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  • Fuck you One Direction
    7.7K 329 6

    A story explaining all the shit that's been happening since March 25,2015

  • The Best Harry Styles Fanfics
    252K 825 69

    It's basically what it says on the cover. A collection of all my favourite Harry Styles fanfics.

    235K 426 45

    Welcome children It's time y'all know about these fanfic gems Trying to bring some well written fan fics out of the dark and into your library. Note: most of these are going to be rated 10/10 from me because I love them all equally Another note: most of these are completed

  • best fanfics // 5SOS
    2.2K 12 12

    all my favorite 5sos fanfics in one book

  • All This Time // H.S. // A.U.
    641K 25.7K 63

    18+ / Very Mature The coming-of-age story of Harry and Riley who have known each other for years, but never actually knew each other. They've spent countless nights at the same parties, shared a few drinks and glances, they're even on track to graduate top of their class. What happens when out of nowhere they start to...

  • Issues // H.S. // A.U.
    674K 19.7K 37

    18+ / Very Mature "So you've been stalking me?" "Completely." I laugh at his candor and I watch as his eyes light up, "I applaud your honesty." "Why thank you." He responds with mock bashfulness. I pause for a second before I speak again, "I've noticed you too." "Yeah?" He asks with wide eyes and a pleased smile. I'm...

    Completed   Mature
  • All I Want // H.S. // A.U.
    1M 29.3K 51

    18+ / Very Mature "Madison." "I need you." My voice is thick with emotion, quivering slightly at the thought of rejection. I didn't know if Harry wanted to take this further, if I was the only one feeling this level of longing. He takes his forehead away from mine and stares into my eyes, brows furrowed, "You need me...

    Completed   Mature
  • VERGE | h.s.
    439K 14.9K 84

    EROTIC ROMANCE | "Play with me however you want, baby." When Vera decided to help Harry keep his inheritance, she didn't know she would become so attached to the troubled millionaire. She's having commitment issues and doesn't want to admit that she's falling for the man who was supposed to be a one-night-stand. They...

    Completed   Mature
  • Belle âme || hs
    208K 4.4K 66

    Belle âme: a beautiful soul She was beautiful inside and out, and she should have seen it. But she couldn't. He could. - *Warning* - strong language - body image issues - self harm -explicit content - Completed July 12th, 2020

  • CODA
    51.5K 1.3K 40

    When chasing your dreams, steer clear of falling in love. It may just be what brings your dreams to the brink of destruction. CODA: The YouTube band of 2020. Gaining fans and followers faster than they could ever imagine. And one CODA fan in particular has an offer for the girls. An offer they could never turn down...

    Completed   Mature
  • ∞ ghost of you ∞ | c.t.h
    35K 745 30

    one night can change everything. [lowercase intended]

    770K 28.4K 64

    in which two teens meet in the backseat of a city bus. © 2016 skinsluke.

  • The Chase ▹ Ashton Irwin
    15.6M 299K 98

    "Welcome to the chase. Might as well just call it Hell." cover by @Iucifer

    Completed   Mature
  • Just Saying // Luke Hemmings (Complete)
    122K 3.2K 35

    Emma was born and raised in Scotland. Her family had always been close with the Hood family, she'd especially been close Calum. Calum and Emma had been best friends for as long as they could remember. When Emma is 16 and Calum is 17, during the Hood's summer vacation to Scotland, they become more than friends. After C...

  • Sweet Dreams. H.S.
    231K 3.6K 7

    *Mature Content* A series of short stories. Mostly a place to organise ideas I have for other possible stories. Some are sweet, some are spicy - most of them questionable.

  • Dirty Little Secrets, Dirty Little One Shots (h.s.)
    55.9K 603 9

    ***Take this as fair warning, this is all adult content. If you don't like it just walk away*** Let's try this again, new and improved version of DLS. This is my old collection of one shots. All the old stuff is being edited by myself to make some improvements and republished. As an added surprise I have some new stor...

  • The Passage (h.s)
    144K 5.5K 36

    ***MATURE CONTENT READ AT OWN RISK*** Harry seems to be getting uncomfortable and mildly frustrated. "Willow, look at me." He's waiting until he has my full attention. "That wasn't just great sex. You don't feel that intensity without a serious connection with someone. I'm drawn to you, I want to learn more about you...

  • Unforgettable |H.S.| Harry Styles|
    2.3M 72.5K 67

    *Mature and Explicit Content* "If it feels so right, how can it be wrong?" ---------- I watch as Harrys breathing shallows, his eyes glazing over as his brows furrow "You really want that?" I nod without missing a beat, assuring him "I really do, is that okay with you?" "Fuck Joey, how wouldn't it be okay with me? The...

  • Perspective. |H.S| Harry Styles
    5.2M 144K 75

    *CONTAINS MATURE AND EXPLICIT CONTENT* Have you ever met someone that made falling feel like flying? ~•~~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~ Preview: "Do you think, if you jumped from this roof - it'd feel like falling or flying?" I ask, keeping up with our theme of asking random useless questions that we've been going back and forth wi...

  • Olivia (h.s)
    546K 12.5K 61

    Harry, captain of the football team, hasn't focused on anything but school and football. No girl has ever caught his eye, but he has girls drooling over him. But when he attends a party for the first time in years, he stumbles upon a drunk girl with bright blue eyes. Olivia, captain of the volleyball team, has had an...

  • Uncharted Territory.. {h.s}
    72 5 12

    Harry is a family friend and Ava is not that fond of him, she just really doesn't see the appeal of his presence and in all honesty he doesn't really seem to care, Until of course that all changes.. silly innocent girl thinks she's gonna have a normal life.. -TEASER- He continued to walk towards me.. my palms alread...

  • Black Lace {H.S.}
    69.4K 1.9K 15

    * Story Contains Mature and Explicit Content* {IN THE MAKING} Gabriella Rodriguez: A tireless 18 year old girl that has to provide for her siblings, more ways than one. Harry Styles: A new teacher at school wanting to know more about the intriguing girl that not only he taught, but bumps into more ways than one. **...

  • Kiwi // H.S. // A.U.
    8.3M 168K 70

    18+ / Very Mature "Please, this is like cliche-central. With a kinky twist." ††† I step under the hot stream of water, soaking my hair, and take a deep breathe. I try and clear my mind, focusing on the way the water feels hitting my body. I turn around, opening my eyes, only to shout out a curse and stumble back. Emma...

    Completed   Mature
  • limelight. | l.h.
    5.8K 113 23

    It's just a PR relationship. It's for their album. It's for your modeling and singing. It's not like he could ever be anything but an asshole....right? Budding model and pop/rock singer Madison Mae Scott, known professionally as Maddie Mae, is forced into a PR relationship by her new manager. The boy? None other than...

  • tutor » h.s
    79.4K 2.9K 21

    Exactly when I was introduced to him, I knew that I had to hate him. But I just didn't. © 2015-16 recordpayne

  • Model [H.S.]
    121K 2.3K 28

    "I want her" -H.S.

  • Bad Habit h.s
    266K 6.4K 47

    "He saw darkness in her beauty and she saw beauty in his darkness."

  • No Saint [H.S. fanfic]
    268K 7.1K 20

    [New Book Cover] Behind those green-emerald eyes, messy curly hair, and pink lips he was no saint. He didn't sit in church for the lord, he sat in church for me. And behind closed doors, he was something else. [kink 18+]

    Completed   Mature
  • ripped jeans | hes
    657K 28K 91

    I never understood why he ripped his jeans. Don't trust a boy who rips his jeans. He somehow manages to rip up everything else, everything that matters anyway. He said that everybody and everything rips eventually, so why not speed up the process? I didn't know what to say. His mind was complex is ways I could never...