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  • You're Not ALONE
    5.1K 251 6

    Killua has been having recurring nightmares and he's getting sick of them, he eventually has a breakdown. Gon witnessed this breakdown and severely worries about Killua and his mental and physical state. Kurapika and Leorio assist Gon in an attempt to help their friend. Will they be able to tear down Killua's protecti...

  • Tags
    251 31 3

    This is a book where I do all my tags :)

  • Living with EXO boys (COMPLETED)
    4.9M 120K 56

    Suzy will be living in a huge house with some of the popular boys from their School and she was glad because she will be living with her crush, Chanyeol. But unfortunately, Kris, the cold guy from the group, is always rude to her and makes her pissed off all the time. While Luhan, the cute but flirty guy, is so childi...

  • You Can Smile Again
    470 23 2

    Never be afraid to go on a DEPARTURE! There's a lot more you can do in life than being JUST AWAKE. No matter what happens, keep HUNTING FOR YOUR DREAM. You will always have a REASON to continue. Just make a wish upon a SPARKLE ☆ SHOOTING STAR and someday it will come true. Always follow your heart when you face two ch...

  • Remember me ( Killua x reader )
    92.5K 3.2K 24

    "Remember me okay?"

  • You will survive... {a Hunter x Hunter fanfic.}
    29.9K 871 42

    After 5 months that Gon and Killua parted away something really unexpected happens ... Something that makes Gon sees his mistake putting his friend's life on the line between life and death.... Something that will make the four of them be reunited together... Something that can change their lives forever. Without any...

  • Killua X Reader: Short Stories~
    41.5K 1.4K 11

    A bunch of Short Stories, KilluaXReader I've been getting so many Killua X Reader ideas and i just had to write here! Enjoy!

  • I'd Tell You I Love You, But Then I'd Have To Kill You (Killua x Reader)
    276K 12K 45

    When a strange, mysterious boy with snowy white hair shows up at your school one faithful day, you've been barely able to take your eyes off him. As you begin to get closer and closer to him, could these feelings of friendship turn into something more? But Killua has a secret. A secret so deadly that if anyone ever fo...

  • A Hunter's School Life (Hunter x Hunter/HxH fanfic)
    57.1K 2K 20

    This is an AU! AU means alternate universe! Here, the gang goes to to school. But, the students must not know that they are Hunters. If they found out, the gang will lose their Hunter license, making them normal people. My OC's from "My Life As Athedite Aphrona" is also here. Netero is the principal, Pariston is the...

  • Having YOU is the most wonnderful GIFT (Ai Mikaze Fan Fic)
    5.5K 253 17

    Ayaka Fukuhara likes playing her favorate instrument called piano, she also composes her own music. She is always alone since in her childhood because she was always sick and her parents didn't allow her to go out and play with other children due to her weak body so she tried to play the piano whom his Dad bought for...

  • New Girl (Killua x Reader) school!AU
    163K 6.1K 24

    (f/n) came all the way from Yorknew just to go to Hunter's Acedmeny. She was recommended by a friend to go so she went. But what happens when she meets the charming silver-haired boy?

  • Hunter x Hunter (Fem! Gon)
    5K 76 4

    This is a remake of the story with Gon as girl, some parts I will skip because this is a Killua x Gon(Fem!) story so..... Yea. This is my first fanfic on here, please don't criticize. I got this idea from another story I read and strayed to write more from my own ideas. I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE CHARACTERS OF HUNTER X...

  • Destiny (Killua x Reader)
    127K 5.2K 20

    As you were driven to despair, a certain white haired boy saves you... Although he was only supposed to be a heartless assassin, seeing a powerless girl on the verge on death made him hesitate. The sight of your frail body caused a swell of pity, sympathy, and the most unbearable emotion of all - guilt. By being toget...

  • Killua x Reader: A Bloody Love
    48.9K 2.4K 22

    You and Him. You're an orphan. He is a isolated child. His Dad killed your parent. His mother arranged every possible ways to kill you. His siblings are destined to be assassins, and their first mission is to terminate the Yukimura generations ( your family ). And a secret assassin in the order of a secret patron on h...

    1M 37K 53

    Hunter x Hunter is an amazing manga, one problem... It has no romance, so I added a female character that'll add a twist.... My name is Nijika. I don't know how I got the name though. It was probably because the villagers near the forest saw me for the first time when there was a rainbow over head. Since I cou...

  • Hunter x Hunter Killua love story
    31.8K 605 23

    This story is about a girl named Natsumi who is killua's family head servant/maid and also his best friend,killua and Natsumi set off to the hunter exams where they met with the gang there will be friendship betrayal adventure and action and maybe even love who knows (l do) join us on a mystical ride

  • Females X In The X Exam? [Hunter X Hunter Fanfic]
    11K 239 10

    A Hunter X Hunter Fanfiction. Mika and Katalina wish to be hunters. Mika wants to find her father. Katalina just wants money. What will happen when they meet Gon and Killua at the exam? They learn things they never knew about themselves, each other, and just life in general.

  • Changed Fate ( a Hunter x Hunter/HxH Fanfiction) ON HOLD
    1.9K 131 15

    Reiko,Ayaka,and Aiko are best friends. Find out their journey as great hunters!

  • Amazing Anime Quotes
    401K 13.6K 66

    This is just a thing full of anime quotes. The quotes are one's with meaning and power! Anime really does teach us lessons, even if we're not aware of it. If you have one that I haven't used yet please tell me and I'll put it in! Add the anime it's from along with the character that said it. **Possible Spoilers***

  • Save me (Hunter x Hunter)
    25.7K 1.1K 34

    Killua is gone. That is all what Gon knows. He tries to stay calm and wait with Kurapika and Leorio for his return. But then Killua returns after one month. His hair full of mud, on his face some scars, and only wearing long shirts and pants. Gon is really worried. All that Killua says is: ''I took longer than i expec...

  • Anime: Suggestion Guide
    535K 5.6K 100

    I'm talking about anime and manga in here!

  • 100 Days In The Anime World
    5.8M 105K 122

    A girl named Algaia have always fascinated the world of Anime. One day, she met the God Of Dreams named Morpheus, and granted her wish to live in different Anime worlds. But the story has a twist, she will only live there for 100 days. She will lose both her life in the real world and in her dream world if she fa...

  • Virtual Love Affair [English]
    8.9K 137 2

    I lost a dear beloved once. That's the reason why I learned to value love. I broke her. It broke me too. I regret everything. Yet again.. I found love. But this time.. I won't let her go. I won't...

  • After The Years || KILLUA ZOLDYCK ✔
    66.4K 2.7K 67

    Everything was back to normal until he decided to come back in her life. Date Started: 06 / 10 / 2014 Date Finished: 04 / 20 / 2018

  • 30 Days
    12.6K 652 10

    Gon Freecss only has thirty days left to live. He has contracted a rare disease known as Pharadoxia, and there is no cure. Even Leorio, the doctor, doesn't know how to help him. Killua is completely devastated, of course. His best friend is going to die, and he can't do anything to save him. So he is determined to mak...

  • So True: Anime
    354K 25.9K 65

    I got bored. That's pretty much all I have to say.

  • Heart of the Assassin (A Hunter X Hunter Fanfic) {Killua Zoldyck}
    123K 4.3K 21

    Kirahki Freecss is Gon's sister. Mito-san adopted her when she was still just a baby. The only lead she has about her family is the fact that her eyes turn a brilliant shade of red whenever she feels intense emotion. It's almost been one year since she left Whale Island to set out to find her birth family, and with th...