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  • Academy One Shot
    987 121 1

    This is a one shot where Sang gets fed up with the boys' controlling nature and decides to give them a little surprise. The beautiful cover was made by the wonderful Momo Berry (strawberryM1KO)

  • Ancient Darkness - One Shots
    1.5K 95 1

    Mature Content - Funny and sexy scenes which will never appear in the Ancient Darkness books.

  • The Lost Girl (Complete)
    75.4K 7.2K 35

    An Academy Fan Fiction. After burying her mother, Celestia is left with nothing but a mountain of debts and a house which had been filled with sorrow for longer than she had been alive. She had been banned from ever entering one of the upstairs rooms but on her arrival home from the funeral, she hesitantly breaks in t...

    Completed   Mature
  • Fanfictions - Coming Soon
    828 34 2

    A collection of C L Stone Academy Fanfictions that are coming soon.

  • Sang in a Rebel Daze {COMPLETED}
    3.2K 355 8

    () Series () A. Sang in a Childhood Daze (completed) B. Sang in a Rebel Daze (completed) <3 <3 <3 <3 () NOTES () A. I'm not much of rebel, so if this story feels like it's missing that special "oomph" feel free to let me know :) B. This can be read as a standalone even though it is a part of a series. C...

  • Academy Mission: Supermarket Sweep!!
    2.8K 362 7

    Sang and the boys go undercover on a reality show reboot in order to bust a cheating game show host. ~~I do not own The Academy Ghost Bird Series. Characters are the property of CL Stone, and are not my intellectual property. There is no financial gain made from this nor will any be sought. This is for entertainment p...

  • Little Bird
    5.2K 481 10

    Sang is invisible. Hidden away be here parents. Her family's recent move has given her little hope of ever changing her fate. After years of longing for friendship, and normalcy she stumbles into a situation that might just be everything thought she ever wanted, but more than she can handle. While this story is fanfic...

  • The New Academy: Next Generation
    159 11 3

    This is a fanfiction from The Ghost Bird Series, and it's a next generation one. I don't own Sang or the boys, but I do own the rest, and this idea is completely original, and thanks to some of you here on wattpad, I got some inspiration, so thanks. Also, @SpiritBunnyUniversity101, from my blog, you requested a book w...

  • Tangled Glass Swan (Coming Soon)
    184 20 1

    Trinity O'Connell doesn't do boys. Maybe it's because of her unusual family, and their work with the mysterious Academy. Maybe it's because the past she won't talk about. So, when cute, new guy Kaiden Nash takes an interest in her, she's reluctant. Soon, though he manages to charm his way into her life, then things g...

  • One Shots : Academy
    3.4K 306 8

    These characters do not belong to me by any means. But to C. L. Stone. I will not make money off this by any means either. Credit to @Tapiona for the awesome cover photo!

  • Twenty One
    20K 1.3K 13

    ON HOLD Nine years later, their story is far from over. In fact, it's just getting started. This is based on the Academy series by C. L. Stone. I do not own any of the characters.

  • *Sequel* Saving Her (Ghost Bird Fan-Fic)
    8.2K 803 18

    It has been 2 weeks since Sang Sorenson sacrificed herself to save the Blackbourne Team and all of humanity. It has been 2 weeks since Owen Blackbourne made the heart breaking decision to let Sang go. She would have destroyed the entire world if he didn't do what he did, at least that is what Sang thought. Owen likes...

  • Wonderful Adventure
    719 75 1

    Sang Sorenson has led a very sheltered life. Her mom is sort of crazy, her dad is never around, her sister is...well, there, but that's about it. She has no friends and no life really. Her sole focus has been to do really well in school so she could get a scholarship and get the heck out of dodge. All her hard work an...

  • The Ghost
    3.7K 238 5

    Disclaimer: I don't own the Academy, ghost bird series or their characters they are all the property of C.L Stone. There is no financial gain made from writing this story. Warning: There will be mature content in this story. Also Sang's past is a lot worse then in the books. I wont do many flashbacks of what happened...

  • A Haunted House- Ghost Bird FanFic
    5.3K 595 6

    The Sorensons move into a old house in the mountains that Sang inherited from a great aunt on her mother's side. It was a mansion filled with antiques. What they hadn't known was that it was haunted by nine ghosts. Mr. Blackbourne, from the 1800s, a very proper gentleman who couldn't help but make sure everything rema...

  • In a Field of Daisies (The A Reports Series)
    1.2K 143 2

    North and Sang have some quality time together and when North keeps getting interrupted he decides to take Sang away from everything, just for one afternoon. All he brings is a large blanket, a basket full of food, a radio run by batteries, and Sang. All in one afternoon Sang gets a motorcycle ride, a picnic, and pure...

  • Sang's Glass Slipper
    24.9K 2.1K 13

    Sang is sick of her life. Her evil step mom and step sisters abuse her and take advantage of her since her father died. Sang has a chance at living for one night and takes it, meeting nine amazing men... Too bad she thinks she'll never see them again.

  • Broken World
    9.4K 913 18

    I have been lucky enough to take over this amazing story from @Academy-Angel. I hope I do it justice!

  • Breaking Point(Discontinued)
    3.7K 263 7

    Sang Sorenson is a girl that nobody see's. Her abusive mother is even more abusive and her neglecting father doesn't care. Sang has been taught that people are cruel and dangerous and that she never should meet up with them. Sang realises that her mother was wrong and that some people can be nice. But, even then, her...

  • The Protector
    13.7K 1K 31

    Ghost Bird Series Fanfiction Sang Sorenson attends Ashley Waters High School. Or, as some people like to call it, Hell. To make it worse, most of the people who go to that Hell-bent school are bullies, and nobody tries to stop them from hurting people. When Friday Falls comes around, Sang decides that she has had enou...

  • Academy Briefs
    2.6K 186 4

    Disclaimer: I do not own the academy. I do not seek monetary gain. A place for all those quickies with the Academy boys. Stories include: The End - one shot finally putting the stagnating storyline of Hendricks and Mccoy to rest. Memorial Day - A letter sends Victor to Washington, D.C. Cover by @Rosebud024

  • Throwing Stones in Glass Houses (Paused)
    52.6K 4.6K 19

    What if the Academy was a real place, a place that trains extraordinary people to do extraordinary things. Only these people... are something more than mere mortals. A fanfiction of the Ghost Bird Series by C L Stone, with a touch of Mythos Academy and Percy Jackson thrown in for good measure. When Sang is abandoned i...

  • Tough Girl
    78.3K 4.9K 34

    Some think I'm the tough girl. It really depends on who you ask. *under a little editing* *I don't own any of the academy characters, or academy book plots, those are rights of C. L. stone* [Completed~12-27-2016]

    Completed   Mature
  • The Suitors
    6.2K 604 7

    Princess Sang has always been the hidden Daughter of King Phillip of Illea. So when her father suddenly forces her to have a Selection, how is she supposed to deal with the media attention and select her mate? What's worse is, how can she choose between 9 men who all have a 1/9 of her heart? Crossover between the Sele...

  • Why help me?(revision) wattys2016
    1.5K 95 5

    Sang sorenson is a 16 year old girl who lives in charslton Sc. She goes to Alshely waters high school and she has an abusive family. She is tortured everyday in and out of school. The blackbourne team is there to help the school. When they meet sang they try to figure her out but she won't. Will she let them in? I DO...

  • Drugged wattys2016
    3.2K 217 10

    Sang is at the cheerleaders party when rocky and his friends come and the party turns for the worst. Can the blackbourne team help her in time I DO NOT OWN THE GHOST BIRD SERIES CL STONE DOES ALL CREDIT GOES HER

  • Just A Girl Named River
    7.8K 949 22

    I am just girl named River. My mom is a drug addict and I want to get away from the crazy, horrible life my mom is providing. After graduation I moves across the country. When I get there more of my life starts to unfold. Dark secrets come to life and secrets no one knows about, not just from my own past, but from bot...

    Completed   Mature
  • A quite awkward meeting
    811 78 2

    Sang Sorensen bumps into Kayli Winchester quite by mistake, but the odds don't seem to be in her favour as it sends both of them into a weird situation that they seem to have trouble getting out of and even more trouble keeping it a secret. Whoops.

  • Teddies and Milk Bottles (A ghost bird fanfic)
    14.4K 1.6K 19

    Sang's life was never normal. And in a way, she liked it like that. She did get to meet the Academy boys, after all. But when she wakes up one day to find the boys 16 year younger, she suddenly wants to be a normal 16 year old. (their will be a book for each time the boys age, so 16 books in total)

  • Caught In The Rain
    343 43 1

    Some of the Academy boys meet a rather bedraggled woman whilst on holiday in England.