stained_glasses's Reading List

  • Jesus Freak (Will not be finished)
    92.1K 2.3K

    My name is Melody, and I'm a proud teenage Jesus freak. I don't care what other people think of me. As long as I walk with God everything will turn out okay. I...

  • I Can Only Imagine *Watty Awards 2012*
    96.5K 1.1K

    This is the story of a lonely girl. Well maybe lonely isn't quiet the word here considering she is the youngest of four children and twenty-four grandchildren...

  • With No Warning (Romance/Inspirational)(Complete)
    130K 1.8K

    The last thing she expected was to seek shelter in a freezer, with a handsome stranger, while a tornado ripped the roof from above her head. Dakota survives th...

  • A Game Of Devils
    3.1K 377

    Holly is trapped on a secluded, unknown, uncharted island with the other survivors from August 3rd plane crash, all she wants is to get her and the other thirt...

  • More Than Words {Revised Version}
    86 5

    Love cannot be explained in words. It's just this fiery passion that burns within your soul. Jeny Daniels cannot explain her love for her best friend Caden Cry...

  • Unforgettable Love
    3.8K 134

    Lyric Wright is a strong Christian teenager,. Strengthened by many trials in her life, God is her everything. When something beyond tragic happens will Lyric g...

  • When Life Gives You Tara
    21.4K 898

    When Life Gives You Tara, quickly run into your room, lock the door, shut the blinds, and jam yourself under the bed. If that doesn't keep her away...pretend t...

  • Beauty and Her Vampire {Watty Awards}
    91K 2.9K

    300 years ago a man saved our village. He demanded a girl as payment: one every moon until he stopped returning their bodies. Two days ago another was return...

  • The Cell Phone Swap (Fate's Game #1)
    68.7M 1.1M

    Keeley accidentally swaps cell phones with a rivaling high school’s star quarterback. Unable to switch back until a week later, she must interact with the arro...

  • One Night In San Francisco
    14.8K 608

    James Wilson is just one of eight men at the center of an intricate plot surrounding downtown San Francisco on the night of July 2nd. When the 24-year-old chec...