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  • Jesus Freak (Will not be finished)
    97.3K 2.4K 15

    My name is Melody, and I'm a proud teenage Jesus freak. I don't care what other people think of me. As long as I walk with God everything will turn out okay. I might just be 17 but God speaks to me and reveals other people's problems to me, so I can help them. But who knew that my new school's bad boy was one of the p...

  • I Can Only Imagine *Watty Awards 2012*
    98.3K 1.2K 42

    This is the story of a lonely girl. Well maybe lonely isn't quiet the word here considering she is the youngest of four children and twenty-four grandchildren. Hanna Anwaar is lonely in the sense that no one seems to understand her. Before you go any further this story is not what you think. This story is not about a...

  • With No Warning (Romance/Inspirational)(Complete)
    135K 1.9K 26

    The last thing she expected was to seek shelter in a freezer, with a handsome stranger, while a tornado ripped the roof from above her head. Dakota survives the twister, but in the days to come, will her heart survive the emotional twister of Evan, her hot freezer mate, on that fateful day?

  • A Game Of Devils
    3.1K 377 5

  • More Than Words {Revised Version}
    86 5 1

    Love cannot be explained in words. It's just this fiery passion that burns within your soul. Jeny Daniels cannot explain her love for her best friend Caden Crystals in words. But when Caden gets signed by a famous manager and is moving in two months, Jeny better learn fast how to explain her love. Jeny is based on Per...

  • Unforgettable Love
    4.3K 183 14

    Lyric Wright is a strong Christian teenager,. Strengthened by many trials in her life, God is her everything. When something beyond tragic happens will Lyric grow closer to Christ or instead stray away? Join Lyric as she learns more about Christ and his truly Unforgettable Love. *Cover credit goes to thekingd0m*

  • When Life Gives You Tara
    21.7K 914 16

    When Life Gives You Tara, quickly run into your room, lock the door, shut the blinds, and jam yourself under the bed. If that doesn't keep her away...pretend to be gay. ----------- Tara Di Cola has been in love with Marco for as long as he could remember. She was the reason he moved to London with his dad during th...

  • Beauty and Her Vampire {Watty Awards}
    101K 3.2K 13

    300 years ago a man saved our village. He demanded a girl as payment: one every moon until he stopped returning their bodies. Two days ago another was returned. I don't know who or what he is or why he wants these girls. All I know is...I'm next.

  • The Cell Phone Swap (Published as Textrovert)
    86.2M 1.7M 52

    Keeley accidentally swaps cell phones with a rivaling high school's star quarterback. Unable to switch back until a week later, she must interact with the arrogant boy, passing along texts and voicemails. As she gets to know him better, she realizes there's more to him than sexual innuendos and egotistical comments. B...

  • One Night In San Francisco
    15.4K 635 10

    James Wilson is just one of eight men at the center of an intricate plot surrounding downtown San Francisco on the night of July 2nd. When the 24-year-old checks into his room at one of the city's swankiest hotels, his life is inexplicably altered. Later that night, a ski masked man crashes through his room with a coc...

  • The Story Of A Dreamer
    638 13 11

    I’m not a,beautiful pagent girl ,a freakishly talented painter,a superstar athlete,nor am I a NOBODY…but I am a dreamer…a chubby dreamer…anyway.. let me tell you…being in the middle is great and all but isnt there something more than just being average…Im sure you think this is a story about how im a “beauty in disugs...

  • Silk and Roses - First Draft (Removed)
    417K 4.4K 57

    Mario Bellini has lived far from his family and home for ten years, a different life with a different name. He's never wanted to go back. There were things and people he wished to forget, and mistakes he didn't want to repeat. Until one day that he learns his father is dead and his family has moved out of their herita...

  • Hurts Like Heaven
    85 6 2

    The sudden passing of her landlord leaves Michelle "Micki" Berdette and the rest of her fellow residents with a surprising place in his will, and a bundle of belongings that sends them spinning through the web of their lives and choices. Hurts Like Heaven follows six neighbors and friends along the rocky road of post...

  • The Devil Next Door.....
    633 38 3

    Zoe was avoided by everyone for being cranky and short tempered. She was not satisfied with what her life turned out to be. Enter Josh, a cheerful guy who believes that life is god's most valuable gift. When Zoe meets Josh, she feels an instant repulsion for the spoilt, happy-go-lucky guy who thought she was ungrat...

  • Fight For It
    10K 378 32

    Adriana Matthews is your typical girl with a loving family, nice home, and lots of friends. She goes to her annual trip with her family and friends. The trip was fun, as usual, but on the drive home things get weird. A guy that Adri met on the trip, who she hoped to never see again, shows up. Then her family is kidnap...

  • Spiritual Networking
    1.7M 6.4K 26

    Millie lives on the Internet. Her world is made up of binary numbers and Internet tabs. Paul is a Social Networking Pastor who helps bring those, that prefer the virtual world, to know Jesus Christ. What happens when they meet on Wattpad and begin a friendship that may change both of their lives?

  • Meeting Matthias
    25.4K 504 13

    The girl sees his demons. Simply put, Ava Montes was terrified of Matthias Vaughn. It didn't help that her two closest friends' worlds seemed to revolve around the teen idol. Heck, her whole school was thrilled by his arrival. Well, not Ava. In fact, Ava couldn't even stand being anywhere near him. How could she when...

  • I don't need your God
    290K 5K 18

    Josh Mitchell was a Preacher's Son. He tried to live his life as a morally upstanding young boy. He liked being a positive influence to all his friends at school. Josh found he had a real challenge on his hands when a strikingly beautiful blonde girl joined his school and told him :" I don't need your God" Josh wa...