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  • Heir of the Dragon
    223K 14K 56

    Childhood ghost stories told tales of monsters so horrifying that the thought of them could poison your very soul. Ellany was raised in a shielded place; fed lies since before she could walk. When beasts that should have only existed in her nightmares rip her from everything she holds dear, her will to continue is sha...

  • Clockwork Lies: Blood Red, Book 1 (Temporarily Discontinued)
    16.1K 774 46

    Scarlett Cross is a thief caught up in a world where magic is more than just fantasy; a world controlled by hidden organisations, dangerous groups and powerful leaders, a world full of secrets, fear and lies. Ty Hathaway is the new kid, the latest recruit at All Hallows Manor, home to the infamous Melinda Cross and h...