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  • Being in Charge - (OC Spanking Story)
    54.5K 484 10

    Stephen Anderson has full custody of his 5 younger brothers since their parents have died 7 years ago when he was 19. He is the legal guardian of a Dean, Stefan, Grant, Dylan and James. It can get quite hectic considering he is in charge of 5 boys but they get through. Stephen is not the one to mess with. If the boys...

  • 1D Spanking One - Shots
    19.4K 187 6

    Louis Tomlinson 23 Zayn Malik 22 Liam Payne 20 Niall Horan 17 1/2 Harry Styles 16 1/2

  • 1D One Shots (Bdsm BoyxBoy)
    245K 2.2K 19

    1D One Shots. Contains mature content such as slight bdsm, A lot spanking, orgasm denial, etc. Enjoy! -dete yos I started this shit a few years back & now I'm still writing quite abit, but bear with me bc I think I was 14 at this time

  • Little Emily (Supernatural Spank Fic)
    26K 243 13

    Dean and Sam's younger sister come to visit for the summer. The trouble this girl brings is almost unbearable for the older men. Dean and Sam need to keep her safe, in school and somehow stay out of trouble.

  • Brother knows best!
    154K 1.4K 13

    Aria's mother got a new boyfriend and they suddenly moved in together. Aria now has a new brother! While their parents are at work, her brother Aaron lays down some rules for her and teaches her to behave!

  • One Direction Spanking One-Shots
    122K 591 32

    Spanking one-shots from girlfriends to siblings/relatives.

  • The One Shot Melting Pot (One Direction Spanking)
    2.5K 55 2

    Just a collection of spanking one shots. Because who needs plot 24/7? It's the spanko version of PWP, essentially, starring our five favorite lads. Prompts are always open and accepted!

  • You'll Thank Us When You're Better
    37.1K 993 16

    Zayn is getting out of control, he is living a destructive life. His friends see the life he is living, and they are sick of it. They know they need to do something, even if that something is age play. ----- (I decided to post this story onto wattpad, but I've been posting it on my Ao3 account since I started the stor...

  • New brothers? The Wanted spanking fanfiction
    26.9K 186 5

    Jeremy Scott is just your normal teenage boy. But what happens when the boys from the band The Wanted show up at his doorstep claiming to be his brothers? Summary sucks!! WARNING: WILL CONTAIN SPANKING OF MINOR(S)

  • I Promise. (LiLo Spanking)
    118K 2.4K 32

    Liam and Louis are dating & they're in One Direction. They love their job and they both love to sing. They love each other VERY much but sometimes, Liam gets out of hand. Louis handles Liam by spanking him. Join them both in this story where you'll see heartbreaks, laughter, crying, anger and more!

  • Our "Little" Secret >>Ziam Ageplay<<
    421K 9.6K 38

    ~*~Cover by IAmZouisChild~*~ Zayn has never thought much about what makes him calm and relaxed, but he knows nobody can find out. Liam, on the other hand, can't seem to get over how amazing the idea is for both of them. The plan? Hide, lie, and do whatever it takes to shield what they couldn't love more. ©2014, NotTo...

  • Lifting You Up
    89.9K 1.8K 11

    Zayn, Louis, and Harry take care of their little brothers Niall and Liam.

  • With All My Heart (And a firm hand)
    137K 1.7K 16

    Back before One Direction was formed on The X-Factor, the judges had the four older bandmembers - Harry, Liam, Louis and Zayn - picked out but they couldn’t help but feel that something was missing. At the same time, they didn’t want to waste an amazing Irish boy's - Niall - obvious talent, so they decided to take a r...

  • This Is Us (A One Direction Spanking Story)
    100K 1K 16

    One Direction are the biggest boyband in the world right now. Millions of girls idol them, but when Liam and Zayn figure out that they need to be good idols, they decide to use punishment and strict rules to make sure that the others don't step out of line. It's a tough ride sometimes, but the lads wouldn't change i...

  • Adopted by Steve McGarrett
    54.5K 599 14

    Pain in the ass? Quite literally, Steve McGarrett has his rules, rules that he believes should not be broken especially by his newly adopted daughter Kailee Donovan, soon to be McGarrett when the adoption papers go though. However, when you break those rules, well, its hurts. A lifestyle like his isn't hard to...