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  • Tear In My Heart: Ashton Irwin AU
    77.5K 1.9K 23

    He was out of this world. A force not to be reckon with, yet all at the same time, he was ethereal. My brother never followed the rules. He never ever thought to shut his overly sized mouth, which was unfortunate for me. "Your mom told me I was twice the man you are last night." He said with a smirk. Ash countered th...

  • babysitter - afi
    74.4K 1.5K 9

    kota is 16 years old, she should be able to babysit her 6 year old brother right? well her mother thinks otherwise and decides to hire a babysitter for her two kids. his name is ashton irwin and he happens to have a thing for younger girls and well, a daddy kink. WARNING: THIS STORY CONTAINS AN AGE GAP, SEXUAL CONTENT...

  • therapy video :: ashton :: completed
    145K 9.2K 13

    ❝ if you're watching this, then i'm already dead.❞ story edited by @redbren all rights reserved. copyright © 2014 | Eva

  • Kink . irwin
    401K 10.7K 58

    "since you don't know my name we should find you something to call me" "Yeah like what" "call me daddy" Copyright© 2k15 @FingerMeCal/ (new username @lonelygoon

  • The player // a.i/l.h
    150 14 9

    You know that feeling when your mom asks you what do you want to eat and you don't know whether you should eat a fatty burger with lots of fries, or a cheese pizza which makes you fat just by looking at it? Well, this was my situation... but with boys. I, Luna Romero, swear that I didn't mean this to happen. I didn't...

  • lily ✨a.i. | daddy kink au✨ *discontinued*
    26.7K 522 15

    "my name's lilian, but everyone calls me lily." "why's that?" "because i'm pure." "not for long, babygirl." ------- ©fob_petetrick 2016

  • Storm | Ashton Irwin AU
    176K 6.6K 28

    “You know I’m scared of storms,” he told her. “I know,” she whispered, completely oblivious that for him, she was the scariest storm of them all.

  • Unfriended :: 5SOS Horror
    326K 14.7K 23

    "All right everyone, hands up right now. Who's doing this?" ××× 5SOS Horror based off of the 2015 film, Unfriended. #1 in 5SOS Horror

  • daddy ↠ afi
    21.4K 1K 12

    "now remember, always make sure he's wearing a condom"

  • the boys // 5sos
    70.4K 3K 26

    in which 3 bestfriends falls inlove with the same girl

  • Smell of Sex | A.I
    57.2K 1.7K 12

    "I'm addicted to sex." I announced to the girl as she chewed on the inside on her cheek. "The smell of sex really gets me going and I live off of it." ✿ WARNING: This story contains, profanity and sexual activity. If you are uncomfortable with this, I suggest you read something else. Thank you. ✿ (© 2014, Jan - 5SOSxf...

    Completed   Mature
    334K 5.4K 61

    ❝It's because the way you make me feel, that I'm addicted.❞ COMPLETED. [alternative universe] all rights reserved. copyright © 2015 | nat

    Completed   Mature
  • Don't Stop ~ afi
    1.4K 109 17

    "Daddy, how did you meet mommy?"

  • happy endings - a.i.
    786 31 26

    All she believed was that happy endings don't exist. All he believed was to show her how she was wrong.

  • 100 Days → irwin
    485K 28.8K 32

    "You have 100 days to make someone fall in love with you. Only the words 'I love you' can reverse the curse. However, when the numbered days are up, you will remain this way forever. It's your bet Irwin."

  • the doorman » a.i au
    239K 10.7K 23

    "home is where the heart is, right? my heart's with you and i'll always want to come back home." © 2014, cuddlingcal. All Rights Reserved.

  • Sex Education • Ashton Irwin
    8.1M 226K 39

    "Alright, you horny little shits, let's talk about sex,"

  • lolita ; afi
    2.7K 112 10

    "I am trying to describe these things not only to relive them in my present boundless misery, but to parse out the lessons I have learned and hope you, kind readers, may learn through me. The beastly (the grieving, the lies, the murder) and beautiful merged at one point, and it is that borderline I would like to fix...

  • anything for daddy//afi
    131K 968 5

    stories contains// age gap,, daddy kink,, bdsm,, and sexual content. - "could you do that for me, princess?" "anything for you, daddy."

  • this isn't right. // a.i.
    18.3K 727 11

    16, almost 17, year old junior, Adeline Rain has always felt uncomfortable whenever she was around 18 year old senior, Ashton Irwin. She's always found a way to avoid him, until they end up being placed in the same history class, right next to each other. Ashton, unknowingly, feels extremely strong for Adeline, yet he...

  • sexting || 5sos
    999K 12.6K 18

    "I'm horny" "You're always horny" "Yeah but I'm extra horny"

  • who's your daddy? » afi [completed]
    915K 17.7K 36

    In which an eighteen year old girl becomes infatuated with her best friend's father. WARNING: daddy kink, smut, & large age gap. #1 ranking in daddyashton.

  • My Brother's Best Friends // 5sos
    2M 58.7K 48

    Being Michael Clifford's sister is nothing but a burden. Skyler hates the fact she has to put up with his horrible pranks and behaviour. That is until he becomes friends with 3 very attractive boys with the names of Calum, Luke and Ashton.

  • 7:15.
    25.8M 559K 49

    "7:15, that's our time."

    Completed   Mature
  • snapshot - ashton irwin
    1.1M 62.8K 21

    alright, students. your final project is due a month from today. i'd like you to take a picture of the most beautiful thing you can find.

  • Girls // 5SOS
    13.7M 415K 77

    ▪ "Have you guys ever considered competition with other bands in the music industry?" The interviewer asks the boys. "We aren't really into any competition actually, we just like to have fun most of the time and we just like to do our thing." Ashton shrugged, but it was an obvious lie to the four lads. ▪ There was one...

  • Project Daddy || a.i
    21.3M 690K 82

    "You can call me daddy." "You cannot be fucking serious." __________ "This is a weird part of the internet, I don't like this place." - Michael Clifford, 2020.

  • email :: ashton irwin
    258K 15.8K 9

    in which a day care worker emails a little girl's father. © 2015 webby | bonnaroo

  • aesthetic [ashton irwin]
    280K 16.1K 18

    because he was so pleasing to the eye that aurora couldn't get enough. (cover by elle) [fanfiction #81]