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  • He is Darkness
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    He looked back to me and held his hand out. "Come, I'm not going to hurt you." I hesitated for a moment before taking his hand. I felt safer with him. But he was still the prince to a throne of blood. I couldn't let his kindness fool me. He is a monster. He is a cursed one. He is darkness.

  • Dominated
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    "Why are you here little one?" He asks, his broad back still towards me as he looks out the window that dominates his office. "I-I want to learn." "Hm." The deep rumble of his voice sounds contemplative. "What exactly do you think I teach?" "Everything." His dark chuckle scares me. I hope I didn't make a mistake comin...

  • Sex With A Beast (Sex With A Beast Series #1)✔
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    THIS IS A WEREWOLF STORY!!!! "Anything for you." He turned to me. He walked over to me and stood between my legs; he grabbed my waist and pulled me closer to him. He leaned in, unknowingly sparking that stupid sensation I got every time he touched me....

    Completed   Mature