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  • Damsel in Distress (OHSHC) DISCONTINUED!!
    642K 17.5K 49

    ---------------------------------------------D I S C O N T I N U E D------------------------------------------------ The Toshibara family is always treated like Royalty. When you meet them, you'll think they have a royal bloodline but they don't. They are super rich and considered as one of the richest families! and a...

  • The Host Clubs Rose (A OHSHC Love Story)
    66.3K 2.3K 24

    My name is Heather Rose Mary Capulet. I'm not your average red haired teenager living in Japan. My whole life I've felt like a nobody, being constantly looked down apon as just some stupid commoner even by my adopted parents! when I turned eight my adoptive father had my adoptive mother take me to live with my crazy l...

  • Yours to Hold (An OHSHC fanfic) [Completed]
    506K 17.6K 38

    Morioka Nao is taken in by her uncle when her parents and brother die in a car accident. Closing herself off from her feelings of grief, she throws herself even further into her love of dancing, a hobby her uncle finds useless. Being the owner of a profitable dojo himself, he makes a deal with Nao. If she wins first p...

  • Locket In (OHSHC)
    175K 5.3K 29

    Tess Valentine just recently moved from America to Japan, and is attending Ouran Academy. Due to her long voyage and settling down taking time, she is one week late to school. Will everyone except the new girl? Or shun her for her differences? (Book one)

  • The Rulebook (Ouran Highschool Host Club ff)
    211K 7K 33

    16-year old Izumi Yokisha is a sassy bad girl filled with Big Apple style and attitude. She's now transferred from her school in New York to Ouran Academy in Japan. The elite Ouran Academy is where the filthy rich families send their children to have a fine education. There, the Ouran High School Host Club exists...

  • Your Tricks Won't Make Me Fall (OHSHC)
    239K 8K 34

    Kasumi Roromiya always has to stay after school whenever her older sister does with her "club activities". All she does is sit around and lust over boys who flatter girls by lying. They call themselves the Ouran High School Host Club. Kasumi knows that non of any of those boys tricks could EVER make her fall in love...

  • Seven Days And Seven Nights~ OHSHC Love Story (Completed)
    153K 3.6K 29

    This is the story of Hina Kobayashi, a scholarship student at Ouran. Hina is a very sheltered person that walks with one foot in front of the other, but can she continue to keep balance against Kyouya's charms? And once she has finally fallen for him is he there to catch her? Or will the other guys sweep her off her f...

  • Objective: Ouran Academy ♔ OHSHC
    423K 19.1K 38

    WRITTEN WHEN I WAS 12 AND COMPLETELY UNEDITED b o o k o n e ♔ girls with guns and boys with roses ♔ ︻┳═一 ❀ 一═︻┳ Alexandria, a renowned criminal and feared even within her compound, has one last objective. Ouran Academy. Confident in her own ability, she is certain she'll be outta there in two months flat. Th...

  • Hannie-chan [OHSHC - Kyoya Ootori] -COMPLETED-
    125K 4.2K 19

    Haninozuka Hannie, is the younger sister of Haninozuka Mitsukuni [Honey]. When Hannie enters the Host Club she meets charming Ootori Kyoya. Fallen in love at first sight by Kyoya she has difficulty loving him for she is already dead. The story revolves around Hannie the resurrected sister that falls in love with Kyoya...

  • Two Souls (OHSHC Hikaru love story)
    315K 13.4K 43

    Two is always better than one. Miya Hatsumi... A pretty red head that's always laughing and smiling... But what is she hiding behind that beautiful smile of hers? Another soul? Maya, is an entity connected to Miya ever since she was born. But... How? Why? Who and what is this Maya? Why can she make Miya do things no...

  • To The Moon & Back (OHSHC Kaoru Love Story)
    205K 8.6K 39

    "I WILL love you to the moon and back... to infinity and beyond." There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle. A two faced commoner, poorer than most, with long rainbow hair and a big dream...

  • I'll Always be by Your side (OHSHC: Takashi 'Mori' Morinozuka x OC)
    263K 9.2K 60

    Carala Tsubasa was found on the streets when she was twelve years old after her family was murdered, by Mori and Honey. She was taken care of until she was better, and sent her to her parent's family friend, who would teach her the skills necessarily for a Tsubasa, for three years. Now she's a part of the Ouran Host...

  • Once Upon a December (OHSHC)
    656K 25.7K 26

    They were cold, and she was warm. They were mean, and she was kind. But most of all, they saw cruelty, and she saw hope. They first crossed paths on a snowy day. A stroke of luck, or perhaps a curse. She wanted to thaw their hearts, to break down the barrier between her and them. But the time wasn't right, and she onl...

  • Sushi and Pocky Sticks (OHSHC)
    1.4M 40.4K 38

    (HEAVY REVAMPING) Searching for a quiet place to contemplate her next design, honor student Hiroshi Katou stumbles upon a flamboyant group of boys who claim to be the school's host club. Upon discovering that her long-time friend Haruhi is part of the group, Hiroshi reluctantly lends her designs to them for one event...

  • What Can I Get In Return? (OHSHC) [Kyouya x OC]
    306K 11.7K 20

    Akari Koizumi, a cute but intriguing girl who goes to Ouran Academy, has many people who admire her from afar, but since her attitude seems antisocial, no one approaches her. She becomes locked up in her own walls, not paying attention to anyone or anything, that is, until she bumps into Kyouya Ootori, the supposed "H...

  • The Shadow King's Princess (An OHSHC Fanfic) [Completed]
    540K 18.3K 40

    Zaira Bello hasn't been to Japan for more than a week at a time in five years. Upon facing her parents death, though, a friend and business partner of her mother's offers her a chance to stay with them for her remaining years of school. Seeing no other option, Zaira takes it, moving from her home in France to the Ooto...

  • Nodoka and The Inevitable | ohshc
    1.2M 57.1K 167

    Nodoka Kitagawa's been stuck at sea for as long as she can remember. Paddling and rowing without a clue, without a home to find, she's bound to drown soon enough. But he makes sure that she won't. Amid the harsh waves, Kyouya Ootori finds her and helps her get back on her feet. Though this isn't to say that he made s...

  • Brave [OHSHC] [Mori]
    138K 6.7K 16

    [COMPLETED] She's brave. Despite her weak heart. Despite being lonely. She's brave. Even if it costs her, her life to make someone happy. She's brave. Despite everything bad in her little world. She's brave. When she falls in love. Even though having a overload of feelings, even though feeling the best feeling...