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  • Cinderella (UKISS Kevin Fanfic) NOT ACTIVE
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    This is a typical Cinderella love story. But a Ukiss group member is prince charming this time. ....Fair, Nice, Beautiful. No one has ever noticed this. Everybody thinks she's ugly, a failure, and a total loser just because her stepsister, Ella the 'most popular girl' in school says so. Ailee lives in a very big mansi...

  • One By One: You'll Be Mine
    10.9K 85 18

    Love, Trust and Lust; Three words that revolves around you (Jung In Na a.k.a Yna).You’ve been leaving your life with simplicity even if you’re the only daughter of the wealthy businessman named Jung Yunho. You’ve been known to your school; not by your riches but by the kindness of your heart. But what if one day, disa...

  • B2UTIFUL My Girl
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    [Prepare yourself for some noobish writing //yes this is a message to ward people away from reading this OTL because it's that bad//] Ina is a girl who had been through things no other child could survive, causing her to become a mute. Why did she have to go through them? It's complicated. Her parents were spies. Her...

  • SMUT-thematics (BEAST YAOI FIC)
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    everyone in beast knows that the great maknae, son dongwoon was one hell of a math whiz.. but nobody knows that the powerful leader, yoon doojoon wants to learn mathematics.. what if yoon leader wants dongwoon to teach him math secretly? what will the other members think? what if the main vocal and doojoon's boyfrien...

    Completed   Mature
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    A one shot story featuring B2ST's Yong Junhyung and you. Inspired by Mike Inel's "Draw With Me" and B2ST's song and MV "Fiction". Posted this story before in Asianfanfics. Just decided to post it here. Hope you all like it. :)