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  • Totlandia - Book 1 / The Onesies
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    #Watty2016 A NEW CHAPTER EVERY FRIDAY The salacious secrets of Desperate Housewives meet the aspirational lifestyles of Sex and the City in San Francisco's most elite mommies group. In this sometimes bittersweet (and always humorous) novel, the friendships among four women who meet in a moms-and-tots playgroup are tes...

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    BAD TO THE BONE is a hot, sexy read. If that's how you roll, read on! Sergeant Vaden Holbrook and widow Olivia Connor’s chemistry is off the charts hot, but incredible sex isn’t enough for Olivia. She wants it all. Vaden Holbrook has met his carnal match in Olivia Connor. He wants her all to himself but knows that...