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  • Beauty in the Bones: Season 1
    19.2K 1.5K 50

    Innocence is subjective, and power always has its price--so his elders told him. Silas Blane is destined for greatness. Born into an elite family with many skeletons in the closet, he learns to harness his inherent shamanic powers and finds purpose in the Old Ways of his ancestors. As he turns fifteen, Silas walks a t...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Witch and the Gods
    2.3K 238 5

    A collection of short stories about the macabre, the paranormal, and the downright spooky. Lovely cover made by @seventhstar!

    120K 6.1K 88

    Anakin and Owen are the proud heirs of Skywalker Enterprises, the leading corporation on planet Rodia. When traitors attack their family's corporation, the Skywalkers find themselves in a desperate fight for survival. Their only hope lies with a Jedi Knight, Ben Kenobi, and his hastily assembled force of Republic cra...

  • Legend of the Fallen (Book 1) #Wattys2016
    2.5K 459 28

    Four adventurers look to save Earth from a dark force that has awaken after centuries of imprisonment under Mt. Rushmore by the gods and now he seeks to bring down Imperium. The world has always had its share of threats, but none greater than this. And most of the people don't even know that it's coming. The biggest t...

  • King of the Woods, or Trivial Pursuit
    87K 7K 61

    Florida Forest Service duty officer Ray Lumley is in love with a white fringetree. Not an I-read-Walden-in-high-school love; a sweaty, sappy, I-want-to-rub-against-you-'til-I-get-splinters love. It's awkward. So, he's relieved to learn that he's really hot for Trivia, the dreadlocked, radical environmentalist nymph wh...

  • Warbreaker
    1.3M 40.5K 64

    After bursting onto the fantasy scene with his acclaimed debut novel, Elantris, and following up with his blockbuster Mistborn trilogy, Brandon Sanderson proves again that he is today’s leading master of what Tolkien called “secondary creation,” the invention of whole worlds, complete with magics and myths all their o...

  • Element Wielder
    996K 42.3K 47

    "His mother's screams remained etched in his mind. He promised himself that night he would never again stand by as people he cared for suffered, and he would one day kill Volcseck. He intended to keep those promises." Falcon Hyatt has a problem. For reasons unknown to him he can wield all the elements, not only basics...

  • Awakening: Prodigy
    101K 9.6K 128

    Awakening: Prodigy is a non-romantic dark fantasy novel. A Hunter who has seen the end of the world. A Champion swayed by a promise of power. A Guardian who has lost faith in humanity. Seth Wright knows he's going to die in the Demon War. The squad captain has one year to improve his odds of surviving his mandatory...

  • The Aurora Stone
    241 23 8

    A Sci-fi/Fantasy that explores the clash of myth and magic with technology and evolution. The story follows a native girl, Pika, of the planet Jorden, her quest to join the rebel forces, and their fight to take back their planet from the Dragidom, a hybrid race with designs to become the masters of the universe.

  • Starship Walker
    91.9K 5.7K 31

    By foot across the galaxy: Walkers transport starships across interstellar space, but their abilities are rare. Few people have the mental talents to control the weird quantum technology that powers a star-drive. When a mysterious force disables the two Walkers on board the Xinglong Hao, novice Walker Gillian Berry is...

  • Anthem's Fall
    385K 15.5K 86

    The young emperor Vengelis Epsilon narrowly escapes the reckoning of his empire at the hands of strange machines known as Felixes. The Felixes are identical in every respect to the godlike men of Vengelis's world save for their mechanical blue eyes. Feared to be indestructible, the wanton holocaust of the Felix appear...

  • OTHERS (Formerly The Scarlet Effect)
    328K 18.9K 56

    The pandemic was just the beginning. After an unknown virus sweeps across the globe, Aurora and two other survivors seek out safety in a bomb shelter with enough supplies to last a few years. Just as she starts to adapt to her new way of life, she is suddenly abducted by those responsible for introducing the disease...

  • Astronomicon: Icarus
    61.7K 8.5K 38

    ( REVAMPED in 2016 ) In 2078, whilst working the Trojan asteroid cloud, Captain Taylor and the crew of the deep space mining vessel Icarus discover a mysterious prototype ship drifting in space that has suffered a catastrophic failure. Battling the dangers of the asteroid field, the Icarus crew attempt to rescue the s...

  • Trigger
    251 25 1

    What they though would be their haven, ended up being something completely different. For Brielle Donar however, The Sanctuary was her home. Her family. Her everything. After rescuing her from a horrific past, they help achieve a purpose in life. What more could she ask for? But one always pays for what one receives...

  • First 3 chapters of Dead Planet: Exodus
    2.9K 6 1

    This is the first few chapters of my book Dead Planet: Exodus. If you like it email me and I will send you a free copy of the entire novel in PDF. My email is

  • Abhorrent Practices - Book 1
    5.9K 777 42

    Sandrine has devoted her life to the Order of Charon, an organisation responsible for countless deaths. After almost a decade of faithful service, she is given a mission which forces her to question the very purpose of the Order and her place within it. "Abhorrent Practices" is a fantasy adventure, which examines the...

  • The Six
    41.1K 3K 53

    6 People. 6 Powers. 1 Secret. Light vs Dark. The Battle Is Coming. Completed! I will be adding new chapters as I go through and edit. There will be a note on the chapters that I change and add too for current - and new!- readers. There will be no changes to the plot so everything will still make sense if you start rea...

  • Selkie Skin
    347 22 1

    As a Selkie, it is natural that Mila is fond of the sea. But when she is unexpectedly forced to become the wife of a seaman she must fight to survive and save herself from her reoccurring abuse.

  • How to Become a Teenage Dragon
    5K 200 12

    Will is no ordinary teenager. He's half dragon. But he has only just discovered this. He not only ends up discovering he's some fire breathing creature but he finds out the truth about his past, who he really is and where he comes from. Questions as to why he has never felt like he really fit in with the rest of his s...

  • A Sorcerer's Demons
    2.2K 204 11

    'A Sorcerer's Demons' is a fantasy-werewolf hybrid which answers the question "what if a mage became a werewolf?" Of course there's more awaiting us in the darkness than that as we follow Zanthos, the betrayed mage, through his whirlwind tour of the Freelands at the hands of slavers. Follow our hero as he wrests back...

  • Hayden Thaw: Kingdom Lost
    1K 83 7

    "Young Hayden sank deep into the blood stained gore of crimson he had wrought on his village, panting. His hands were as scarlet as the eyes that stared deep into his mother's. A frightfully scream of murder pulsed through the thick air. She quivered and squirmed quietly at his gaze, too scared to startle her son into...

  • The Windcaster [Fantasy/Adventure | Featured | Complete ]
    923K 47.4K 65

    THE WIND ON FIRE meets STUDIO GHIBLI's LAPUTA. Tia, a wind magic trainee, desires to leave her life of monotony in a cosy seaside town. When summons arrived for the wind masters, she travels with her mentor to the capital and realises the extent of the great power and responsibilities destined for her in the corrupt c...

  • Summoner: Origins - Book 0
    793K 34.6K 28

    Arcturus is just an orphaned stableboy, when he discovers he has the ability to summon demons from another world. As the first commoner to have this skill, he is sent to Vocans Military Academy, where the lost arts of summoning, spellcraft and demonology are taught to the noble children of the Hominum Empire. With n...

  • Centralia The Chosen One Book-1 The Centralia Series(#wattys2015 / #justwriteit)
    7.6K 156 16

    Every journey has its adventure, and behind every adventure, there is a mystery waiting to be revealed. Come and join the Righters as they discover a realm in need of saving from a darkness seeking revenge from those calling themselves Centralia's Champion.

  • Whispers Of Spilt Blood
    25K 2.8K 28

    "In the end, death waits for no one." When Reagan Ortega's brother is accused of killing an innocent man, Reagan knows something is wrong. Her dependable brother, Rick, a murderer? Impossible. Yet all evidence points to the contrary, and to a possible death penalty. Determined to prove his innocence, Reagan soon find...

  • Isildilia.(Book 1 of the White Lily trilogy)
    99.6K 6.1K 38

    Being different was never a good thing for Isildilia Different got you noticed. Different got you isolated. And different got you into trouble. Growing up in the isolated city of Aliera with eyes that changed colours...