• Coming Home
    1.1M 14.1K

    Jade Feldman used to be a four-eyed, chubby, ugly freshman. She thought that if she surrounded herself with cool kids she would feel good but it didn't. But wh...

  • This is War
    482 16

    "The line between love and hate has never been so thin." I never knew what those words really meant, until I met Micah. He's cocky, arrogant, and a complete je...

  • Living With A Hot Badboy And His Family? No!
    • cheetoz19
    • 2 Parts
    • Updated May 02, 2011 03:41AM
    2K 44

  • Living With The Monroe Boys
    943K 10K

    Ciara "CiCi" Brown she had everything from loving parents to the greatest friend she has ever had and not to mention a state championship for fighting under he...

  • Back Again
    675K 8.9K

    Julia Tylers was gone for two years. She hadn't been in contact with the people from her old life. To her, they were gone, and she would never see them again...

  • Forever Blue
    3.8K 98

    Belle is a misunderstood and intelligent young girl, and when she has an asthma attack in the middle of the school corridor it's only her luck to be saved by J...