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  • One Good Mistake
    1.6K 51 11

    A one night stand turns into one month of torture for Evie Truemore. Escaping the madness of a bridal shower turned bachorlorette party, she meets the most drop dead gorgeous man of her life. A few drinks, some flirting, and Evie does the unthinkable and let's loose for once. She won't see him again and no one will k...

  • One That Got Away
    250K 17K 26

    *Shortlisted for Wattys 2017* Sixteen year old Charlie Shultz almost died ten years ago, when a little boy lured her away with murder on his mind. She escaped, but now her attempted murderer is back. This time, he's different. He's grown up. His face has changed with age; his name is no longer the one that haunts her...

  • The Vices
    844 45 7

    **UPDATED EVERY FRIDAY** Billie is struggling. She has been for a while. But one day she wakes up to find that The Seven Deadly Sins have come to help her. She is hallucinating, of course, she has to be. But can Lust really teach you how you can love yourself? Can Sloth actually show you the importance of giving you...

  • The Essence of Noah (Muslim story)
    158K 10.5K 51

    Raised by an Egyptian, Muslim father and an Australian, non religious mother, Hana is brought up to figure things out for herself. Not being fully one thing or another, and having two contrasting religious perspectives to learn from, Hana is faced with familial, religious and personal pressures upon any decision she n...

  • The Widow Of Magnolia Lane
    3.5K 243 37

    Natalie Randall had it all. A dream home in Bethesda Maryland. A rich husband who was a prominent lawyer in one of the biggest law firms in D.C. Two beautiful children and all the cars and clothes that money could buy. But amidst all the glamour and all the power, an all too familiar horror lays hidden behind the...