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  • Raising Harry
    21.2K 799 3

    Severus Snape is Harry's father, and is raising him at Hogwarts

  • That Was Fun
    6.7K 374 1

    Voldemort faces the wrong boy who lived

  • A Series Of Fortunately Unfortunate Events
    228K 9.2K 20

    While wandering through the Forbidden Forest, Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy get into some unfortunate mishaps that lead to a fortunate event in the end.

  • The Final Horcrux
    30.3K 823 1

    With the Light's victory came the slow downfall of Magic as the Wizarding World remained unchanged. But when The-Boy-Who-Lived comes across a hidden surprise within the Ancient and Noble House of Black, the prospect of change suddenly glows brighter than ever, and it all began with an accidental word in Parseltongue. ...

    Completed   Mature
  • Scared Potter? (Drarry fanfiction)
    2M 66K 61

    Harry decides to prank Draco after a game of Quidditch. Desiring for Draco to go mad, he waits for him in an empty classroom. However, as soon as he realizes Draco wants to vent his anger in different way, he appears to be rather withdrawn and insecure - despite the fact he highly likes it. Does this mean Draco has mo...

  • Harry Potter And The Story Of Salazar Slytherin
    896 62 1

    Hi guys. this is a Harry Potter Story. This Story doesn't Follow the HP book, it's completely AU. Everybody is alive, so, YAY. It Contains Smiles, WTF's and OOC. Please read it! I'm 37% sure that you will like it! (it would be more, but It might not suit certain readers) Ps. I have posted this on my FFN account call...

  • Harry Potter Gets Revenge (COMPLETE)
    189K 6K 27

    Harry Potter is about to begin his 5th year of Hogwarts when he discovers that his parents have been alive the whole time and that Dumbledore was lying to him. Harry wants revenge. which of his friends will stay by his side during this revenge and who will leave him behind?.....

  • From Good To Evil
    171K 5.5K 23

    Tom Riddle x Harry Potter: When the Dark Lord finds Harry Potter bruised, bleeding and raped. He makes a choice he know that will be for the best for everyone. By will he find bringing Harry to the dark side may be the beginning of a new relationship. Severus Snape x Bellatrix LeStrange: When forced to play mother...

  • Dark Soul
    1.4K 53 5

    Everything he know about himself turns out to be a lie created by none other than person he trusted the most. Friends become enemies and vice-versa. Dark!Harry Malfoy!Harry Manipulative!Dumbledore OMC/HP/TMR

  • Serpintin Kitten
    21.7K 740 8

    Not My Story!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL CREDITS GO TO J.K.ROWLING AND THE AUTHOR!!!!!! What if Harry couldnt take any more and ran to his most hated enemy to end it all? What if that enemy didn't want to end it?

    Completed   Mature
  • The Child Of Magic
    3.6K 164 6

    The potters were being hunted by voldemort they thought Jamie Potter was the chosen one what they didn't know was that young Harry Potter was the real chosen won and he remembers that night watch as Harry Potter is casted aside by his family as fame consumes them but you know what they say. What happens in the dark c...

  • My Own Master
    94.4K 3.1K 15

    How would Harry of turned out if he was the Master of Death that night Voldemort attacked? Who would he love? Who would he hate? This is a HagridxHarry story. Hope you enjoy. ------------------------------ Harry Potter belongs to J.K. Rowling. This story plot is all I own. Also, this story is dedicated to Leeann42908...

  • Love conquers all.
    3K 173 14

    This story is not mine. I borrowed it.

  • My Lovers
    5.1K 134 4

    Harry was told he was a mate of a Thrias, who generally had 3 mates. Watch as Harry encounters adventures and situtation with his lovers, will they stay together come the end of 6th year or will an unforgivable force keep them apart. LM/SS/HP (Warning - There is reference to spanking and there might be a scene, if thi...

  • Voldemort took her son
    2.3K 108 3

    On the night that Voldemort went after the Potters, he killed James when he got in the way, but, he merely knocked Lily unconscious. When she came to, Harry's cot was empty and her husband was dead on the floor downstairs. Lily thought that Voldemort has killed her son. She was devastated, the only thing that kept her...

  • Snake Among The Lions
    59K 1.9K 3

    Dumbledore left Harry at the Dursley's knowing he would be abused. What if Harry was more like Tom Riddle than he knew? What if he was a bit smarter this time? Quite obviously AU, Dark!Harry Manipulative!Harry Independent!Harry Poss. Evil!Harry

  • The Inheritance Of Harry Potter
    47.4K 997 2

    During the summer after the events of The Order of The Phoenix, but before the events of the Half-Blood Prince, Harry Potter must travel to the Ministry of Magic for the reading of Sirius Orion Black's Will, however there some secrets are discovered regarding Harry Potters bloodlines and his world will never be the sa...

  • Kit to Fox
    180K 6.3K 21

    The war is over, classes have started back accident takes place when Neville's potion goes wrong and exploded on Harry. Harry, now 5 years old with some new, unexpected furry appendages is to be taken care of by none other than Draco Malfoy. Now Draco has to protect Harry from memories of the past while dealing with n...

  • The Final Horcrux
    3.2K 166 2

    Voldemort discovers that Harry is his seventh Horcrux. Now what will he do to get Harry on his side during the war. –This takes place during/after the final battle in the seventh book- Harry x Voldemort / Tom

  • Hidden
    8.8K 330 12

    What if Harry Potter had been raised by Voldemort, and Bellatrix with the Malfoys as his aunt, uncle and cousin? Will he befriend the good or turn to evil?? Find out what happens in this mysterious thriller! By: the Snitches (now just one snitch)

  • Somnio Salvus DRARRY
    743K 31.4K 24

    Author: Invisibabe Year six at Hogwarts, and Draco finds a way to spy on Harry's deepest fears. But will he use this knowledge to gain power over Harry, or to change his own destiny?

  • Malfoy? A Veela?
    70.2K 3.2K 15

    Draco Malfoy has some shocking news for his arch enemy, Harry Potter, but once it is shared, what will they become? Will they they slowly become friends? will they be more? Or will what is supposed to be turn into a tragic despair?

  • Harry's Inheritance
    244K 8.1K 15

    On Harry's 17th birthday he receives his creature inheritance. Now with his mate by his side, he refuses to be controlled and manipulated by Dumbledore anymore. Dark Harry. HP/DM

  • Severus's Surprise
    2.1K 61 2

    This story is a pure work of fiction. It is a BDSM centered story based on the pairing of Severus Snape and Harry Potter.

  • Heir of the Founders
    36.1K 856 18

    Sirius has just died, and Harry doesn't know what to do. He is swarmed by grief but is surprised when he receives a letter from Gringotts about Sirius' will and other things. Joins Harry as he takes on another life journey. If you like Dumbledore or the Weasley's, don't read. Manipulative Dumbledore, jealous Ron, powe...

  • My real family
    125K 3.8K 21

    Three weeks after he was born Abraxas Snape was kidnapped. Eleven years later on his birthday he received a letter from Hogwarts but his uncle finds out and beats him. Suddenly a black haired man by the name of Severus Snape rescues him. He takes him to the hospital wing and all of the glamours on Harry drop and he lo...

    Completed   Mature
  • Harry Potter and the Dark Side
    127K 3.6K 15

    A Story of Harry Potter raised as a Malfoy, and if the picture doesnt give it away, its Tom x Harry

  • Drarry One Shot 1
    10.7K 381 1

    Just a one shot I wrote when I was bored. Enjoy!