out despite having the roughest 18 months if her life, nearly loosing her daughter after the crash, losing Jacob and then her battle with cancer. All those things she took in her stride refusing to give in, she picked herself up and carried on and tonight...

  • Convicted
    2.3K 179 19

    There's an unexpected murder in Holby City, and all evidence points to the one and only Connie Beauchamp. Sentenced to a lifetime in jail, with no chance of parole, can Connie fight for her innocence, or must she accept the terrible consequences for a murder that she swears she did not commit? A/N: Most of my stories...

    Completed   Mature
  • Mistake
    11.7K 472 25

    On their wedding day, Connie disappeared without uttering a word to anyone...

  • Limited Edition
    12.2K 424 23

    I've decided to write another story about Connie and Jacob. I have recently been writing "Suspicion" but I haven't really had the inspiration to carry on with the story. I have gotten the inspiration from the new Casualty spoilers for Christmas!

  • Spin The Bottle
    3.5K 101 6

    The members of Staff at Holby ED embark on a game of spin the bottle, but what will it bring? Will love blossom for anyone?

  • Temptation
    6.6K 147 16

    Mature contents throughout!

    Completed   Mature
  • Love Affair
    6.9K 195 14

    Connie and Sam are together, but he hurts Connie physically and emotionally even when he says he loves her, but unbeknown to Sam, Connie's heart belongs to a certain staff nurse at the ED. Includes scenes of domestic violence.

  • Acquainted
    2.4K 92 5

    Inspired by The Weeknd's Acquainted, this story explores Connie and Jacob's growing relationship.

  • Blended Family
    15.5K 614 42

    This is Jonnie fanfic for casualty. Jacob has a 2 year old daughter called Jessica (jessie). Jessie's mum died while giving birth and that has left a massive impact on Jessie. When Jacob meets Connie all he wants is for them to be together. He knows Connie has a daughter who is 8 so wasn't as worried about Jessie but...

  • Dinner Date - Jonnie (A Casualty Fanfic)
    1.8K 57 4

    After a hard day in the ED, Connie and Jacob finally go on their first date. This is just a fanfic I made about Connie and Jacob's date which takes place just after tonight's episode of Casualty (Silence Speaks). Just to clarify the plot of this story is made up, the only bit that actually happens in Casualty is when...

  • Jonnie
    117K 3.7K 203

    One Shots of Connie and Jacob

    Completed   Mature
  • Needing to change
    4.5K 204 22

  • Jonnie oneshots
    10.7K 630 41

    As many of you loved my other jonnie fic thought id do a few oneshots for you and see what you think x Chlo x

  • Broken
    14.8K 552 40

    Little connie fic, might continue if people like it x

  • New Year's resolution
    4.6K 221 14

    The staff take it in turn to say their New Year's resolution

  • Easy
    3.4K 123 8

    Connie left for America leaving Jacob heartbroken. When she arrives back in Holby he's delighted, certain that he will finally admit how he feels, but he realises that it may not be that easy because she's already engaged.

  • Care to unwrap me ?
    996 36 2

    His bedroom door slammed closed as he pushed her up against it, making her wince as her spine hit off the door handle. That would probably leave a bruise in the morning. Gasping as he sucked her pulse point leaving a mark, she ran her hands through his hair tilting her head back to give him better access. But the need...

  • Blind Date
    7.1K 345 20

    A Jonnie ff

  • It Must Be Love - Jacob and Connie
    48.5K 956 57

    First piece of fanfiction so be nice please! Based on the events that happen in Casualty, but my fanfic don't necessarily correspond exactly to the show, or vice versa. I'm still a student, so my knowledge of medicine is not exactly the best, hence why the diagnosis and medicines used are all either from Google, or wh...

    Completed   Mature
  • Romance or Heartbreak?
    2.9K 131 10

    A CJ story! It's almost a year into their relationship, but are things really as happy as Connie and Jacob are making out they are?

  • Jonnie one shots
    11.7K 522 28

    It's Jacob's birthday...

  • Connie and Jacob oneshot
    397 9 1

    ..... Just a quick one shot Xx

  • Gone
    1K 43 3

    One day, she failed to turn up to work...

  • Baby
    20.3K 885 41

    When Jacob is left to look after her niece, Connie volunteers to help! Will this help the come closer? Will they confess their undying love for one another?

  • First of many
    8.6K 248 21

    When Connie has pushed Jacob away and blames herself can she really get him back ? Why did he leave ? Did Jacob do the correct thing will Connie forgive him or does Connie get devastating news that puts her relationship with Jacob under threat

  • Submissive
    42.8K 1K 57

    Constance Chase was the CEO of Holby Care, a private hospital that up until a year ago had once been part of Holby City hospital it's self. She wasn't usually one for chasing men, in fact they were usually head over heals for her. This was because she had never met a man who matched her on every level, who just like s...

  • Invitation
    6.3K 243 12

    Connie's house is flooded and has no where to go...

  • Like I'm gonna lose you
    2.5K 95 12

    A Connie and Jacob centred story. Connie has Jacob, another chance to love and let herself be loved, and now she has a second chance with Grace. But will she take it. Can Jacob break the walls built around her heart, can Connie let him into her heart in more ways than one, from love to telling him about her childhood...

  • Hope
    7.9K 299 21

    When Jacob gets engaged to Rainie, Connie is shattered. But will she admit her feelings before its to late?