Lilfazz's Reading List

  • Reaper's Claim
    • Explode
    • 96 Parts
    • Updated May 22, 2016 09:45AM
    10.1M 182K

    Life is defined by moments. Abby Harrison didn't know that one moment would influence the rest of her life and that moment was when she met Kade the 'Reaper'. Reaper never wanted for anything in his life and when he did, he would claim it. He didn't know what love was but he knew what want was, and he wanted Abby Har...

  • Wolf Fighter
    • tanyams
    • 31 Parts
    • Updated Apr 28, 2014 12:55AM
    2.5M 37.4K

    Alpha Victor Lockwood always wanted to have sons to run the future of his pack but when his first born child was a girl he was not happy to say the least. He knew he would never let her see the light of day of that title. The future Alpha was always the first born, so he gave it to his second child instead, Joey. S...

  • Bounded (On Hold)
    108K 2.9K

    (On hold until rewrites are finished) Triton carries many secrets. Secrets that Catalina is just dying to find out. Secrets that can change the way she views herself. Secrets she could barely handle. Catalina Krumova never was one to fit in, even in a pack full of shapeshifting wolves. She was more than happy bei...

  • Loving Them
    • SherryCP
    • 23 Parts
    • Updated Jan 07, 2014 05:11PM
    712K 12.4K

    What happens when your in love with your best friend? Abigail Summers is in love with not one but two of her best friends. She has loved them for quite a few years. She has struggled to hide her feelings knowing that they see her as a sister. Then after graduation the Ryan twins go to college far away and stay gone fo...

  • Your Lovely Torture (BDSM)
    • Elisa1263
    • 9 Parts
    • Updated Jan 08, 2015 04:24AM
    664K 5.4K

    "God Yes!" Isis moaned as Xavier sucked on her neck. His hands traveled up her inner thighs and his hand was firmly planted on her wet sex. Her moaning became more constant and louder each minute. He planted hard kisses along her jaw line, softly trailing up and nibbling at her bottom lip. He slid her pantie line over...

  • Teaching My Submissive
    463K 5.3K

    Middle aged, James decides to take a chance on a BDSM style relationship with a women named Leila. She's very young and doesnt fully understand alot about bondage so he teaches her whilst she is he's submissive. She starts to fall in love with him, but will it last?

    Completed   Mature
  • The Playboy Next Door
    • kauigirl
    • 6 Parts
    • Updated May 15, 2015 10:29PM
    440K 5.4K

    Friendly, sweet, kind, mild mannered, those are all perfect descriptions of Faith Viera. Nothing ever riled her up, except for her playboy of a next door neighbor Blaze Malone. If she didn’t have to deal with his loud music blasting at all hours of the night or morning, she had to endure moans and shouts of his const...

  • To Love A Wild Irishman(Available on amazon, b&n, createspace and smashwords)
    251K 2.8K

    ***Finnegan Callahan is the son of an Irishman. He loves rye whiskey, women and gambling though he always leaves his women a bit more bitter and his gambling companions much richer. His take on life is that it is meant to be lived and live it he does—though he won’t be doing so much longer if those he owes debts to c...

  • The Boy Next Door
    • AshleyV
    • 17 Parts
    • Updated Aug 02, 2014 05:19PM
    1.5M 23.8K

    (Cover by: lverlaine) (Warning: Sexual Content) Samara Lane has lusted after her neighbor since the day he moved in directly next door. He's quiet, gorgeous, and dangerously close to worming his way into her heart with just the few smiles he'd given her. And he seems to be the only one that isn't aware of the incident...

  • Simple Submission
    • AliciaCCTX
    • 23 Parts
    • Updated Aug 28, 2013 04:20AM
    1M 16K

    Aubrey doesn't fit society's description of a desirable woman- at least she doesn't think so- and she accepts that truth for what it is. She loves playing video games and weighs more than what is considered the status quo. While working she meets Ethan, and while they didn't meet on great terms he sees something he wa...

  • La Belle Bête (A Fairytale Retelling) (Adult Perspective Watty 2012)
    3.3M 65K

    Emerald Block is one step away from being straight vanilla recluse after leaving her fiancee. Gryphon Isles owns Cursed, the hottest, members only club in the city. When Emi's foolhardy brother gets indebted to Gryphon, Emi agrees to shoulder some of the burden. When Emerald and Gryphon are put into a situation where...

    Completed   Mature
  • Santa's Son
    65.1K 834

    * ♥ * ♥ * WARNING CONTAIN SEXUAL CONTENT!!! FOR MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY!!! ♥ * ♥* ♥ It’s been told the Santa had many daughters that everyone loved and adored, but what happen to Santa's Son Kris. He was the one to take over for his father one day, but it was like the world had forgotten all about him, all but one litt...

    Completed   Mature
  • I'll Keep You, My Dirty Little Secret (SLOW UPDATES)
    • Teagypooo
    • 16 Parts
    • Updated Jul 09, 2013 05:16PM
    137K 1.8K

    Zoey Collins finally thought she had it all; a well-paying job she loves, a best friend that was more like a sister & a perfect apartment with the perfect boyfriend. But after a night of betrayal she is now without her two favorite people & forced to move into her brother Beau's loft & engage with his life-long best...

  • Climax
    130K 1.4K

    "Climax: Make It or Break It" features a dysfunctional relationship between a sweet, strong-headed woman and a former playboy but current military officer. Will they survive through their marriage or be forced to break it? Find out in Climax. *Inspired by Usher's song, "Climax".

  • Stolen Hearts (2012 Best Adult Perspective Finalist)
    1.6M 39.3K

    A young man wakes up to find he's been kidnapped and being held a prisoner. He's told he won't be harmed and he'll be returned home soon, but can he believe them? Now he has to figure out how to survive while he shares his prison with one of the kidnappers, a mysterious girl who watches over him. Stolen Hearts w...

    Completed   Mature
    • Bvrbie
    • 18 Parts
    • Updated Jun 26, 2012 01:41PM
    55.9K 583

  • Smoldering Embers
    104K 1.5K

    What happened in the aftermath of the Calendar. That sent many a woman running for a glimpse of the sexy firemen.... After Alia set a fire with the calendar. All that is left are SMOLDERING EMBERS..

  • Unseen Love (Book 1 of the Love series)
    394K 6.6K

    Joshua Miller had a very gifted life. So when his parents asked him to Marry Lillian. The daughter of a wealthy man his father did business with. He did not question and did what was best for the family. But looks can be deceiving, for she ended up being a total and utter bitch. Since she just left him with their 2 ye...

  • The Alpha's Rejection: I Rejected The Alpha (On Hold)
    • AshleyV
    • 2 Parts
    • Updated Feb 26, 2012 09:37PM
    28.6K 592

    (Cover By: EpicPopsicle) Anna Johnson and Reid Macintyre never wanted to face the truth they both knew was there. Neither wanted to give up the life they had for the drama they knew would ensue when their packs found out, but Reid's pride won't let him forget. Being rejected by the orphan in a rival pack stung, a lot...

    248K 4.4K

    This is the 5th book in the MEN IN UNIFORM series. Liam lived a hard life. but thanks to a man he was able to change. Diego and Michelle treated him like a son. So he spent his teenage years making them proud of him. But there was only one problem. Their bratty daughter hated him. Mia grew up with 5 over bearing ol...

  • Fighting First Love
    7M 72.4K

    First love is an amazing thing. Most people find their first loves in high school, as did Lylah. She believes in her heart that her boyfriend is her one and only, her first love. They've been together for two years and are in their last year of high school with a bright future ahead. There are no secrets between them...

  • Cousin Problems (under construction)
    • JenAce
    • 5 Parts
    • Updated Jun 14, 2013 08:36PM
    1.1K 28

    3 life's. 3 different people. 3 different cities. 3 different problems. But there is something that bind them together. There cousins. Tori- You would think she had the perfect life with her beautiful family and there perfect suburban home in Greenwich Connecticut but her perfect life isn't that perfect. Bethany- Beth...

  • FUEGO (Book 2= in the Men In Uniform series)
    371K 6.4K

    This is the second book in the MEN IN UNIFORM series. Alia is worried about raising money for Breast cancer. Blaise is worried Alia won't pay attention to him. But is busy with all the other Firemen. Will Blaise burn the sheets with Alia or will he go up in smoke?

  • My Alpha
    3.9M 55.6K

    Kaila Hataway is a book worm, who trys to keep to herself. Reading has always been her escape, ever since the day her dad was attacked and killed in front of her. After a year of living in a place where her dads memory haunts her, she and her mom decide to move to a new town for a fresh start. She trys to keep her...

  • The Spawns
    2.8M 66.5K

    The Spawns are back in town. With Cole and Jayden freshly out of their first year of University, Lilibeth in vacation for the summer and Maika finally out of her boarding school, mischief is on the horizon. But their summer takes an unexpected turn when Dakota Taylor, Cole's cousin, arrives. She's just as crazy as the...

  • Heart of Gold
    879K 24.8K

    Jason McTern left the small town of Vensword to escape his sorrows. When he returns to check on his diner and family he didn't expect Grace Adler.  Gracie works at the diner and Jason quickly notices the young, innocent, single mom.Gracie has dark secerts, ones she wants no one to know about. Until Jason comes into h...

  • Tattooed Love
    • Explode
    • 91 Parts
    • Updated Jul 16, 2014 08:11AM
    13.5M 151K

    You don't choose who you love, your heart does. Your heart doesn't understand that loving that person could lead to your own destruction. Follow Amber, as she falls for a man that she shouldn't, and makes mistakes she is sure to regret. A dangerous and deadly love story, with more drama and twists than any other.

    280K 4.6K

    THIS IS BOOK #5 OF THE ( MEN OF SPORTS SERIES ) Grady and Alexis are so perfect together. But why does she hate him so much??