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  • x hidekane pictures x
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    i was told to keep this book? nothing belongs to me: it was close to impossible to find links to most of these images, i'm sorry. i understand that pretty much nobody likes this ship anymore. however, i'm keeping this for the minority that do. 💕

  • The Salamander's Exile
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    Just before the S-Class trials start, Natsu is excommunicated from Fairy Tail. During the trials, Acnologia attacks and Tenrou Island sinks along with the trial participants. 7 years later, they return to find Fairy Tail better than ever. Who's the mysterious new member known as Hell Phoenix? Disclaimer: I don't own F...

  • Adventure Time with Fionna and Marshall (Fiolee)
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    When Gumball's new experiment goes awry, it leads Fionna and Marshall on an unexpected journey together, forever entangling their futures . Potions, broken hearts and journeys to unknown lands. Life and death hangs in the balance when their boundless love becomes their only lasting connection. ((PG13)) My own fanfic o...

  • My Dorm-mates (Fairy Tail Fanfic) [In Editing Process]
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    One girl. Six boys. In one dorm. What will happen? Chaos. That's for sure. Read to find out! [CREDIT : Thank you to "my_deardiary" for the absolute graphics! I love it! by the way, if you want a poster from her, she is from Asianfanfics!] Warning : This was made when my writing skills were very bad. Read at your own r...

  • Stay With Me - A Clato Hunger Games FanFic
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    A backstory on the infamous career tributes of District 2. How did they really get into the Games? What is it that set them apart from the other tribute pairs? Why did they hide their relationship? Cato & Clove, from district 2, they were star-crossed lovers, but no one knew. This is mostly Clove's point of view. ~...