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  • Take Me To Church (Novel Version)
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    Anthony's mom forced him to go back to church with her. It's not that Anthony hates the church, he just doesn't like going. But he gets different views on the new, young, and very attractive priest when he discovers a thing or two about this him that no one else knows. If anyone else finds out about this, it could mak...

  • Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons: Real World
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    Jack Frost, Princess Rapunzel, Hiccup Haddock the Third, and Princess Merida get sent to our world. With the help of two people-Bea and Cameron-they try to survive and pass as normal people in this new, unfamiliar world.

  • The Hunger Games: A New Era
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    Katniss and Peeta are back in the Hunger Games, but this time things are a little different: There are no longer factions. Instead, it is all different lands. The Capitol has managed to take over these lands, though two of these lands still have their original leaders ruling. Katniss and Peeta are going against all ex...

  • Sherlock Poems
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    I love Sherlock, okay? These are just poems I found on Tumblr and Pinterest that deal with the BBC show 'Sherlock.' Yes, these are all sad, I am sorry.

  • We're On Recovery Road: The Soundtrack to the Novel
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    Did you enjoy reading "We're On Recovery Road?" Well, now you can experience the story again with the soundtrack. Created and organised and arranged by the author, H.E. Lewis tells the story of the patients at Knight Hospital with these playlists.

  • We're On Recovery Road
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    A group of patients meet in a group therapy session and they gradually become inseparable despite their problems. NOTE: Yes, there is a FanFiction version of this on Archive Of Our Own. I own that version as well. I decided to novelise it so here's that version.

  • Headcannons
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    I made up some headcannons and ideas I've decided to share.

  • CHAOS ✓
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    A short story about the zombie apocalypse. The zombie apocalypse started two hours ago. Two survivors, Kevin and Evanna, stumble upon each other and must team up despite not knowing each other. COMPLETE

    Completed   Mature
  • Short Stories From My College Dorm
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    A collection of short stories.

  • My Published Novels
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    Looking for something new to read? Well, you're in luck. In this book I'll show you my books that I have published as well as give you a synopsis of them.

  • Can You Keep A Secret?
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    Detective Evangeline Brear is helping with a murder investigation when she suddenly becomes a suspect.

  • The Art of Being a Con: A Guide by the Lion and the Fox
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    They're unstoppable. You never know when they'll strike. You won't even see them coming. Masters of disguise and draining your bank accounts. This is why your parents tell you not to talk to strangers on the internet and to look out for signs. They're the Lion and the Fox. ---- COVER DESIGNED BY @RomanovNatasha EXTERN...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Art of Being a Con: The Rabbit
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    The life of the Cooper-Swanstons continues, but this time we focus on Libby. We follow the teenager as she navigates life as a juvenile con artist, living up to her parents' legacy, and discovering herself. --- SEQUEL TO THE ART OF BEING A CON: A GUIDE BY THE LION AND THE FOX. READ THAT ONE FIRST. EXTERNAL LINKS PROVI...

  • [WIP] Cheri Bomb 🍒💣 Bakugou x OC
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    Companion Novel to Sunflower and Moonflower This is a Bakugou x OC Soulmate story. "Isn't it weird how Bakugou is never angry towards Camilla-san?" " That's her quirk, bro." Monthly Updates Spotify Playlist: CheriBomb by yuko_hikari

  • Tales Twist
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    Harley gets a new job for her work to write articles about liturature She under goes new interesting topics for her articles, of which are her best works. But what happens after that. She falls. Falls where? Harley goes on a new adventure to find her standings and what shes worth.Will this be a good thing or vise ver...

  • Short Stories
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    A collection of short stories/one shots based off of other things.

  • Poems and Prose
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    I write this on a single thought that this will be good enough to satisfy your mind and your wonder I present to you with pleasure my poems...

  • Tea and Toast
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    Based off of the song Tea and Toast by Lucy Spraggan

  • Classmate One shots
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    One shots about classmates All fiction do not take offence There will be boyxboy, girlxgirl, and boyxgirl If there is hate you will be blocked and reported Thank You for Your Time

  • Insanity-IsMy-Sanity account updates
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    any new or important updates about this account will be posted her so if you have any questions please leave a comment so we can answer it in the next update

  • the Alphas abused mate
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    this story is about a girl named Serenity Wells, her parents were killed when she was a baby, it wasn't her fault that her parents died but her foster family and her pack sure as hell make her feel that way. they abuse her day and night and tell her no one cares about her and that she will never be loved not even by...

  • *Hetalia chat room*
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    *i dont own hetalia* i own the ideas for the stories come see the awkward chats the countries have with each other hope you like it. Slow updates and Im always open up to ideas but no one usually leaves any but I hope you also check out my other story as well.

  • The lonely Fox(a fruits basket fanfic)
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    I decided to do a fruits basket fanfic since its honestly the anime I know most about I hope u like it P.S. I suck at descriptions P.P.S my boyfriend cheated on me and dumped me for a toothpick of a girl. *m*