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  • YOU ONLY DIE ONCE [Avengers Fanfiction] - !COMING SOON!
    98 9 1

    !COMING SOON! The assembling of the Avengers was no accident, and it was only the beginning. The deadly war between SHIELD and HYDRA was about to start again, only this time, the battleground would be between themselves. Young SHIELD Agent Grace is about to open a whole can of worms when she starts to see the bigger p...

  • RUN [Zombie Book] - !COMING SOON!
    22 4 1

    !COMING SOON! Run. The basic primal instinct of human and animals alike. Something we take for granted, but never rely on. That all changes with the collapse of civilization. How fast can you run, when everywhere is in ruin, and the un-dead hunt the living. The end is coming ... Will you outrun them, or join them? [Zo...

  • KING OF HEARTS [Tom VS Loki Fanfiction] - !COMING SOON!
    458 37 1

    !COMING SOON! Tom Hiddleston, the prince charming that every woman wishes she could have. Loki Laufeyson, the misunderstood prince that can do more than just use his silvery tongue to sweet talk his way into your heart. Who would have believed that someone could have a complete polar opposite to themselves, and they p...