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  • Love's Flame {Shoto Todoroki x Reader}
    391K 13.1K 58

    Princess (Y/N) (L/N) is the daughter of the (L/N) kingdom and is considered to be 'outgoing and weird', but that never really bothered her. (Y/N) liked the person she was. But there is one thing (Y/N) is very serious about. She will not marry someone she doesn't love. Her father has tried many times to change her m...

  • Joji × Reader
    17.8K 450 14

    You're in a relationship with Max. You guys have been together for such a long time and you both loved each other. Ian was your long time best friend along with Joji. Soon Joji gets some feelings for you, what now? (Cheesy as fuck, I know. And I chose max because I love Ian too much to use him as a bad person like Ma...

    Completed   Mature
  • Joji X Reader-- Boy Next Door
    105K 3K 132

    You are a normal girl, with a good and amazing past, Well that's what everyone thinks.... You live in an small apartment but with big dreams. The only thing stopping you is the boy next door. He makes too much noise and sometimes it effects you more than it should. But who is this... Boy next door? You went to Harvard...

  • The Part That Loves {Rin Okumura x Reader}
    15.2K 544 21

    You've always been surrounded by darkness - lost in the overwhelming tsunami after tsunami of loneliness - when you meet a boy. He lights up your whole world with blue flames and you're finally able to see again. However, after three little words with a thousand meanings slip past his lips, your world spirals out of...

  • DISCONTINUED - Rin's Little Angel 2: A Car, A Torch, A Death (Rin X Reader)
    68.3K 2.8K 14

    !!!DISCONTINUED AND UNFINISHED!!! Continuing from Rin's Little Angel (Y/n) and Rin have been living happily together for 3 years. When your father finds out you've been with a demon all this time he goes into a fit of rage. He sends his troops to capture you, and they succeed. What happens to you while trapped in a l...

  • Rin's Little Angel (Rin X Reader)
    632K 23.3K 24

    (#1 in Rin X Reader thank you all so much) Rin is the son of Satan. You are the daughter of God (who is mean in this book because why not its spicy). Both of you are training to become an Exorcist. Neither of you know the others past or heritage but you both fall for each other. But what happens when a devil and an a...

  • Loving the Beast (Rin x Reader) (Lemon)
    117K 2.8K 18

    I don't own Blue exorcist, the characters, or any of the pictures! Just typing a story. There's explicit content! (Swearing, lemon, fighting) hope you guys enjoy!

    Completed   Mature
  • ~Beautiful~ (Rin Okumura x shy reader)
    1.5K 40 3

    You (insert name), were always a shy and loving girl. You are currently 15 and hated school because of your disorder called "social anxiety." Since you're parents didn't like you going to public school because of people bullying you, they decided to homeschool you instead. Well that all changed when you recieved a le...

  • In Love With a Demon (Rin Okumura x reader)
    298K 10.1K 31

    You were expecting to start your new freshman year like any other school year, but you didn't expect to fall in love with a demon that is an expert in cooking nor that your own best friend would fall for his charming brother! WARNING: This is literally the worst writing! There is self-harm included in this story! And...

  • Blue Exorcist x Reader[ON HOLD]
    19.9K 525 10

    Blue Exorcist x reader one shots

  • Blue Exorcist: One Shots
    56.8K 1.2K 6

    Open to requests!

    1.5M 24.9K 48

    one-shots of random anime guys being a yandere IN OTHER WORDS THEY ARE OBSESSED WITH YOU HOPE YOU ENJOY :) -The photos that I post on this book are not mine-

  • Rin Okumura x Reader \\ Making You Mine
    74.2K 1.8K 8

    ◁All pictures belong to its rightful owners, I only own my stories▷ She always had a thing for him, and he felt the same way about her. The thing is, they won't confess to each other. Will one of them say something first? Or will a certain someone make them spill everything out? Ongoing Rin Okumura x Reader♥

  • Burning Love(Rin x Reader)
    127K 5.3K 42

    A young girl now orphaned after losing her parents in a freak car accident. She ran away from the orphanage to find herself asleep in a church. Seeing two young boys watching her. What happens next find out. p.s. doesn't get to modern time till chapter 14. bear with me please

    Completed   Mature
  • Yandere Rin Okumura x Reader
    35.2K 895 23

    This is my first story a yandere one based on Rin that pic is priceless xD (It sorta creeps me out a bit so well because it is my first it is not my best BUT I will try hard. Also it being a yandere there will be gruesome moments okay the description (sorry I am a blabber mouth...) (Y/N) has started going to true cro...

    Completed   Mature
  • Cherry Blossoms Rin Okumura x Reader One-shot
    2.6K 110 1

    A one-shot I thought about writing. You and Rin decide to go to the cherry blossom festival. What can such a beautiful scenery remind you of?

  • Forbidden - Rin x reader
    25.4K 999 10

    Okumura Rin the boy of my dreams. The one i want to spent my whole life with. But there was one problem. My dad. Y/N goes to Gehenna but that doesn't end like she wanted. What will happen? Will Rin and Y/N be happy after all this? Or will this result in a complete tragedy?

  • Hide and Tag? (Rin Okumura x Reader)
    9K 366 1

    You, Rin, and the gang FINALLY got a day off, but are bored out of your minds. Until, you come up with the idea of playing an innocent game of "Hide and Seek." This is my first time writing and my first fan fiction. I hope you enjoy!