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  • Moments (A Septiplier story)
    261K 11.2K 74

    Two ordinary boys, Jack and Mark, have known each other their entire lives. They both become famous through YouTube and many of their fans begin shipping them together. Eventually they discover that, maybe, they are perfect for each other.

  • Warfstaches and SepticEyes | A Septiplier Ship
    44.6K 1.8K 22

    Jack and Mark go to Indy Pop Con. Little do they know, they're watching one another as the other isn't looking. It ends up with Jack's flight being cancelled and him staying the night with Mark. What happens next??

  • The Darkest Part
    43.8K 2.3K 45

    Sean discovers an evil persona within him. He is scared to death of AntiSepticEye. Mark also is being taunted by Darkiplier. How? Darkiplier threatens to kill all 9 million of his fans or to kill Sean. Mark doesn't want any of that to happen. Mark and Sean fall in love, but it only makes things worse. Will Darkipl...

  • His Other Side (a septiplier fanfiction)
    1.3K 75 4

    WARNING! This book might make you rethink everything about Jacksepticeye. You have been warned. When Jack and Yami go to Los Angeles with Mark, they tackle something that has been fought over for a long time. Shipping. After a incident gone wrong, Jack returns home with a grudge in his heart and a sulk in his step. An...

  • Septiplier ❤️❤️❤️
    1.3K 49 7

    TOP OF THE MORNIN'TO YA LADDIES This is fangirl571 here, and I won't be doing my markxreader anymore, but I hope you guys stick around for some good ol' Septiplier! Ok this story is about my two favorite YouTubers Markiplier and Jacksepticeye falling for each other and yeah that's basically it, so enjoy and I WILL SEE...

  • Table 15
    302K 14.9K 30

    ✔ - Completed Sean (his friends call him Jack) is behind on his rent. YouTube hasn't been paying as well as he had hoped, and he's been forced to take on a part-time job. He found work at the Other Side Café and Bar, as a waiter. It's usually uneventful, until one day when one particular regular walks into the diner a...

  • Foreign Touch (Septiplier AU)
    257K 7.4K 51

    Sean McLoughlin is a new transfer student from Ireland. With a devastating past, him, his mother and sister fled to America. Will Sean be able to make friends at his new highschool? Will he be faced with the worried to relive his past? Would love bring a new hope? Would it replace broken memories and replace it with...

    Completed   Mature
  • Ever After
    1.1M 47.8K 64

    "His eyes - oh, God, his eyes - were an entirely different story. Staring into his eyes was like staring into the summer sky just before the sunset came, before the yellow, pink, and purple clouds came to fog up your vision. They were the definition of a cloudless sky, a clear river seen running through a wide field o...

  • Septicplier One-Shots
    121K 4.6K 47

    Simple oneshots of septiplier

  • youtuber's academy (septiplier)
    23.9K 673 23

    ((Don't give me credits for the cover, credits go to the original owner because I can't draw!)) Two popular YouTubers, Markiplier and Jacksepticeye, have been nothing but simple friends for the years they've discovered each other on YouTube (more so just realized one another existed). But, what they haven't realized i...

  • Booper Dooper
    22.8K 800 19

    (Deedly doo what's this? Oh. I seemed to have let my hand slip) Sean and Mark: the two lovable lets players had shared a strong friendship. Sean had been a bit new, seeing as Mark had been recording for quite some time, he had somehow ended up learning a lot from the long-term youtuber. Somehow, could things turn out...

  • Septiplier: One-shots
    1.3K 67 6

    Read DAS title!^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  • Didn't See Until Now (septiplier)
    95.9K 3K 24

    Jack though long and hard about everything. The sudden nervousness he gets around Mark, the way Mark makes him smile, marks laugh, and his eyes. His eyes, Jack loved them. The beautiful deep brown colored eyes that were hidden behind Mark's glasses enchanted Jack. He loved to be with Mark and he loved Mark, though he...

  • The Boy Next Door
    58.2K 2.9K 14

    Hi. I'm Mark Fichbach. I just moved to Ireland with my dad. I'm 16 and I know absolutely NO ONE here. But there is this one boy. He's really nice. His name is Jack. Or at least that's what everybody calls him. But I think I love him..

    Completed   Mature
  • Septiplier One Shots
    85.1K 3.8K 44

    ::DISCONTINUED:: All the Septiplier you've ever wanted. ©REBELREDRM

    Completed   Mature
  • A Dork To Call My Own (Jacksepticeye x Markiplier / Septiplier)
    4.1K 6 2

    Two months after Pax East, Sean and Mark are to be united again at YouTubeCon. When the two finally meet again, they realize how much they've been thinking about each other, and as they grow closer as friends, their hearts grow as well.

  • (Septiplier) Seeing each other again.
    1.6K 72 8

    A septiplier fan fiction that I hope they read, putting all my time and effort. Enjoy!

  • Maybe...
    1.1K 93 8

    Football was the source of Sean's happiness, he'd had football for as long as he remembers and it's the only thing that seems to make his dad seem somewhat interested in him. Back in elementary and high school Emily was the love of Sean's life, notice the word was. She left back at the end of high school and was not t...

  • -Love Isn't a Game- a Septiplier Fanfic
    4.8K 60 7


  • Seeking Grace
    2.7K 147 16

    I'm sorry but I fucking love this ship! (Slam dunks self into trash can) WHO DOESN'T LOVE THESE TWO?! So here's the actual summary! Jack and Mark have been in a relationship for a while now. Everyone who watches them knows it. But when something terrible happens, how will their relationship stay intact. Find out that...

  • Septiplier one shots
    56.3K 1.9K 19

    My favorite stories of my favorite pairing. Most of these are found on tumblr, and I will credit the authors. If you don't want your story on here, comment and I will gladly take it off for you.

  • Lemma (septiplier AU)
    5.5K 236 19

    Mark is a graduate from Berkeley and comes up with a strange invention. He calls his old room mate to show him his invention, but Jack makes a possibly life threatening mistake. (Based of the game Lemma)

  • How Did I Get A Guy Like You (Septiplier AU)
    40.9K 1.5K 24

    Jack is going to a new school in America and he meets a pretty interesting guy named Mark. But does he have feelings for Mark? Will Mark feel the same way? Will Marks friends even like Jack? Will Jack ever get his happy ending?

  • septicplier
    12.3K 371 25

    this is a septiplier fanfic. the beginning is very shitty. but as you read hopefully it gets better.if you want to start where the better writing is, skip to part 10. But there will still be some terrible parts and fiction moments.

  • Septiplier One-Shots
    1M 49.9K 94

    Markiplier and Jacksepticeye are so totally in love, so why not write a book of one-shots about them? ~~~ This work is completely fictitious, though some chapters may be loosely based on some sort of real event. (coauthor: @author144) [credit to cartoonjunkie for the beautiful fanart used in the cover]

  • Just Breath
    126K 5.2K 20

    Just another septiplier story. Just made this for fun! I'm glad most of the readers enjoy the story! ENJOYYYY!

  • Not What I was Expecting (Septicplier)
    3.6K 156 20

    I needed a vacation, so I went to L.A., what happened there? Not what I was expecting... -WARNING- Mature content

    Completed   Mature
  • A Gamer's Birthday
    1.3K 74 15

    "I'm glad to be here," Jack said while looking over at his friend and flashed him a broad smile. Mark, looking over at Jack, saw his smile and began grinning as well.

    Completed   Mature