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  • My Batman (Andy Biersack Fanfic)
    128K 5.7K 69

    This fanfic is hella dramatic, just a warning. Much feels. Much bants (now THATS what I call Brittish!). Much references. I do actually speak proper English, Im just using slang because Im MLG af mmkay. Featuring the following characters: Hannah (based on my real life wifoo) Heather (based on me) Andy mo fuckin Biers...

  • Last Seen In San Francisco (Tony Perry)
    263K 17.9K 53

    7 years after her apparent death and Lydia Starr has been revealed. Now she's got attention on her, a mad best friend, and a 6 year old daughter. That's already overwhelming for her, so when her cheating ex-fiancé Tony Perry comes back onto the scene through work, she doesn't know how to react. Maybe another fake n...