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  • Frozen : Fire And Ice
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    Years after the events of the Lord of the rings Gandalf and Frodo and the other set out for the undying lands but end up in the realm of the of Disney mainly the enchanted forest,arendelle,corona,dun broch,and many others. This story takes place 1 year after frozen,3 yrs after tangled and and few years after Brave

  • The Choco Awards
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    ~JUDGING~ Always felt that popular books got awards? That your book never got one, being an undiscovered author? Did your book never get the praise it deserves? Was it not given that praise because it was cliché? Or was it a new idea none has thought about, or a story that people thought as weird? Does your book need...

  • The 2018 Watty Awards
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    Welcome to The 2018 Watty Awards, honoring the creativity and craft of storytelling on Wattpad. Since 2010, The Watty Awards have discovered and recognized hundreds of writers around the world. Whatever your passion - fanfic, personal essays, poetry, graphic novels, or any other genre imaginable - we want to hear fro...

  • The Winsome Awards 2018 (Closed)
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    Welcome to The 2018 Winsome Awards. Everything you need to know is in the book. Status : [CLOSED] Cover - (daftpunk inspired art)

  • custom book covers
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    i created this using photoshop i am officially selling custom book covers for $25 each message me if interested