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  • Finding your destiny
    1.3K 44 1

    When Elizabeth Rose finds out that she is a techno-organic, things start to get complicated. Her friends Miko, Jack and Raf take her to see the autobots so she could get some answers, but then she falls in love with Optimus, how will she manage? She can't say because she doesn't know how he'll feel. She then uses her...

  • The Forgotten, Silent Autobot
    1K 25 1

    “Just when you think your forgotten,someone is not far behind." -Wavelength

  • Final Thoughts of the Silent
    391 16 1

    Just an explanation of what happened to the character we all know and love in Transformers Prime... This story contains spoilers and Character Death....

  • Soundwave Is My Guardian?
    162K 5K 31

    She was an outcast. Not many friends to be with on the weekends. But all that changed when she met an alien lifeform. She soon became attached to him and he changed her life forever. Some sexuality.

    Completed   Mature
  • Soundwave
    20.4K 677 14

    What happens if you were in a cage and punished for the stupidest things? What happens if you couldn't trust anyone? What happens when you find out the real reason as to why you were caged and punished all your life? Well this is the story of a girl who went through all of this and still found love, a family, and even...

  • Transformers Prime - A Rogue's Tale
    26.5K 778 21

    The story of a rogue, from both the autobots and the decepticons. She's made it to Earth, but will she survive on neither side of the war? Follow Skylar as she lies, learns, loves and begins her life on earth, as an outcast form either side. Will she join the autobots or decepticons? Shall she keep her independence an...

  • My Fate, My Journey
    821 45 7

    I never expected my end was so near. I'm glad to say I served to two great leaders, but also one great friend who helped my throughout my life. I'm not so proud of my beginning but who knew I would continue to be an assassin. It's not important right now, that comes later. If there's one thing I would never expect in...

  • TFP: Shadow of a Sound
    3K 108 5

    (One year after Predicons Rising) Megatron is no longer fighting the Autobots, but he wants to know what happened to his loyal Third In Command. After going to the Nemisis' crash site and finding a security camera video of what happened with the children and Soundwave, Megatron is determined to free Soundwave from the...

  • Soundwave Is My Love(Sequel to Guardian Part One)
    50.3K 1.5K 19

    It won't shut up so. Starshots life continues to change. I don't really care for these honestly X'D

    Completed   Mature
  • Soundwave's Pain
    486 23 1

    A short little thing I typed up just because. Soundwave has just beaten a robotic Godzilla to save some city, by the way. Very short, but is a tribute to my favorite 'Con.

  • The Forgotten, Silent Autobot
    752 29 2

    "Just when you think your forgotten, someone is not far behind" -Wavelength Optimus bends down and smiles at Knockout, then, look at Soundwave, seeing him stirring. "You are going to be alright, Wavelength" He says in a soft and subtle voice so no one but he and the prodigal Autobot can hear, knowing exactly who this...

  • Transformers Prime: Echoes of the Past
    8.6K 327 9

    What happens when a bot shows up that Team Prime never thought they would see, let alone meet? Well, that's what happens when Echowind falls from the sky and is awoken from a 30,000 year stasis. Imagine her shock when she finds out about Cybertron being gone and having to pick a side in a war she's never heard of...

    Completed   Mature
  • Soundwaves Pet (Editing)
    16.7K 492 13

    Soundwave falls in love in a human that later becomes one of his most devoted pet , and she is a handfull to look after. meg x sound x /Human

  • Wavering Mind (Tranformers Prime fic)
    170K 6K 37

    Soundwave has been trapped in the Shadowzone for Primus only knows how long. Finally for what seems like forever, he's freed, but by an unsuspecting person. (Cursing, and other stuff!) TF: Prime Fic! I DO NOT OWN THE PICTURE OR THE FRANCHISE! JUST MY OCS!

  • Is there more? -Transformers FanFic-
    1.6K 71 1

    This is a transformers prime fanfiction about Soundwave--- warnings T rape, romance, hurt/comfort. If you don't like human/bot romance then don't bother reading on. --------------------------------Soundwave gets bothered by Megatron and Starscreams Constant ranting and yelling. So he escapes for a while to vent and...

  • Soundwaves of the hearts
    122 6 1

    I am Decepticon Soundwave. This is the story of my lovelife with a toaster.

  • Split Spark {Sequel}
    4.1K 122 8

    Soundwave is back in the Nemisis serving under Lord Megatron. Everything feels correct, even though his loyalty to the Decepticon cause is often called into question. It's almost like Soundwave has never gone to the Autobot side. Almost never. Many bots keep bring it up but he doesn't even remember being there. Now th...

  • Stupid Spark: TFP Love story
    50.4K 1.7K 18

    Cat is your normal teenager in Jasper. Goes to school, works at McDonalds, studies hard, and has an uncanny way of finding Energon and trouble. Soundwave love story

  • Fatal
    75.6K 2.5K 22

    When Soundwave gets sick, he is taken out of Third in Command temporarily. Only, this sickness has the power to change one's attitude and personality. Will Spundwave perish with no dignity whatsoever, or will the Decepticons and Autobots alike join to help Soundwave? Gender swap between Ravage and Laserbeak. Ravage is...

  • Wavering Hearts (Discontinued)
    14.8K 620 8

    (Discontinued) Soundwave and Karly are now conjuges endurae (Married), things are going well until something happens that can change everything. Will they be able to handle what is to come? (Sequel to Wavering Minds!)

  • 100 ways to annoy Soundwave
    4.7K 143 1

    Here are 100 ways to annoy the hell out of Soundwave! I highly suggest that you don't actually try any of these. He will probably kill you. Enjoy!

  • Kidnaped By Decepticons
    494 21 1

    No copyright intended! This is based more off of the movies than anything... Max, full name Maxine Wilds, was kidnaped by the decepticons when the autobots were close enough to hear her cries for help. What happens when she gets to the decepticon base and she gets many tests done on her, making her even less human tha...

  • Soundwave's Loyalty
    1.2K 41 4

    --story has short parts -- This is my first story i have ever written in a lifetime please comment if anything makes no sense. Enjoy x *Sorry if the cover is a bit of bad quality, I drew it and had to send it to emails to finally save it to my phone. I will probably update this cover.*

  • As Simple As Sound Gets
    43.4K 1K 24

    Soundwave's life isn't always easy, in fact it has never been easy even when he joined the decepticons. If anything, things got worst, memories of his past flood his mind each coming day haunting him, now he has to forget it, but can he, when his past comes to him?