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  • New Beginning (Percy Jackson/Twilight Crossover)
    170K 3.3K 16

    Italy Jackson, twin sister of Percy Jackson, has decided she needs a break from the life of a demigod, so she leaves to go live with Charlie Swan and his daughter, Bella, for a while. Especially after hearing about Bella's troubles with her boyfriend leaving. Plagued with memories from the two wars and her time with h...

  • Shadows (Black Butler and Percy Jackson Crossover Fanfiction)
    2.4K 80 7

    DISCONTINUED "My hands breached the surface. I dragged my head up and out, gasping for clean, non-dirt filled air. I heaved myself over the sides of my hole and collapsed, pulling off the garment that had covered my face. ---0---0---0---0---0---0---0---0---0---0---0---0--- My heart rate returning to normal, I looked a...

  • Don't Hurt Me (Jercy highschool AU fanfic)
    387K 12K 48

    Jason Grace is the captain of the football team, one of the most popular kids in school, and a bully. Percy Jackson is on the swim team, he isn't popular at all, and his bully is Jason Grace. Cover Credits @_PJF4E_

  • Don't forget | Septiplier Book 1
    337K 2.8K 6

    Have you ever wanted to remember something clearly? Jack does. He can't forget anything that happens in his life. It's an amazing yet horrible experience. Why is it bad, you ask? Well, let him explain you. Only preview available on Wattpad! READ IT FOR FREE ON DREAME

  • New beginnings (pernico fanfiction)
    93K 3.2K 28

    After Annabeth Chase's death Percy Jackson breaks down, blaming himself for what happened. All of Camp Half Blood mourns but none like the son of Poseidon. Feeling alone and insecure Percy Jackson turns to Nico Di Angelo who has dealt with the death of someone close many times before. But when Nico comforts the mourni...

  • Scars And Laughs Can Change Your Life/A Spideypool Fanfic
    95.2K 2K 15

    This is a story between our lovely neighborhood friend Spiderman and the one and only Merc with a mouth Deadpool. What will happen when the two meet, we shall find out. Warning yaio (boyXboy)if you don't like then don't read. May or may not contain some lemons in it I haven't decided yet

  • Forever ((spideypool))((REWRITING))
    81.9K 2K 9

    Peter Rogers-Stark Age: 16 Gender: male Parents: Stony :3 Wade Wilson Age: 18 Gender: alien from outer fucking space/male Parents: who the fuck knows, lol jk Wolverine and that one chick at that one strip club They are in highschool who knows what the fuck will happen? Dead pool: -whispers- under the covers... WARNI...

  • The Broken Hero (PJO/HoO and Avengers crossover)
    200K 4.8K 9

    The seven are no more. After the Giant War, only Percy and Leo remained of the brave heroes. Both of them are having a hard time adjusting to life without war but Percy has it the hardest. Leo has Calypso to help him, while Percy has nobody. So, after making sure that everything at camp was going well, he went to...

  • Percy Jackson and the avengers and the agents of S.H.I.E.L.D
    251K 5.7K 19

    The war with Gaea is over but at what cost? The demigods lost so so much but the one who lost the most was Percy Jackson. The great hero of Olympus has lost his friends........and his one true love. Yes the war is won but for Percy it is lost. His parents are missing and since he is still underage he has to go and liv...

  • I'm Sorry... (A Percy Jackson Crossover)
    283K 5.1K 21

    "Annabeth... I thought you loved me. Why would you do this?" She smirked. "Sorry Percy. But some things just have to be done. Why would I date the traitor?" "Wait... what?" Annabeth dumped Percy, and the rest of the camp is convinced he betrayed them. Percy is sentenced to death, but at the last second rescued by a da...

  • Drowning in Darkness (a Percico/Pernico fanfiction)
    230K 8.8K 18

    Yeah, yeah. I have a crush on Percy Jackson. But who am I kidding, I'll never end up with him. -Nico di Angelo Ever since that one night, everything has changed for me, and now I don't know what to do or how I feel -Percy Jackson (cover art by the amazing Viria, cover design my me)

  • Percy Jackson and The Avengers
    264K 5.4K 27

    After the Giant War, Percy felt the need to escape the mythical world and try to live as something else. With the lost of his friends, he became anti-social and mysterious. During his long and early run, he encountered a SHIELD agent named Phil Coulson. Phil saw the sorrow and the will to die in Percy's eyes, so he de...

  • Percy Jackson And The Avengers
    257K 6.3K 32

    Gaia. She ruins lives. She takes lives. Percy Jackson,starting a new life,meets a group of new people... But he has no idea what he's getting himself into. [WARNING: READ AT YOUR OWN RISK, THIS WAS WRITTEN MANY YEARS AGO WHEN I WAS PRETTY YOUNG, SO THE STORY WILL PROBABLY GIVE YOU MANY MOMENTS OF CRINGE] [and if you...

  • Mistigris (NGTH)
    61.7K 792 11

    UNDER EDITING ** Nico isn't all to thrilled to be sent on another quest so soon, and he's a bit irritable that he has to chase after Thanatos's failure, Tom Riddle. Hecate really owes him for this, next time she should watch her people closer- you know to prevent psychotic, egomaniacs with a hate for mortals... ....a...

  • The Ghost King at Hogwarts (Percy Jackson/Harry Potter)
    114K 2.9K 15

    When Nico di Angelo is sent to Hogwarts, some suspicions are raised. Can the Ghost King befriend Harry Potter like he is sent to? Or will he fail in his quest?

  • The New Avenger
    242K 5.7K 53

    Natasha introduces her childhood friend, y/n to the rest of the avengers and when they see her powers they was her on the team. And the speedster fall in love.

  • More Than Just a Reflection
    43 5 1

    Fred and George... George and Fred, together against the world. Two halves of a whole. One mind, two bodies. Two bodies with a shared soul. Twins. In all sense of the word and beyond, they were twins. So alike in every aspect. George and Fred, Fred and George, most brilliant duo known in generations, and even generati...

  • Death (Leico Valdangelo)
    24.7K 960 10

    You'll just have to read to find out what happens ;)

  • Beauty from Pain (Leico/Valdangelo)
    33.1K 1.4K 9

    Mortal!AU in which Camp Half Blood is a summer camp for troubled boys. Nico is the new kid at Camp Half Blood and meets the rest of the gang, including a very annoying Leo Valdez. Nico has a secret and Leo tries to find out that secret and more of Nico's past. Nico can see through Leo's fake smile and tries to find ou...

  • Adopted By Septiplier
    102K 3.4K 67

    When Laura is adopted from her orphanage, she would've never thought it would've been Jacksepticeye and Markiplier, two of the biggest youtubers on YouTube. But Laura has to keep a big secret, and if anyone finds out, the ship 'septiplier' will be revealed......... WARNING: CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE Copyright// ©bubbl...

  • Please (SpideyPool)
    63.1K 2K 14

    A superfamily fanfic. Focused on Spidey and Deadpool. Tony and Steve(Stony), Natasha and Clint (black eye? Hawk widow?) are in it too. I own none of the picture, full credit to who ever made them.

  • Adopted by a cyberbully. (adopted by leafyishere)
    3.9K 128 18

    You are In foster care and you are waiting for someone to adopt you and one day someone comes. Leafyishere

  • Burning Darkness (Leico) <3
    29.7K 857 9

    Leo Valdez Nico Di Angelo. Sometimes even the brightest light grows dim.

  • Magic (a percy jackson and harry potter cross over.)
    156K 3.8K 40

    Who knew Percy would get stuck with yet a third great prophecy. Who knew Harry would actualy have help defeating Voldemort. We'll see these two very different worlds collide when the new great prophecy brings the demigods to Hogwarts. Leo gets a girlfriend. Percy breaks up with Annabeth. there lives are totally chan...

  • Demigods at Hogwarts ❤(Completed)
    243K 3.8K 22

    I was 13 when I wrote this and I cringe everytime I read it again. Not deleting coz it was my first book but just a warning :) My first book so bear with it Plzz... Well ... This takes place after the Giant war and the war with Voldemort. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The title tells it all.

  • When Worlds Collide (a Harry Potter and Percy Jackson fanfic)
    717K 17.9K 49

    "Seven must travel to the place of magic and spell To unite with new faces left alone to dwell Together you must travel to face two old foes united once they fell Dark things are stirring no one hero can defeat The dark lord and Titan king will wreak" The next great prophecy is here, only this time it not only in...

  • How I Met Him (A Spideypool Fanfiction)
    373K 14.4K 25

    Wade Wilson has a complicated life. His parents were killed when he was 13, and from that moment on he took care of himself. To earn money he became the most feared mercenary ever; Deadpool. Peter Parker's story is so alike yet so different. His parents were killed too, but in an airplane accident. Since that day he l...

  • Family
    122K 4.4K 40

    Family isn't always those who are related. They may not be blood and skin. They may not even live in the same generation. Family is those who are close. They are the ones who know they are close, and can feel home around them. Sure no family is perfect, but that's what makes it family. A family learns about one anothe...

  • Super family & Spideypool
    44.7K 1K 2

    I can't think of a description just role with it.