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  • Pick up lines
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    Just read:)

  • YouTube One-Shots (Book 2)
    380K 14.9K 200

    Heyo! I didnt realize there was a limit to parts on these books, so I have reached that limit on the first one. The one-shots will be continued on here. Don't worry, the same rules to the first one apply here as well. Enjoy! Ships Included: Terrornuckel Brohm H2OVanoss VanLui 2p! Wildcat x Wildcat Vantoonz Basicallyid...

  • Banana Bus Crew One-Shots
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    This is book is like any other one-shot book, two or more BBS YouTubers fall in love. And who makes it happen? Me! The author. Some of them might be sappy, cheesy, stupid, coincidental, and more other words. If ya like it, I like you. If ya don't like it, I like you. In the comment section of any chapter, you can ask...

  • Banana Bus Squad x Reader (& Crew) Stories (REQUESTS OPEN)
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    A book filled with BBS Crew oneshots, reader inserts, and more! Feel free to leave a comment with a suggestion for a future chapter! WARNING: This book will contain sexual content, graphic content, mature scenes, and violence. Read at your own risk. There will be warnings at the start of each chapter if they contain t...

  • In Front of Everyone -Reader x Banana Bus Crew
    100K 4.2K 31

    You are a 17 year old going to a new school, trying to survive High school with the Banana Bus Crew bullying you! You make friends too, some you might already know...but still, they can't help you with the 8 of them on your back. The principal found out what's happening, what will the principal do? You'll find out!

    Completed   Mature
  • Easy | Banana Bus Crew X Reader
    141K 5.3K 75

    Y/n is a lone wolf; a girl on her own, doing what is needed to survive. The Banana Bus Crew is a gang; a family of criminals doing what is needed to stay on top. Los Santos is a setting; a city in California, swarmed with crime. No one visits and no one leaves, if they did, then things would be easy. • #1 in #bananab...

  • Other Side Of The Screen ► Vanoss Crew x Reader
    33.5K 1.7K 11

    "Did I make it clear that I love you from the other side of the screen? Did I try enough to convince you of what I really mean? But now I see, you all are here for me." (Y/N), a masked gamer, best friends with the famous Banana Bus Squad. She had traces of each of the guys in her personality, a perfect combination of...

  • At the Wrong Place, At the Wrong Time-A Banana Bus Crew Fanfic
    2.1K 141 11

    The Banana Bus Crew is one of the most well-known, powerful gangs in Los Santos, also the most dangerous. Behind the masks of the gang, they're just typical men who love to mess around and joke all the time. Evan, the leader of the Banana Bus Crew, killed someone in the past. That someone was important to one of the l...

  • YouTube One-Shots (Book 1)
    545K 18.2K 200

    YouTube Ships in this One-Shot book: Septiplier H2OVanoss Minicat Terrornuckel Brohm OhmSnuckel DaithideCalibre Phan PewdieCry Vanoo Poly!BBS Vancat H2OBrOhmToonz DeliToonz H2OBryce OhmToonz DaithideVanoss Terrornoss BasicallyidoVanoss H2OVancat Basicallyido407 H2OCat VanOhm Brynoss BasicallyidoMoo OhmCat

  • Define Love|CaRtOoNz, Bryce Games, Ohmwrecker, & H2ODelirious X Reader
    118K 5.4K 33

    love ləv/ noun 1. an intense feeling of deep affection. 2. a person or thing that one loves. Example: "She was the love of his life." |~|~|~|~|~| Y/n Fong is the younger sister of Evan Fong, a.k.a, VanossGaming on YouTube. The girl herself had her own YouTube channel with ten million subscribers. She often played vide...