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  • SAKURA [NotRealCarverEdlund]
    121 13 8

    The opposite cliche. [This is not a fanfiction, even though that is what I typically write]

  • The Price of Life [Fullmetal Alchemist]
    74.8K 2.8K 63

    No one would call Sonia an ordinary teenage girl. She has no family left to speak of, was born with strange psychic powers, and is an improving alchemy prodigy. She has so many questions, and has decided to travel with the Elric brothers to find answers she desperately wants to know. Maybe after her journey, she will...

  • Live On!(Attack on titan fanfic)
    152K 4.4K 69

    On that day man kind received a grim reminder. We lived in fear of the Titans and were disgraced to live in these cages we call walls. Marisa Schwarzarbeiten wished she knew what was to come. On that fateful day, what was once a life to be dreamed was now a nightmare.

  • Beautiful Rose | Attack on Titan | Levi
    754K 27K 49

    [My OC x Levi and possibly others] Wall Maria had been invaded by the monstrous creatures humanity called Titans. Young, carefree Alex Bellerose had lost so much from that day, but also gained strength. She is determined to pursue her sister's dreams, and carry on the family name in soldiers. But how long can she keep...